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Gc M. L. 







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Mc N ary Family 




Pittsburgh. Pa. 


jl 1576674 

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a 1 " - 

^ - >; PREFACE 

In presenting this book to the public we feel that it is very far 
from being complete, and no one regrets it more than the ones who 
have given of their time and energies to help compile what we have. 
Yet we have put forth our best efforts to make the history as full and 
as far-reaching as it was within our power to do, and we trust that 
where discrepancies have occurred or omissions may have been made 
hat it was not with any knowledge of ours. Many places where the 
information is very limited and appears to be wanting, it was all that 
we could get. 

We wish to thank those who have taken an interest ami helped 
to gather the record for this book, and would ask the members of the 
McXary Familv to secure one of the books and to fill up any omissions, 
correct any errors or make additions for births and notations of deaths, 
so that at some future day, if it be desired to compile a later edition 
or a supplement, it may be done much easier and be better. 

The expense of publishing has been guaranteed by voluntary con- 
tributions, which are to be reimbursed from the proceeds of sale of 
book, and we sincerely hope that every family will purchase as many 
as they can use. and thus help out the Committee, as it is not the in- 
tention to make any money, but to merely bear the expense of the pub- 
lication. To this end we have made the price only nominal and within 
the reach of all. THE PL'BLISHIXG COMMITTEE. 


Every McNary household should have one of these Books 
that they may know the family history and that they will he 
prepared to keep reeord of at least their immediate families, 
of the Births and Deaths etc., for future records and should 
there be another edition published later to complete it. 

There has been a limited number of these Books printed 
and if you do not have one you should secure it while the 
supply lasts. They are being sold at the cost of Publishing 
and can be had by addressing 

T. A. McNARY, 

Bellevue, Pa. 


Reunion of the McNary 



The first reunion of the McXary Family was held at Houston, Pa.. 
August 3, 1905. in response to a call sent out by the following, who con- 
stituted themselves a committee for the purpose: 

Committee — J. T. McXary, Canonsburg. Fa.; J. D. McXary 
Washington, Pa.; S. E. McXary, Houston, Pa.; J. C. McXary, Canons- 
burg, Pa. 

The following were the proceedings of the meeting: 




M 9* 

-I A *** - -V- as* 

' v £f' J ft 


t : J 

*."•:,,, ^-'V:,,. 3&L& 


United Presbyterian Church of Houston, Where First Reunion Was Held. 

Houston, Pa., August 3. 1905. 

Meeting called to order in the (J. P. Church of Houston, Pa.. l>y 
S. E. McXary of Houston. Pa., at 11:30 a. m. 

Devotional exercises conducted by Rev. Jas. \Y. McXary of Mil- 
waukee, Wis.; music (solo) by F. T. Kyle of New Concord, Ohio, 
accompanied by Mr=. Rev. W. C. Williamson. 


On motion of T. A. McXary, seconded by Rev. W. P. McXary of 
Creston. Iowa. Rev. D. L. McXary of Rock Island. Iowa, was elected 
Chairman for the dav. 

■ -■"" * ■ ■ " - - 

- * ~r.^~ — ,-w.. »,!.,«■.* i. ~-> , » i. i ■^Aiu 

Rev. D. L. McNary, No. 158. of Thomas Branch, Chairman of Reunion, August, 1905. 

On motion of Rev. \Y. P. McXary of Creston. Iowa, T. A. McXary 
of Allegheny, Pa., was elected Secretary for the flay. 

An address of welcome was delivered by the Rev. J. C. Kistler of 
Houston, Pa. 

Response to address of welcome by Rev. Pressley Thompson of 
Washington. Pa. 

Rev. W. P. McXary of Creston. Iowa, moved that the Chair ap- 
point three committees, as follows: 

Committee on Resolutions. 

Committee <m Organization and Xominations. 

Committee on Registration. 


The Chair appointed the Committees as follows : 

On Resolutions — 

Chairman — Rev. W. P. McNary of Creston, Iowa; J. XV. Pol- 
lock of Washington, Pa.; S. M. McNary of Hickory. Pa.; J. Martin 
McNary of Washington, Pa.: W. J. McXary of Canonsburg, Pa. 

On O.ganization and Nominations — 

Chairman— T. A. McXary of Allegheny. Pa.: Dr. W. D. Mc- 
Xary of Milwaukee. Wis.; J. P. McXary of Canonsburg, Pa.; S. E. 
McXary of Houston. Pa.; Byron McXary of Martinsville. 111.; D. R. 
McXary of McDonald, Ta. 

On Registration — 

J. T. McXary of Canonsburg, Pa. 

The Chairman announced that the Refreshment Committee was 
ready to serve luncheon on the lawn of the Church, and the meeting 
would stand adjourned until 2 p. m. A prayer was offered by Rev. 
\Y. B. Smiley. D.D.. <^\ Canonsburg, Pa. ( Luncheon."). 

At 2 p. m. the meeting was opened by prayer by Rev. Jos. E. 
Jackson of Greenfield, Iowa. 

Music by Canonsburg Quartette, composed of Messrs. C. C. Ful- 
ton. T. C. Parr. J. T. McXary. XV. H. McXary. all of Canonsburg, Pa. 

Rev. W. P. McXary of Creston. Iowa, rear! a paper on the origin 
of the McXary Family, the greater part of which will be found in an- 
other part of this book. 

Selection by the Quartette. 

Mr. Joseph D. McXary of Washington. Pa., read a paper on the 
Thomas McXary Branch, which consisted largely of geneology, and 
will be found in the history of the Thus. McXary Branch of this book. 

The Chairman appointed the following gentlemen to take up a col- 
lection to defray the necessary expenses incurred for this meeting. 
Messrs. Jos. Templeton, Jas. Kelso, John McNary, and Mr. Hamilton 
were appointed a committee, the result being S3G.97 was raised. 

Music by Quartette. 

Historical sketch of the James McXary Branch was read by J. P. 
McXary of Canonsburg. Pa., and will be found under the James Mc- 
Nary Branch. 

Report of Committees wa^ called for. 

Committee on Organization and Nominations reported as follows, 
which was adopted : 

First. That we organize a McXary Family Union. 

Second. That the officers shall be a President, First and Second 
\ ice Presidents, Corresponding Secretary. Recording Secretary and a 
Treasurer, who shall perform the duties usually required of such offi- 
cers, who shall hold office four years. 

Third. That all persons bearing the McNary name, belonging to 
the James McXary Family, shall be members, and the lineal descend- 
ants of all such persons shall be members. 

Fourth. That we hold a reunion every four years, and that we rec- 
•mmend that the- separate families hold reuions of their branches every 

two vears. 


Fifth. That the officers who are elected to till the offices as indi- 
cated in Section 2 of this report shall constitute an Executive Commit- 
tee to make all arrangements for the next reunion. 

Sixth. That a Historical Committee be appointed by the Chair. 
composed of one person from each of the four branches of the James 
McNary Family, and one person from any other McXary family which 
can be located in the United States, whose duty it shall be to ascertain 
all possible facts of interest concerning the first five generations of the 
family and to report the same at the next reunion. Committee — Rev. 
W. P. McXary of John Branch. Joseph D. McXary of Thomas Branch. 
Emerson B. McXary of James Branch, Joseph R. McXary of John 
Branch, to represent the David Branch. 

Seventh. That we instruct this Committee to publish in pamphlet 
form all the historv reported at this reunion with a view to seeking 
corrections and additions for further use. 

Eighth. That the Historical Committee be instructed to prepare 
for publication a more perfect genealogy of the first five generations. 
to be published in a neat, strong, well-bound book, containing a large 
number of blank leaves in which each family may record the subse- 
quent generations of their children up to date, and to report the same, 
with probable cost of publication to the next reunion. 

Ninth. That all persons bearing the McXary name not of the 
James McXary Family be considered consultive members. 

Tenth. That we recommend that each branch elect or appoint 
some one from their branch to act as a Corresponding Secretary and 
that they so notify the Executive Committee in order that all branches 
may be kept in closer touch during the continuance of this organ- 

Eleventh. That we hereby recommend and nominate the following 
for officers of our permanent organization: President, Gen. John C. 
McXary of Canonsburg, Pa.: First Vice President. Toseph D. McXary 
of Washington. Pa.: Second Vice* President. John P. McXary of Can- 
onsburg, Pa.; Recording Secretary. Wier McXary of Canonsburg. Pa.: 
Corresponding Secretary, J. R. McXary of Burgettstown. Pa. ; Treas- 
urer, T. A. McXary of Allegheny, Pa. Respectfully submitted, 

T. A. McXARV, 
W. D. McXARV. M. D.. 
J. P. McXARV, 
S. E. McXARV, 
D. R. McXARV. 
Committee on Resolutions. 

The newly elected President. Gen. J. C. McXary of Canonsburg. 
: Pa., made a few remarks and thanked the organization for the honor 
bestowed upon him. 

On motion of J. D. McXary of Washington, Pa., the President was 
instructed to appoint the Second Vice President, which was left vacant 
in the Committee's report, to be from the David McXary Branch. 

Report of Registrar was progress, as cards are not vet in; 279 
cards in, estimated number present, 650. 


Officers of McNary Family Union 

John C. McNary, President. 
No. 408, John Branch. 

Joseph D. McNary, First Vice President. 
Xo. 3(52, Thomas Branch. 

John P. McNary, No. 61 of Jas. Branch. 
Second Vice President. 






By J. R. McNary of Burgettstown, Pa. 

Should the casual Student — in this year of grace 1907 
deign to trace the rise and development of our great and rapidly expanding country, 
by referring to the pioneer annals of Western Pennsylvania — especially to the history 
of that portion located to the westward of the Monongahela, and south of the Ohio 
River — he will find abundant evidence to incite true wonder and admiration! In this 
wonderful region — a veritable hive of industry — where the verdant hills and fertile 
valleys are girded by bands of steel, and thickly studded with suburban village or 
embryonic city; where furnace and workshop belch forth flaaie; and where luiuost 
the entire region is a "city of derricks," tapping subterranean wealth in streams 
of oil and gas! Where hundreds of mines are distributing millions of tons of Black 
Diamonds to feed the furnace, the workshop and the warship of the great- 
est empire known to man! In the presence of this wonderful scene of activity 
and of applied mechanical power, the student of National progress may well pause. 
and, in unfeigned admiration exclaim, ''How. and from whence came all this?" And 
will the cause of his unalloyed admiration be lessened, kind reader, to learn that 
but a little while ago — aye, four generations only, agone — all this entire region was 
unknown to civilization, constituting an unbroken forest, in undisputed possession of 
fierce and vicious beasts of prey — the wolf, the bear, and panther! pastured by the 
now almost extinct elk and buffalo! and peopled only by the aboriginal red man of 
the forest — the Mingo or the Delaware! 

Contemporaneous with, and amid this intense scene of reclamation, or trans- 
formation, of "desert to garden" — of native grandeur to civilized magnificence — 
that immediately preceded the birth, and continued during the infancy of our great 
Republic, may be dated the origin, or foundation, of one of the most numerous and 
influential families of Scotch-Irish descent iu the United States— the McNary family 
of Pennsylvania! 


The names, and dates of entry, of the first white settlers to penetrate and 
occupy this vast unsettled region — so intimately connected with the trials and priva- 
tions of the early ancestors of this prominent Scotch-Irish family — have unfor 
tunately been lost to succeeding generations! From the earliest "traditions" ob- 
tainable, we learn that the well-known French explorer, La Salle, in A. D. 1670 
entered this region from Canada, descending the Allegheny and Ohio rivers— f he 
La Belie Riviere of the early French geographers — as far South as the site of the 

5 .' / 


city of Louisville, Kentucky. Prom this early date, there is an uninterrupted gap 
of 79 years in the history of this region, until, in A. D. 1749 we have an authentic 
account of a French exploring expedition from Canada, led by Celoron tie Bienville, 
who, with a detachment of 215 French soldiers, accompanied by a party of 55 In- 
dians, descended the "La Belle Rieviere" from the headwater of the Allegheny to 
the mouth of the Miami — by the course of which latter stream he returned to Canada! 
The Celoron party landed at intervals to bury leaden tablets, especially prepared for 
the expedition, proclaiming dominion over this entire region in the name of the 
King of France! There were, at this date, no permanent white settlements vest 
of the Allegheny Mountains in Pennsylvania; but there may have been a few trading 
posts established by fur-dealers, and the region traversed by "trapping" and -hunt- 
ing" parties, who visited the different Indian tribes for exchange of commodities. 
George Washington, accompanied by Christopher Gist and six others, pene- 
trated this region A. D. 17o3 on a mission for the Governor of Virginia to the com- 
mandant of the French, at Fort Le Boeuff— now French Creek, Pennsylvania. At this 
date — four years after the Celoron expedition — we hear of a settlement at the mouth 
of Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania, by one John Frazer; and Christopher Gist, "Washing- 
ton's friend and scout, has established a home near the location of Connellsviile, 
Pennsylvania. The succeeding year — A. D. 17-34 — the French, under Contrecoeur. 
came down in force from Canada, and established themselves at the "forks of the 
Ohio," erecting a "fort," which they named "Duquesne" (now Pittsburg). Tue 
French held possession of this disputed territory until General Forbes, in 173S, was 
dispatched from Carlisle. Pennsylvania, with an army of 7.000 English and Colonial 
troops to expel the invaders, and destroy the fortificatious they had erected — which 
task was successfully accomplished November 2-3th of the same year (173S), forever 

tending French dominion east of the Mississippi! 
After the expulsion of the French, the razing of Fort Duquesne and the erec- 
tion of the English "Fort Pitt" on its ruins, there were few, or no permanent 
settlements made in this Western country until after the overthrow of Pontiac, and 

Ithe ending of the great Indian uprising incited by the cunning wiles of this power- 
ful chieftain — known in history as Pontiac 's War — which occurred in 1763. After 
the subsidence of this great uprising against the whites, and when tranquility had. 
in a measure, been restored, the country began gradually to be occupied by the 
desultory immigration of the more restless and venturesome element from the eastern 
slopes of the Alleghenies. 

But it was some ten years later, or about 1773, that the Western country 
began to be populated by the influx of that sturdy Scotch-Irish element from Eastern 
Pennsylvania and from Virginia, that gave this region its well-earned reputation for 
the probity, sobriety and moral stamina of its pioneer settlers. Concurrent with 
the close of the Revolutionary conflict with the mother country, in A. D. 17m'. began 
the great flood-tide of emigration to the Western wilderness, "beyond the Alle- 
ganies;" and upon the crest of this wave came the ancestors of that uunvrous 
and influential Scotch-Irish Clan— the subject of this brief narrative— the McNar? 


By Rev. W. P. McNary. 

Some time after the Civil War I asked my grandmother to give me the his- 
tory of the McXary family. She became greatly interested and gave me a pretty 
full account of the older generations of the family, which I wrote down very eare- 
fullv. I regret very much to say that that memorandum was lost. After her death 
I mentioned the loss of the memorandum to Mr. William Martin, Canonsburg. Pa. 
He told me to go and see his mother, that her maiden name was McXary and that 
she was familiar with the whole family history. I went with him immediately to 
call on his mother and she gav e me a full and reliable account of the father of nil 
of us and his five children. I wrote down her statement and read it over to her 
for correction. I remember that it agreed substantially with the account given mc 
by my grandmother. Taking her history, which was given from memory, for a basis 
I undertook to verify her statements in every way possible. I wrote to the 
Recorder of York County, Pennsylvania, for an abstract of all the deeds and wills 
containing the McXary nam e in the records of that county. I also wrote to Brook 
County, West Virginia, for similar facts and went in person to Washington. Penn- 
sylvania, and examined the records there. I also wrote to the session of Guinston 
congregation, of which our ancestors were members, for the session records con- 
cerning them. I am glad to say that every item of information received con- 
firmed the statement of Mrs. Martin and I am convinced that her history, although 
given from memory, is substantially correct, and I am thankful that I was enabled 
to write what I believe to be an authentic history of our branch of the McXary 

When I began to study this history I wa,s under the impression that all the 
McXarys in this country belonged to the same connection. I clung to that theory 
with great tenacity for a long time. I opened correspondence with four differenr 
McXary families, one in Vermont, one in Kentucky, one in Tenuessee and one ic 
Red Stone, Virginia, and tried very hard to find the connecting link between us 
and these other families, but that missing link I was never able to find. 

Finally when I was in Scotland in 1^7S I went to the state archives in 
Edinburgh, where there is kept a complete record of all the births, baptisms and 
marriages of the people of Scotland. There I found page after page of McXarys, 
McXairys, McEnarys and McXairs. and I became convinced that these are differ- 
ent spellings of the same name. They were a very prolific stock and you will see 
from reading this history that in this respect our own McXary families are worthy 
descendants of their Scotch ancestors. One thing is sure, the McXary family is 
not in favor of "race suicide." If the history of the family could be written up 
to date there would not be less than 2,000 names, descendants of James McXary. 
of York County, Pennsylvania, and there are two other McXary families in the 
L'nited States n.-arly as large, besides some scattering ones. To illustrate what I 
mean by scattering ones I must tell you of a man I found in Princeton, Indiana, that 



bore that name: He was as- black as a crow. He had been a slave in one of the 
McXary families in Kentucky. 

While speaking of the other McXary families in the United States T want to 
give you a little history which is worth preserving for the sake of some one who 
may some time make a more exhaustive research as to the origin t>f the family. 
It is in the form of an extract from a letter by a William S. McXary in the ''Com- 
mercial Bulletin,"' of Boston, which was sent to me by Mrs. Margaret Spencer, of 
Colli us ville, Connecticut. 

''I believe in one of the old rare volumes of our public library there is a 
little information and an engraving of the family coat of arms. The latter I have 
seen and will send you a copy. * * * As it now stands McXary means. 'Sol 
of the King." In the old Celtic language Mac — Son, Xa — of the, Ry — King. Iu 
Celtic it is written rig (pronounced re), French — roi, Spanish — rey. Italian — re, 
Latin — rex regis. The original form was McEnarig (pronounced McEnary), which 
meant King's sou or crowned prince. The name has been Anglicized into McXary. 
McXairy, McEnary, McHenery and McXair. The last two forms I am somewhat 
doubtful about. This I gather from an old Celtic scholar. He told me the family 
was Irish in origin and was descended directly from one of the sons of King Byron 
Boru, who was killed at the battle of Clontarf, when the Danish invaders were final I y 
driven out of Ireland. People of the name may be found in County Limerick, 
Ireland. I understand there is a Castleton in that County, which town used to be 
called Castletown-McXary. In it is an old ruined abbey and a castle which once 
belonged to the family, and there is also a McXary burying ground.'' 

It would appear from this account that all the original McXarys were Irishmen. 
but our ancestor and probably all the other McXary families lived many years iu 
Scotland and are therefore veritable Scotch-Irish. 

Xo doubt the original name was MacXary and the fact that many of out 
ancestors could neither read nor spell accounts for the variety in the spelling, espe- 
cially when the name passed through the Scotch and English dialects. 

I have had correspondence with four different families, besides our own York 
county family, that can trace no relation to each other. 

First: The Vermont family. 

Martin McXary. who was born in Grennoek, Scotland, in 1723 (about twelve 
years younger than our ancestor James 1. came to this country before the Revolu- 
tionary War. He was a soldier in the French war. He had a son who was a lad 
and therefore must have been a widower, and he married a Mrs. Mahitible Blake, 
a widow of a soldier of the French war. He was also a soldier of the Revolutionary 
War and died in 1S09 in his s '">th year. Up was the ancestor of a large and in- 
fluential family who live mostly in New England. One of the descendants is now in 
Congress. Brigadier General William Henry McXary wa- Colonel of the Fifty-eighth 
Xew York Volume rs during the war. I have sent several of my circulars to the 
members of that family and have kept up correspondence with them. 

Second: The Kentucky family. 

A Mr. McXary who was nearly contemporary with James and Martin lived in 
Kentucky before the Revolutionary War. He is said to have come from Scotland. 


He had five sons and tw« daughters who were raised in Muhlenburg County, Ken- 
tucky. A postoffice in that county is named for the family. They are Presbyterian 
people and appear to be prominent in the community. I got my information from 
Dr. H. F. MeXary, of Princeton, Kentucky. 

It was no doubt from that family that our colored brother got his name, 
as Princeton, Indiana, is only a short distance from MeXary postoffice, Kentucky. 

Third: Tennessee family. 

Six brothers by the name of McXairy lived in Tennessee from the year ITS". 
The eldest of the six, John, was born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, March 
30th, 1762, and was elected Judge of the Superior Court of North Carolina by 
the General Assembly of that State on December 20th, 17S7. Later he was ap- 
pointed by George Washington Territorial Judge of the territory south of the Ohio 
river and held that office until the territory became a Stare, when he was by the 
Assembly appointed Judge of the Superior Court of the State of Tennessee. He 
was later appointed by George Washington District Judge of the Courts of East 
and West Tennessee and held that office until his death on November 10th, 1S37, 
a period of 40 years in all. A county and a town in Tennessee were named for 
him and his brothers. There is quite a large connection of the descendants of 
these six brothers, and although they spell their name with an "i" they always 
regarded their name the same as that of the MeXarys of Kentucky. 

Fourth: Virginia family. 

William MeXary, of Red Stone, Old Fort, Virginia (now Brownsville, Pa.), 
was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. One of his grandsons. Forest McNary, is 
now living at Green Castle, Indiana, and takes an iuterest in the history of the 
MeXary family. (See Supplement.) 

With reference to all these separate families we may say that they appear 
in America about the same time, they all have the same characteristics, they are 
generally upright, substantial Scotch and Irish Presbyterians. They have the same 
physical characteristics and no doubt originated from the same old Celtic stock. 
Di.'ir relationship, while it may never be traced, may be taken for granted, and 
"ii'ir history incorporated into one family record. 










1. — James McNary (1), the father of us all, was born in Scotland about the 
vear 1711. He was a man of medium size, spoke with a broad Scotch brogue and 
was a shoemaker by trade. The traditions of his family say that he was born in 
Scotland, that he lived a short time in Ireland and came to America with his 
family some time prior to 1760 and settled in Chanceford Township, York County, 
Pennsylvania. In the year 17(30 he bought a tract of land from Samuel Esson for 
three pounds ten shillings. Again in 1 7*34 he bought another farm from Robert 
MeCall 'for forty-two pounds ten shillings. He had four sons and one daughter, 
John, James, Thomas, David and Jane — the daughter married a Mr. Robinson in 
York County, and as far as we know remained there all her life. Later in life he 
deeded part of his land to his son John and part to his son James. He and his 
sou John were elected elders in Guinston congregation on the same day, May loth, 
17i39. It is worthy of remark that all of his four sons were elected elders in the 
Associate Church, two of them in the old Chartiers congregation. 

In the year 17^3 he removed with his youngest son. David, to Hanover Town- 
ship, Washington County, Pennsylvania, where he died at the age of So and was 
buried at Harmons Creek (now called Service) graveyard. His granddaughter. Mrs. 
Martin, who gave me the data for this early history, said she remembered dis- 
tinctly being at his funeral and seeing the coffin lowered in the grave, although she 
was only six years old at the time. She kept his family Bible and it was in the 
possession of her son, William Martin, after her death, who gave it to me on No- 
vember 24th, 1901. It is now deposited in the vault of the Citizens Trust Company 
at ('anonsburg. Pennsylvania. 


John McNary Branch 

McNary Tree — John Branch 



m ii":.,v 

]-S W.rl.h 


',' r'S.'.V 

" ■"*•"" 


■■■ ■ 

,., =-,.,„-„ i>. B.i!.,. 


■..-.. -U:„„ 


5— «*Z~ 

„>» C ,U_„. T.,..,. - ^ 

. — { 

I "'" '■■• 



Inasmuch as this is a history as well as a genealogy we will endeavor to 
bring out the dim and misty legends of the older generations and get all possible 
items of interest on record before it is too late. One of the objects of this geneal- 
ogy is to create an interest which will stimulate the members to dig up all the old 
records that are available and as far as possible fill out the missing items in the 
history of the older generations. 

2. — John McNary (2), son of .James, of York County. Pennsylvania, was born 
about the year 1738, probably in Scotland, and came to this country with his 
father's family. The first we know of him he was elected an elder in the Associate 
Church of Guinston on May loth. 1769. He lived on the old horn-stead in Chanee- 
ford Township, in York County. Pennsylvania, in a log house, weather-boarded and 
painted red. on a farm containing 340 acres, which he bought from his father. 
He was a prominent member of the Guinston Church until his death. We have 
no record of his size or general appearance. He sold his York County farm in 
1801 for twelve hundred pounds, came to Washington County. Pennsylvania, aid 
bought the old McXary farm in Xorth Strabane Township. The farm was heavily 
timbered and quite hilly, but it had a strong spring of clear, pure water pouring out 
of the hillside which decided the location of the future home.. Xo doubt the line? 
of that farm were blazed with the axe through the heavy timber, as was the custom 
in those early days. Having secured a future home for his fmily he returned to 
bring them out in the following spring. But that was not to be. for he died "n the 
10th or 17th of the folowing March — 1S02. The will was made and signed on the 
loth, and probated on the 19th. 

Joseph Reed and his son. John McXary, were made executors and as the} 
lived t i.i rtL-.-n miles f*n>m the eouuty seat the funeral could not have been later Ciiati 
the ISta, although the date of his death is not recorded. A tombstone was ere--. il 
to his memory in 18^9 by Oliver R.. James S., John C. and W. P. McXary in tl 
Guinston graveyard. 

He married Esther Boyle, who died a few years before him, some time b 
tween 1793 and 1799. Bv her he had thirteen children. Betsy, Mary. Margaret, 


.Tamos, Malcolm, Esther, Kaney, John. Thomas. Alexander, Thomas, .lane and Janet, 
all of ivhoni lived to be married except the two sons whose names were Thomas, 
both of whom died in their youth. Nine of the living children we believe came to 
Washington County together in 1802, James having come three years before and 
Betsy having married and remained in York county. Of these eleven children we 
have been enabled to get a pretty full account of the men and some of the women. 
Of some of the women we know but very little. 

2%. — Betsy McNary (3). daughter of John McNary. of York County, was 
born July 22nd, 1765, and married William Douglas in York County, Pennsylvania. 

3. — Mary McNary (3) was born'October 26th, 1766, and married James Mc- 
Coy. Had seven children, John, James, Esther, William, Elizabeth, Mary and Mar- 

4. — John McCoy (4) died young. 
5. — James McCoy (4") married Eliza Trip. 
6. — Esther McCoy (4) married Samuel Johnston. 
7. — William McCoy (4) married Martha Chambers. 
S. — Elizabeth McCoy (4') married Andrew Giffin. 
9. — Mary McCoy (4) married Samuel Smith. 
10. — Margaret McCoy (4) married Hugh Sloan. 

13. — James McNary (3). oldest son of the head of the "John" branch, was 
the pioneer of the family to locate west of the Allegheny mountains. .Tames was 
born in York County, Pennsylvania. November 11th. 1769. On October 22nd, 1S97, 
he married Margaret Reed, of Chanceford. York County, who was born October Sth. 
1772 — daughter of Colonel Joseph Peed, of the Revolutionary Army, member of the 
State Legislature in 17S0, who introduced the measure that led to the emancipa- 
tion of the slaves of Pennsylvania; also member of the Continental Congress, 

This same Joseph Reed was the drawer of the will, and one of the ex- 
ecutors of John McNary (2), of Chanceford. York County, Pennsylvania (the 
founder of this branch of the "McNary family;" and who, about 1779. procured 
the removal of Rev. Joseph Smith and family to the Cross Creek. Pennsylvania, 
region; the said Rev. Smith being the second minister to locate west of the 
Allegheny mountains in Pennsylvania; and the first minister to locate west of 
Chartiers Creek, and for whom Smith Township (Washington County) was named 
at the date of its organization, July loth, 1781. For this service of transporting 
Rev. Smith and family over the Alleghenies. to be stated pastor at Cross Creek, 
Pennsylvania, Joseph Reed received from Col. James Marshall (the first sheriff of 
Washington County) a tract ■>£ 190 acres of land in Cross Creek Township. The 
wagon used in the removal of Rev. Joseph Smith is said to have been the first 
"wheeled" vehicle to cross the Allegheny mountains — all previous transportation 
being by means of pack-horses. 

Early in the spring of 179S, preceding by four years the emigration of 
the other members of his father's family, James McNary, with his wife, Margaret 
(Reed) McNary, crossed the Alleghenies ami located upon part of the tract of land 
received by iiis father-in-law fro!)] Col. Marshall for the transportation of Rev. 
Smith it being within the bounds of the "Seceder" Congregation at Hickory, 



Pennsylvania, — which was ever after their place of worship. From the effects of 
an injury, James McNary died July 12th, 1S09, in his fortieth year and after a brief 
wedded life of 11 years. His remains are interred at Hickory, Pennsylvania, in 
the United Presbyterian Cemetery. His faithful wife survived her husband, as 
a widow, for 57 years, dying May 25th, 1866, aged 94 years, and was laid to rest bv 
his side at Hickory, Pennsylvania. » 

Margaret McXary was a woman of remarkable memory, tact, and intel- 
lectual vigor, and was in every way well fitted to become a "Mother in Israel" 
in the successful rearing of her orphaned family amid the trials and privations 
incident to a pioneer life. A suitable monument has been raised to the memorv 
of these honored ancestors in Fairview Cemetery, Burgettstown, Pennsylvania, bv 
their grandsons, Joseph R. McXary (Xo. 201) and W. James McXary (Xo. 20S). 

JOHN McNARY, No. 14 John Branch 

James McXary (3) and Margaret (Reed) McXary had three sons, viz: John, 
Joseph and James, and three daughters — -Esther, wife of Judge McCarrcll, Hickory, 
Pennsylvania; Janet, wife of Joseph Lyle, Hickory. Pennsylvania, and Xancy, 
wife of John McKee, Hickory, Pennsylvania. 

14.— John McNary (4), of Bloo-mficld, Ohio (son of James, of Cross Creek. 
Pennsylvania'!, was born .September 3rd, 1798, and died November 14th, 1SS1. Mar- 
ried Ann Moore January 12th, 1826. by whom he had seven children, James P., 
Margaret, Samuel, John, an infant son, Joseph and Ann Eliza. On November 15th, 
1837, he married his second wife. Sarah Crouch, who died December 9th, ISO'.', by 
whom he also had seven children, Robert, Thomas, Sarah, Jane, Xancy M., Joseph C, 
Georgo W. and Harriet Isabelle. 



15. — James P. McNary (5) was born at Bloomfield. Ohio, January 31, 1S27. 
Married Jane R. MeXary, daughter of Joseph MeXary, of Burgettstovm, on Decem- 
ber 25th, 1S51. Moved to Elizabethtown, Kentucky, January ISth 1S7S, aud died 
there October 9th, 1SS0. 

16. — James Alexander McNary (6) was born December 1st, 1S52. Married 
Sarah C. Crane February 1st, 1S76. Resides at Kiugston, Missouri. Has eleven 

17. — Walter Alton McNary (7), born December 31st, 1S76. Married Elv3 
Vance February loth, 1905. One child. Helen Vance, born September 10th, 1906. 

17i.l». — Helen Vance McNary (3), born September 10th, 1906. 

JAMES P. McNARY, No. IS John Branch 

IS. — James Rea McNary (7), born July 13th. ]s7v Married Anna Coult. 

19. — Olive Lee McNary (7), born January 29:h. 1380. Died June loth, 1880. 

20. — William Vincent McNary (7), born May 3rd. 13S1. 

21.— Daniel Roy McNary (7), bom April 29th, 1SS3. 

22. — Jennie Dee McNary (7), born July 2nd. 1835. Married March 1st, 1905. 
to Charles Eloughton, Polo. Missouri. Have one child. Lola Grace. 

22 1 ;.. — Lola Grace Houghton (3). 

23. — Rebecca Lee McNary (7), born duly 27th. 1587. 

24. — Robert Cheslea McNary (7), born October 20th. 1889. 

2-".— Maud Esther McNary (7), born December 11th. 1891. 

26. — Margaret Stanley McNary (7), born December 5th. 1893. 

27. — John Edward McNary (7). born March 3rd. 1898. 

28. — Margaret J. McNary fG). born July 31st, 1854. Died January 31st, >57. 

29.— Joseph H. McNary (6), born July 20th, 1856. Died February 3rd 1-57. 

'30. — Anna Isabel McNary (6), bom May 26th, 1359. Married S. M. S. Camp- 
bell October 5th, 1886. Died Mav 3rd. 1889. 


( Make note of any Births, Deaths, etc., on Blank Page for future reference.) 


31. — Annetta Pearl Campbell (7), born July 17th. 1SS7. 

32.— Alta Leanora Campbell (7), born February Sth, 1S89. Died July 5th, 1S89. 

33.— John Thomas McNary (0), born October -ml. 1S61. Married Sarah E. 
Morgan December 24th, 1884. Lives at Elizabeth, Kentucky. Has eleven children. 

34. — Ralph Morgan McNary (7), born March 16th. 1SS6. Died September 
ICth, 1SS6. 

35. — Mary Louisa McNary (7), born March 10th, 1SS7. Died October 25th. 1892. 

36. — Leanora Jane McNary (7), born April 7th, 1890. 

37. — Caroline Brooks McNary (7), born April 14th. 1S92. Died April loth, 1893. 

38. — Charles Roy McNary (7), born January 10th, 1889. Died November 
9th, 1892. 

39. — Chester Eugene McNary (7), bom January 5th, 1894. Died October 
19th, 1895. 

40. — Clarence Lee McNary (7), born August 31st. 1895. 

41.— Lillie May McNary (7), bom April 29th. 1897. 

42. — Gladys Virginia McNary (7), born May 6th, 1S99. 

43. — James Alexander McNary (7), born July 26th, 1901. 

44. — Jessie Vance McNary ,71, born April 5th, 1903. 

45. — Ella Rosauna McNary (6), born August 21st, 1S03. Married Thomas L. 
Nail September 18th, 1SS2. Resides at Rineyville, Kentucky. 

46.— Bertie Eliss Nail (7), born July 2nd, 1884. Harried Joseph Enlow Sep- 
tember 14th, 1904. 

47.— Horace Guy Nail '7^, horn May 5th, 1886. 

4S.— Jay Clifford Nail (7), born June 4th. 1889. 

49.— Nettie V. Nail (7), born November 28th, 1890. 

50.— Hattie Elsie Nail (7), born December 19th, 1892. 

51. — Thomas Webb Nail (7). born April 1st. 1395. 

52— Galen Wilson Nail (7), bom June 21st. 1S97. 

53. — Sarah Jennette McNary (6), born December 29th. 1875. Married W. O. 
Bush February 10th. 1897. Died January 17th, 1902. 

54. — Roscoe Edward Bush (7), born February 6th, 1898, at Gleudale. Ky. 
, 55. — Margaret McNary (5). born October 27th, 1828. Married William L. 

Kyle, of Hopedale. Ohio, April 27th, 1847. Died January 20th, 1905. 

50.— James A. Kyle (6), born July 4th, 1848. Died 1894. 

57. — John M. Kyle (6), born May 7th, 1850. Married Sarah B. Stringer March 
6th, 1879, at Hopedale, Ohio. 

53. — Mabel M. Kyle (7), born December 23rd, 1879. 

59.— Wiliam C. Kyle (6), born July 13th. 1853. Married Bell M. Black April 
19th, 18S2, at Cadiz, Ohio. Has five children. 

60. — Jean M. Kyle (7), born February 9th. 1383. 

<ji.— Stacy Black Kyle (7), born February 1st, 1884. 

b2. — Flora B. Kyle (7). born July 23rd. 1885. 

63. — fete-wart H. Kyle (7), born March 16th, 1S87. 

64.— Wiliam L. Kyle '7), born August 7th, 1888. 

65.— Warrick P. Kyle, M. D. (6), born August 31st, 1855. Married Emma .1 
McCulley, of Big Plain, Ohio, April 12th, 1881. 

66. — Pearl Wyona Kyle (7), bom June 13th, 1882. Married Clark Van Cleve 
November 7th, 1900. 

67.— Edna M. Van Cleve (8), born November 17th, 1901. 


,;s_Robert Kyle Van Cleve (S), born July 7th. 1903. 

69. — Edna Anna Kyle (7), born September 1st. 1S84. 

70.— C Margaret Kyle (7), born May 7th. 1S87. -4 t= * y yfcf*yj\ 

71. — Juanita H. Kyle (7), born October Sth, 1SS9. 

72. — Samuel T. Kyle (6), born March 17th. ISoS. Married Ana Savage May 
17ih, l sS 8, at Denver, Colorado. 

73. — Douglass Allen Kyle (7), born July 14th, 1901. 

74.— Newell Bates Kyle (7). born April loth, 1904. 

741.J. — Flora Virginia Kyle (6), born October, I860. Lives at Columbus. 0. 

74 1 j. — Thomas Bates Kyle (6). burn August 26th, 1S6S. Lives at Columbus, O. 

7o. — Samuel McNary (5), born April 6th, 1830. Died December 26th, 1S49. 

76. — John McNary (a), born February 1 1> t h . 1832. Married first wife, Sarah 
.lane Host, January Sth. 1S56, by whom he had four children. Married Ids second 
wife Margaret Jane Taggart. April 14th, 1864, by whom ho had six children. Lived 
nt State Centre, Iowa. 

77. — -William Albert McNary (6), born May 29th, 1S56. Married Ella Hunter 
December 25th, 1886. Resides at Maza. North Dakota. 

78. — William Albert McNary (7), has two children. 

79.— Ann Eliza McNary (6), horn July Sth, 1S-5S. Married William O. Nichols 
December 20th, 1881. Resides at State Centre. Iowa. 

SO. — Grace Ildra Nichols (7), born October 7th. 1882. Married Dick Beise 
I'cker, December 7th. 1904, at Melbourne, Iowa. 

81. — Lloyd McNary Nichols (7), born March 5th. 1885. 

S2.— John Earl Nichols (7), born July 20th, 1887. 

s ". — Robert Raymond Nichols (7), born July 4th. 1S91. 

S4. — Flora Maud Nichols (7). burn December 9th. 1S94. 

s 5. — William Arthur Nichols (7), born May 17th, 1902. 

S6.— John Alton McNary (6). born January 24th, 1S60. Married G. Annetta 
Lewis October 22nd, 1SS5, at Humbolt, Iowa. 

S7. — Mabel Ethel McNary (7), burn November 5th, 1SS6. 

Si \— Pearl Eva McNary (?). born March 9th, 1890. 

s 9. — Bessie Blanche McNary (7), born August 17th, 1*93. 

90. — Frances Agatha McNary (7). born February 9th. 1897. 

91.— Opal Adaline McNary (7). born October 21st, 1901. 

92.— Jane Isabelle McNary (6), born March 29th, 1862. Married E. Crawford 
Mate Centre, Iowa, September 6th 18S7. 

93. — Elsie Barbara Crawford (7), born July 3rd, 1888. 

91.— Allie May Crawford (.7), burn March ISth, Is«.i4. 

95. — Ida M. McNary (6), born September 20th, 1865. Married G. (J. Bassett. 
Marshalltown, Iowa. March 6th. 1901. 

96. — Mary Almira Bassett (7). burn October 12th, 1903. 

97. — Margaret Cora McNary (C), born February 13th. 1867. Married George 
Uee.l March 26th, 1890, Melbourne, Iowa. 

98. — Edmond Alden Reed (7), born January 26th, 1891. 

9'.).— Myron Vernon Reed (7), born December 7th. 1S94. 

100. — Laura Marie McNary (6), born May 16th, 1869. Married Elbert E. Lewis, 
' ' r City, Kansas, February 14th, 1895. 


101.— Margaret Ann Lewis (7), born August 5th, 1S9S. 

102. Flora May Lewis (7 s ). born November 9th, 1899. 

103.— Robert Kenneth Lewis (7), born August 6th, 1904. 

104.— Robert James McNary (6), born June loth. 1371. Married Edith L. Me- 
Monier June 28th, 1899, Leigh. Nebraska. 

105.— Gordon Elliot McNary (7). born September 13th. 1900. 
106— Merna Isabel McNary (7), born April 26th, 1904. 

107.— Hubert L. McNary (6), born March loth, 1S73. Married Emma Grace 
Lakin January 10th. 1900, Britt, Iowa. 

108.— Aula Leslie McNary (7), bom September 26th, 1902. 

109. Flora M. McNary (6), born October 13th, 1876. 

110.— Joseph McNary (5), born May 6th, 1835. Died October 24th, 1S35. 
111.— Ann Eliza McNary (5). born August 11th, 1S36. Married Henry Ral- 
ston, of Bloomfield, Ohio, May 0th. 1S58. Died December 4th. 1S62. 

112.— McNary John Ralston (0). born June 12th, 1S59. Married H. Bell Mc- 
Tv'illiams June loth. 1882. 

113. — Mina Maud Ralston (7), bom May 9th. 1SS3. 
114 _Kay Sentor Ralston (7'). bom July 2Sth, 18S5. 
115. — Forest Leo Ralston (7), born March 14th. 1SS9. 
116.— Henry Ralston (7>, born October 17th, 1894. 

1161^.— Robert Henry Ralston (6). born December 3rd, 1S62. Married Anna 
Hecht January 10th. 1S97. Residence, Chicago, Illinois. 

117.— Robert McNary (5), born August 23rd. 1S39. Married Sarah Jane Reed 
February 9th, 1S70, Bloomfield Ohio. Veteran of the Civil War. 

118.— Nelson Reed McNary (6), born June 10th, 1871. Died January 25th, 1872. 
119.— Laura Blanch McNary (6), born January 19th, 1874, Wooster, Ohio. 
Teacher, and graduate Wooster University. 

120.— Mary Olive McNary (6), burn January 2oth. 1SS4. 

121.— Thomas McNary (5), married Sarah A. Carmen March 3rd, 1S64, Rich- 
mond, Ohio. 

122. — Robert McNary (6), born December 6th, 1864. 
123.— John C. McNary (6), born May 29th, 1S69. 

124 —Cora B. McNary (6), born October 22nd. 1873. Died June 6th. 1875. 
125.— Charles E. McNary (5). born May 12th, 1877. 

126.— Sarah Jane McNary (5), born April 13th, 1842. Married Hugh Thomp- 
son March 6th, 1867. 

127.-Jessie L. Thompson. (61. born September 9th. 1870. Married Walter W. 
Shauman February 27th, 1'594. 

128.— Mariah Shauman (7). born April 17th, 1895. Died August loth, 1S95. 
129. — Hugh McNary Shauman (7), born July 26th. 1896. 

130.— Nancy McNary (5,, bom November 25th. 1843. Married James Taggart 
February 27th, 1S62, at State Centre, Iowa. 

131.— Irene Isabel Taggart (6), born December 18th, 1862. 
132._John McNary Taggart (6), born March 25th, 1865. 

133.— William Atkinson Taggart (6), born May 9th, 1867. Married Electa J. 
Banks March 16th, 1899. 

134. — Laura A. Taggart (7), born August 20th, 1900. 
1 o.-, _Laura May Taggart (6), born March 17th. 1879. 


136. — Joseph Clokey McNary (o), horn December 3rd, 1845. Married Nancy J. 
McLaughlin October 11th, 1S66, at Fnionport, Ohio. Besides on farm. Veteran of 
Civil War. 

137. — Margaret E. McNary (6), born September '2nd, 1*67. Married Charles 
W. Sheplar, October 16th, 1890, at Steubenville, Ohio. 

13S. — Albert H. Sheplar (7), born June 19th, 1*92. 

139. — Joseph C. Sheplar (7). born June oth, 1893. Died September oth, 1S93. 

140.— Margaret E. Sheplar (7). born August. 1902. 

141. — James Kerr McNary (6), born March 2Sth, 1875. Died August 28th, 187.3. 

142. — John Jamison McNary (6), born May 11th, 1876. Died June oth, 1S77. 

JOSEPH CLOKEY McNARY, No. 136 John Branch 

143. — Frank Ralph McNary (6), born January 1st, 1S79. 
144. — Joseph Ross McNary (6), born February- 5th, 1S82. 
145. — William Alten McNary (6), born July 10th, 18S5. 
146.— Carl Whittier McNary (6), born August 5th, 1SS7. 

147. — George William McNary (5), bom November 2nd. 1847. Married Mar- 
garet K. Phillips February 23rd, 1SS7, Uniunport, Ohio. 
148. — Leuella McNary (6), bom July 25th. 1888. 
149. — Howard Phillips McNary (6), burn September 9th, 1S90. 
150.— Harriet J. McNary (5), died March 30th. 1S77. 
131.— Esther McNary (4). (See No. 293.) 
152.— John McCarrol (5). (See No. 294.) 
153.— James McCarrol (5). (See No. 295.) 
154. — Margaret McCarrol (5). (See .No. 299.) 
155.— Martha McCarrol (5). (See No. 298.) 



156.— Joseph McNary (4). bom June 16th. 1S02, in Cross Creek Township. 
Washington County, Pennsylvania. Married Jane Rea, who was born Octo 
ber Sth, 1807, and died March 11th. 1866, a daughter of Hon. William 
Kea. of Cross Creek Township, who was one of the Peace Commissioners to settle 
the Whisky Insurrection with Washington's army. Resided in a large brick house 
near Burgettstown. Was an elder in the United Presbvterian Church of Burgetts- 

JOSEPH McNARY. .No. 156 John Branch 

town and one of the honored citizens of the community. He had twelve children. 
Died May 14-th, 1874, and is buried in Fairview Cemetery, Burgettstown. Pa. 

157. — Margaret McNary (5), born February 10th, 1523. Died 1S91. 

158.— Esther McNary (5), born March 30th, 1830. Died 1899. 

159. — Jane McNary (5). born November 30th, 1S31. Married her cousin 
James P. McNary, December 25th. 1851. (See Xos. 15-74.) 

160.— Rhoda McNary (5), born January 23rd, 1^34. Married Robert Withrow 
March 7th, 18G6, at Murdoeksville, Pennsylvania. 

161. — Jennie Withrow (6), born October 9th, 1S69. Married Stewart W. Elder 
October 14th. 1 S00. at Murdoeksville, Pennsylvania. 

162.— Eugene W. Elder (7), born October 29th, 1S97. 

163. — Leonard E. Elder (7), burn January 24th. 1399. 

164.— Esther A. Withrow (6), born March 25th, 1871. 
August 11th, 1S92. Died September 1st, 1894. 

165. — William W. Withrow (6), bom June 1st, 1873. 
December 18th, 1S95. 

166.— Robert S. Withrow (7), born February 26th, 1897. 

IGfiio. — Esther N. Withrow f 7), born December 22nd, 190.3. 

167. — Nancy A. McNary (5), born February 6th, 1836. Married Eli Marquis 
January 16th, 1SG7, at Cross Creek, Pennsylvania. Died February 20th, 1879. 

168. — Joseph McNary Marquis (6). born 1867. Married Frances Allen at Cross 
Creek, Pennsylvania. Died November 21st, 1904. 

169.— Ethel Marquis (7). 

Married E. M. Grove 
Married Louisa Ramsey 


(Make note of any Birth.-. Deaths, etc.. on Blank Pase for future reference.) 


170.— William Edmond Marquis (6), born October 29th, 1S68. Married Sadie E. 
Bebout March 31. 1S92, at Cross Creek, Pennsylvania. 

171. — Robert Vance Marquis (7), born June 27th, 1893. 

172.— Harry Edwin Marquis (7), born February ISth, 1S95. 

173. — Walter Hobson Marquis (7), born August 2nd, 1898. 

174.— Thomas Bryan Marquis (7), born March 25th, 1900. Died August 27th, 

175. — Mary Elizabeth Marquis (7), born November 12th. 1902. 

176. — Charles Audley Marquis (7). born February 24th, 1903. Died March 
2-=5th, 1904. 

177.— Ralph Milton Marquis (7), born July 25th, 1904. 

178. — Rosa Bell Marquis (6), born September 9th, 1S70. Married George B. 
Lowry, Santa Anna, California. 

179. — Esther Roberta Lowry (7), born February 24th, 1893. 

180. — Randolph Hearst Lowry (7), born February 8th, 1904. 

181. — Martha Leora Lowry (7), born February 26th. 1S95. 

1.82.— Sarah Ann McNary (5), born May 24th, 1838. Died 1SS3. 

183. — Mary Elizabeth McNary (5), born September 17th. 1840. Married James 
W. Bailey March 13th, 1879. 

184. — Francis Rea Bailey (6), born January 10th, 18S0. Married Ella Maud 
Marshall, 1902, at Scottdale. Pennsylvania. 

185. — Olive Elizabeth Bailey (7), born April, 1903. 

1S6. — Mary Agnes Bailey (7), born October. 1904. 

1S7. — Harriet Amanda McNary (5), born April 18th, 1843. Married John Smith 
Withro-w June 12th, 1872, at Murdocksville, Pennsylvania. 

188.— Elizabeth R. Withrow (6), born September 1st. 1873. Married Hugh 
Allen Miller December 22nd. 1898, at New Sheffield. Pennsylvania. 

189.— Harriet M. Miller (7), born December 7th, 1899. 

190.— Annie M. Miller (7). born August 22nd, 1901. 

191. — James Albert Miller (7), born November 1st, 1902. 

192.— Clara Bell Withrow (6), born October 22nd, 1875. Married David A. 
Cameron June 1st, 1904, at Hookstown, Pennsylvania. 

193. — Margaret Jane Withrow (6), born July 5th, 1877. 

194. — Lee McNary Withrow (6), born July 5th, 1S80. Married Lula Jane 
Morris, at Murdocksville, Pennsylvania. 

19.3. — Sarah Ellen Withrow (7), born April 18th, 1900. 

196.— Rhoda Ella Withrow (6), born April 24th, 1882. Married John C. Hinne- 
man, New Sheffield, Pennsylvania. 

197. — Harriet Zeda Hinneman (7;, born September 18th. 190]. 

193.— John Lee Hinneman (7), born June 10th, 1903. 

199. — Etta May Withrow (6), born May 1st, 1883. Died September 18th, 1883. 

200. — Julia Angeline McNary (5), born May 17th, 1845. Died December loth, 
IS 46. 



201. — Joseph Kea McNary (3). born July 19th, 1S47. Married Catherine \V. 

Christ November 10th, 1575. Lives at Burgettstown, Pennsylvania. He lias pre- 
pared the introduction to this Book and the History of the David Branch, as will 
be found elsewhere in this Book. 

JOSEPH REA McNARY, No. 201 John Branch 

202.— Bessie McNary (G), born 1ST6. In 1905 married John M. Scott, of 
Chester, West Virginia. To them was born one daughter, Katharyn E. 

202i£. — Katharyn E. Scott (7). born June 27th, 1906. 

203. — Ethel R. McNary 6), born September 13th, 1877. Instructor. Grad- 
uated from Indiana State Normal School in 1901. 

J. V. McNARY, No. 204 John Branch 

204. — J. V. McNary (0), born April 23th, 1379. Graduate of Pennsylvania 
State College, School of Civil Engineering. 1903. Assistant Engineer Bureau of 


Construction. City of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Married October 16th, 1907, to 
Catherine Luke Hays. 

205. — S. Georgiana McNary (G), born 1882. Graduated from Indiana, Pa., 
State Normal School in 1902. Married October 17th. 1906, to William Ernest 
Taylor, civil engineer, of Pineville, Kentucky. Has one child, C. Rosetta. 

205^. — C. Eosetta Taylor (7), born September 14th, 1907. 

206. — Katharine G. McNary (G), born August 9th. 1885. Married October 17th, 
1906, to Samuel J. MeCalmont. Burgettstowm, Pennsylvania. 

207. — Samuel James McNary (6). burn January 6th, 1888. Student at Pennsyl- 
vania State College, class of 1910. Civil engineering course. 

20S. — William James McNary (5), born December 1st, 1S50. Married Mar- 
garet E. Proudfi: December 2-"ith, 1S79. Lives at Burgettstown, Pennsylvania. 

209. — Sarah Jeannette McNary (6), born April 11th, 18S3. 

210. — Esther Roberta McNary (6), born June 15th, 1887. Student Grove City 

210%. — Infant Daughter (5). 

211. — Janet McNary (4), married Joseph Lyle. Had four children, John, Mar- 
garet. Elizabeth and Jane. 

212. — John Lyle (5), born April 20th, 1821. Married Sarah Jane Simpson 
February 2Sth. 1S47. Both living at East Springfield. Ohio, and have eight children. 

213. — Margaret Ann Lyle 6). married October loth. 1S67, to Richard M. Rey- 
nolds, of East Springfield. Ohio. 

214. — Eva Rose Reynolds (7). 

215. — Jennie Reynolds (7). married Joseph G. Smith. 

216.— Hugh Knox Smith i 3). 

217.-— Sadie Reynolds (7), married William Peterson. 

218. — Raymond R. Peterson (3). Dead. 

219. — Charles Montfort Peterson (8). 

220. — Laura Margaret Peterson (8). 

221. — George Peterson (S). 

222. — John T. Reynolds (7). 

223. — Thomas E. Reynolds (7). 

224.— Lloyd L. Reynolds (7). 

225. — Bessie Reynolds (7). 

226. — Joseph Pressly Lyle (6), married Helen Shoemaker May 30th, 1878. 

227. — Georgie Odetta Lyle (7), married William F. Widell. Died May, 1881. 

228.— Segria Caroline Widell (8). 

229.— Katherine Ellen Widell (8). 

230. — Bessie Augusta Lyle [7), died May 28th, ISM. 

231.— John David Lyle ((»), married Libhie Gregg October 9th, 1883. Lives 
at Peavo, Ohio. 


232. — Bertha Jane Lyle (7). 
233. — Winnie May Lyle (7). 
234.— William Eea Lyle (7). 
235. — Nannie Vier Lyle (7). 
236. — Margaret Love Lyle (7). 
.237. — James Mason Lyle (7). 
238. — Bernice Elizabeth Lyle (.7). 

239. — Jennie M. Lyle (6), married W. W. McClelland, Richmond, Ohio, Octo- 
ber 11th, 1SS3. 

240. — Mason R. McClelland (7). 
241. — John Lyle McClelland (7). 
242. — Samuel James Lyle (0), Shane. Ohio. 
243. — William Rea Lyle (6), Bellingham, Washington. 
244. — Frederick Mason Lyle (6), Shane, Ohio. 
245. — Robert Simpson Lyle (.6), died April, 1864. 

246. — Margaret Lyle (5), married William Moore. Lived at Woodrow. Pa. 
247. — Jane B. Moore (6), born April 1st, 1841. Married William X. Caldwell, 
Hickory, Pennsylvania. 

24S. — Maggie Bell Caldwell (7), born February 17th, 1859. 

249. — Nancy J. Caldwell (7), born February 11th, 1361. Died November 
25th, 1803. 

2.50.— Sarah E. CaldweU (7), born May 26th. 1863. Died April 10th, 1901. 
251. — William Oliver Caldwell (7). born September 2nd, 1S63. 
252. — Clara L. E. Caldwell (7). born October 10th, 1S67. Married Robert il 

253. — David S. Caldwell (7). born October 9th, 1869. 
254. — Joseph M. Caldwell (7), born September 23rd, 1871. 
255.— Nannie A. Caldwell (7), bum September 22nd, 1873. 
256. — Samuel A. Caldwell (7), born March 8th, 1*<77. Twin. 
257.— Edwin C. Caldwell (7), born March Mb. 1877. Twin. 
25S. — Lena A. Caldwell (7), burn January 18th, ISM. 
259. — John L. Caldwell (7), born September 18th, 1883, 

260. — Margaret Ann Moore (6), born June ath, 1843. Married Robert A. fry. 
Hopedale, Ohio, October 25th, 1800. 

261. Jennie R. Pry {7), born September 12th, 1861. Married Alfred 


202.— Mary Melvina Pry (7), bom October 17th, I860. Married Ruben [L-ir 
rison. Died May 13th, 1893. 


263. — Mary E. Moore (6), born May ISth, 1S45. Married John S. Bell Novem- 
ber 6th, 1865, New Philadelphia, Ohio. 

264. — William Thomas Bell (7), born September 12th. 1866. Married Margaret 

265. — Anna May Bell (7). born August 25th, 1868. Died March 10th. 1369. 

266.— Maggie Alice Bell (7), born March 27th, 1870. Died June 23rd, 1S72. 

267.—-John W. Bell (7), born September 21st, 1S72. Married Kate McCul- 
lough October 22nd, 1904. 

26S.— Clarence E. Bell (7), born 1874. 

269. — Emma C. Bell (7), born April 1st. 1S77. Maried George Laughlin. 

270. — Samuel C. Bell (7), born December 21st, 1887. Married Allie Annes. 

271. — Jennie Eveline Bell (7), born October, 1889. 

272. — Samuel D. Moore (6), born April 7th, 1847. Married Elizabeth Scott, 
Burgettstown, Pennsylvania. 

273. — Margaret L. Moore (7), born March 4th, 18S6. 

274.— Wilber L. Moore (7), bom July 22nd, 1S94. 

275. — Nancy B. Moore (6), born February 24th, 1849. Married John R. Studa 
March 14th, 1SS1, Burgettstown. Pennsylvania. 

276. — Ora M. Studa (7), bom March 3rd. 18S7. 

277. — Ellen M Moore (6), born May 17th. 1851. Married Robert Chettle Octo- 
ber, 1871, McDonald. Pa. 

278.— William M. Chettle (7), born 1872. 

279. — Maggie D. Chettle (7), born 1875. 

280.— Anna M. Chettle (7), born 1877. 

2S1. — Joseph L. Mooro (6), born February 14th, 1353. Married Lavenia M. 
Alexander January 17th, 1SS9, Burgettstown. Pennsylvania. 

282. — Mary M. Moore (7), born December 28th, 1889. 

283.— Edna L. Moor© (7), born September 5th, 1891. 

284.— Howard A. Moore (7), born November 1st, 1893. 

285. — Helen E. Moore (7), born June 15th, 1S95. 

286. — Emma C. Moore (6), born February 2nd, 1855. Married David W. Studa 
April 9th, 1878, Burgettstown. Pennsylvania. 

287.— Frank H. Studa (7), bora October 4th, 1879. 

288.— Clara M Studa (7), born October 17th. 1881." Married Samuel M. Scott. 

2s9.— Margaret J. Studa (7), born July 25th. 1S87. 

290. — Elizabeth Lyle (5), married Andrew King. Has descendants in Missouri. 

291. — Jane Lyle (5), married .Samuel Galbreath. 

292. — Belle Galbreath (6). married Hampton McFarland. 

293.— Esther McNary (4), daughter of James, of Cro>s Creek. Married Thomas 
McCarroll, of Hickory, Pennsylvania, Associate Judge of Washington County. 

294. — John McCarroll, M. D. (5), married Mary Miller. Practiced medicine at 
Frankfort and Wellsville. Elder in United Presbyterian Church. Had no children. 
Died 1S99. 


(Make note of any Births. Deaths, etc., on Blank Page for future reference.) 


293.— James McCarroll,. M. D. (5), married Jennie Bryan. Practiced medicine 

at Florence. Pennsylvania, and later in Allegheny City, Pennsylvania, where hfs 
son succeeds him. 

296. — James McCarroll, M. D. (6), who succeeds his father in Allegheny, Pa. 

-97. — Virginia McCarroll (6), Allegheny City, Pennsylvania. 

29$. — Martha McCarroll (a), died unmarried. 

299. — Margaret McCarroll (5). born July 25th, 1S*5. .Married Joseph Cowdeu 
August 20th, 1S4S, Bishop, Pennsylvania. 

300. — Mary Jane Cowden (6), born March 10th, 1^49. Married William Hagen. 

301. — Joseph Mc. Hagen (7). born July 25th. 1S77. Married Clarabell Matthews 
October 14th. 1903. 

302. — Martha Elizabeth Hagen (7), born December 14th. 187a. Married John 
McClelland September 21st, 1904. 

303. — Thomas McC. Cowden (6), born April loth, 1851. Married Rachel Welch. 
304. — Ida Blanch Cowden (7). 
305. — Dessie Margaret Cowden (7). 
306.— Walter Lee Cowden (7). 
307.— Joseph Ard Cowden (7). 

30$. — Esther McNary Cowden (Hi. born August 24th, 18.34. Died April 24th. 

309. — Martha E. Cowden (6) born Otober, 1856. 

310. — Anna Delia Cowden (6), born November ISth, ls5"<. Married Campbell 
Reed April sth, 1*S7. 

311. — Ralph Rockford Reed (7). 

312. — Margaret Alberta Reed (7). 

3 12io— Martha Maude Reed (7). 

313.— John E. Cowden (6). born February 10th, I860. Die! August 16th. 1863. 

314. — Adaline Cowden (6), born March 23rd. 1S63. Died September 16th, 1380. 

315. — John M. Cowden (6), born September 9th, 1S66. Married Margaret T. 
Mitchell, Hickory, Pennsylvania. 

316. — Margaret Elizabeth Cowden (7), born March 14th. 1903. 

317. — Joseph Mitchell Cowden (7), born March 14th. 1903. 

31$.— Ida Martha Cowden (7), born October 8th, 1904. 

319. — Maggie Cowden (6), bom January 15th. 1863. Died April 0th, 1$96. 

320. — Dora E. Cowden (6), born January 1st, 1873. 

321. — Nancy McNary '4). daughter of James, of Cross <'reek, married John Me- 
Kee, of Hickory, Pennsylvania. She and four of her children died within a few 
hours of each other of what is now know to have been malignant diphtheria. Only 
one son survived. 

322. — James McKee (5). of Arden, Pennsylvania. 



323. — James McNary ^4), sou of James, of Cross Creek, was born in Wash- 
ington County, Pennsylvania, February ISth, 1809. Married Jane Welch, bv whom 

JAMES McNARY, No. 323 John Branch. 

he had two children. Matthew R. and James H. After her death in 1S34 he mar- 
ried Harriet Thompson in 1S35, who was born September 25th, 1314. Lived most of 
his life in Bloomfield, Ohio. Died at Waverlv, Indiana, in 1869. 

MATTHEW REED McNAKY, No. 324 John Branch. 

j24. — Matthew Reed McNary (5) was horn at Germauia, Ohio, January Kith, 



1830. Married Margaret Anderson. An elder in United Presbyterian congrega- 
tion, Jefferson, Ohio. 

326. — James Welch McNary (6). 

327. — Helen McNary (7). 

328. — James Campbell McNary (7). 

329. — Robert Heed McNary (7). 

330- — -Alice Jane McNary (6), married Mr. Cummings, Sioux City, Iowa. 

331. — Margaret Cummings (7). 

332. — George Welch Cummings (7). 

pyui ---i. \^r~ 

^^ ih 

L . 


_ ., ■_ » 

— s 

REV. THOMAS McCORKLE McNARY, No. 333 John Branch. 

333. — Eev. Thomas McCorkle McNary (6), Mason, Ohio. Twin. 

334. — Maggie O. A. McNary (6), married M. Thompson, Jewett, Ohio. Twin. 

335. — Stella Thompson (7). 

336. — Margery Thompson (7). 

337. — Adda Jane Thompson (7). 

338.— Adda Z. McNary (6), married Roberts. Jewett, Ohio. 

• 339._james H. McNary (5), born January 13th. 1.832. Killed at Louisville, 
Kentucky, returning from the war. June 14th, 1S65, by a stray shot entering tent. 

340. — Margaret J. McNary •", ,. born November 17th, 1836. Died April 20th, 

341.— -Joseph Alexander McNary (5), born October 2nd, 1838. Died October 
2nd, 1842. 

342.— -John E. McNary (5), burn December 23rd, 1S42. Married Mollie Flagg 
in 1870. Practicing law at Topeka, Kansas. 

343. — Joseph Orris McNary (»i), born 1S71. Married Maggie Hamilton in 1904. 
Besides on Jonesboro avenue. 

344.— Stella May McNary (6), born 1873. Married F. L. Carson, El Paso, 
Texas, in 1893. Died in 1895. 

345. — Harlyn G. Carson (7). 

346. — Ermyn T. Carson (7). 



347. — Harrold F. Carson (7). 

348. — James Earl McNary (C), bun 1S75. Died at Topeka, Kansas. Mav Oth, 

349.— Esther Angeliue McNary (5), born Jane 23rd, 1845. Married Thomas 
Wachob. Lives in Allegheny, Pennsylvania. Has six children. 

350. — Maud Wachob (6), born August oth, 1869. Married Nathan Chase Janu- 
ary 30th, 1S96, at Wayne. Nebraska. 

351. — Burton Wachob Chase (7). 

352. — Frank Thompson Chase i7). 

353. — James T. Wachob (6), cashier Fourth National Bank, Pittsburg, Pa. 

354.— Pauline H. Wachob (6). 

355. — Blanche E. Wachob (6). 

356. — Jessie W. Wachob (0). 

JOSEPH THOMPSON McNARV, No. 359 John Branch. 

357. — Marie L. Wachob (6). Married October 30th, 1907, to Oliver Knight 
Eaton, of McKeesp,,rt, Pennsylvania. 

358. — Mary E. McNary (5), born December 27th. 1S47. Died September 5th. 

359. — Joseph Thompson McNary (5), born September 20th, 1850. Married 
Belle Thompson. Practicing law at Logansport, Indiana. 

360. — Harriet Eva McNary (5). born May 2nd, 1853. Residence Pittsburg, Pa. 

301. — Alexander W. McNary (5), born March 3rd. 1856. On August 8th, 1S81, 
married Jane V. Aults (who was born February 14th, 1864). 

362.— Blanch McNary (6), born July 13th. 1883. 

363. — Isabel Maude McNary (6), te»ru November 2nd. I860. Twin. 

364. — J. Claude McNary (*">), born November 2nd, 1^00. Resides at Kansas 


City, Kansas. Twin. 

365. — William Robert McNary (~), born October loth, 1S5S. Married Delhi 
Hoyt. Has five children. 

366. — William Roland McNary (6). 

367. — Ralph, J. McNary (6). 

36S. — Roena Adella McNary (6). 

36!). — Harold James McNary (6). 

370. — Helen Elizabeth McNary (6). 

371.— Margaret McNary (3), third daughter of John, head of the John branch, 
was born May 8th, 176S, in York County. Pennsylvania. Married James Martin and 
moved to Washington County in 1804 and settled near Canousburg, on the farm 
where Dr. Samuel A. Martin now lives. They had one son and three daughters. 

372. — Samuel Martin (41, married Mary McNary. It was she who furnished 
the early history of the McXary family. A daughter of David McNary (See No. 11, 
David Branch), who was an uncle of his mother, by whom he had five sons and five 

37.".. — Esther Martin (■"), married Boyce M. Crouch. 

374. — James Martin (5), married Ellen Ramsey. 

37.1. — Margaret Martin (5), married Thomas MeCarrol. 

376. — William Martin (3), married Mary Ann Wilson Houston. 

377. — Isabel Martin (5), married Ross Taggart. 

378. — Sarah Martin (5), married Robert R.jwen. 

379.- — Isaac Martin (3), married Nancy Jane Auld. 

3S0. — Eliza Martin (5), unmarried. 

3S1. — John Martin (3). unmarried. 

382. — David Martin (5), unmarried. 

3?2i{;. — Isabel Martin (4), married John Hanna. 

3S3.- — Esther Martin (4), married Joseph McXary. 

3S4. — Margaret Martin (4), married David Templeton. 

385. — Malcolm McNary (3), third son of John, the head of the John branch, 
was bom July 23th, 1771. Married Miss Beattie. As far as we know he had no 

386. — Esther McNary (3), fourth daughter of the head of the John branch, 
was born May 13th, 1773, and married Thomas Ewing. He had one son, Samuel 

3S7. — Samuel Ewing (4) was the father of five children. 

38S. — Esther Ewing married Giffen. 

389. — Judge Thomas Ewing, fur many years a lawyer and Judge of the Court 
in Pittsburg. j . . . 

390. — James Ewing, killed in the army. 

391. — Carrie Ewing married Milton Andrews. 

392. — Mary Ewing, single, at Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. 

393. — Nancy McNary (3), fifth daughter of John, the head of the John branch, 
was born December 13th, 1774. Married William Pollock. Died August 17th. 183 4, 
leaving one daughter and four sons. 



(Make note of any Births, Deaths, etc.. on Blank Pape for future reference.) 


304. — Jane Pollock married Rev. William Wallace, and lived and died at 
Huntsvillo, Ohio, where her husband was pastor of the United Presbyterian Church. 

395. — John Pollock (4), married Miss Elder and lived at Huntsville, Ohio, where 
he was an elder in his brother-in-law. Rev. Wallace's, congregation. 

39G. — Samuel Pollock (4), married Esther McXary, daughter of his uncle, John 
MeXary, and was a successful fanner and an elder in the Chartiers United Presby- 
terian Church at Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. The history of his children will appear 
under the name of their mother. (See Xo. 481, John Branch.) 

397. — James Pollock (4), married Abbie Thome, by whom he had two chil- 
dren, William and Abbie T. He afterward married Ellen Linn, by 
whom he had two children. He was an elder in the Pigeon Creek United Presby- 
terian Church for many years. Died March 19th, 190.5. 

39S. — William P. Pollock (.1), born 1840. Married Sarah Barr and lived in his 
father's old home. 

399. — Abbie T. Pollock (5), twin sister of W. P. Pollock, married John C. Mc- 
Xary, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. (See Xo. 403, John Branch.) 

400. — Jennie Linn Pollock (5), married James McXary. 

401. — Nancy Pollock (5), married Milton O. Brownlee. Washington, Pa. 

402. — Malcolm Boyd Pollock (4), horn February 9th, LS17. Died July 15th, 

405. — John McNary (3), third son of the head of the John branch, was born 
X'ovember 2nd, 177G, in York County, Pennsylvania, and died February 11th, 1844, 
He was the oldest son at home at the time of his father's death and was executor of 
his father's will. He settled up his father's estate and brought the family to the 
new home in Washington County in 1S02. He afterwards bought the farm and 
it remained in the possession of his children until the death of his son, James, in 
1902, which was just 100 years. He was a man of medium height, rather slender, 
with high forehead, wore small side whiskers and had steel gray hair at the time 
of his death. He was ordained as an elder in the Chartiers Associate Church 
June 18th, 1810. It is worthy of remark that his father, his grandfather, his son 
and his grandson were elders in the same denomination, making a line of elders 
for five generations and it is to be hoped that the next generation will keep up the 
record. He married Jean Hill (who was born in 1780 and died January 11th, 1867), 
who survived him for many years. She was a woman of extraordinary character, 
of strong will, strong mind and strong constitution. She was famed for her hos- 
pitality and for her kind and jovial spirit in her old age. Her grandchildren have 
no more pleasant memories than that of their visits to their Grandmother MeXary's 
home. In about twelve years after John McXary came to the old farm he built 
a large brk-k house on the hillside with high front porch and a commodious spring 
house. These, with pc^ar trees, locust trees and the Lombardy poplar in the front 
yard and a large orchard on the hill above form a picture which we will keep in 
memory while memory lasts. These parents had nine children, William Hill, John, 
James S. ; Clarkson $., Oliver R., Esther, Jane, Alexander C. and Abbie Caroline. 



406.-William Hill McNary (4) was bom in the old homestead in North Stra- 
bane Township on November 26th, 1805, and died September 10th, 1S77 He wis 
a man of mednun height and weight, dark hair, high forehead and wore 'small side 
whiskers. He had a very limited education, but was a great reader and had an 
mtelhgent knowledge or all current events. He was a man of remarkable will 
power, was a pioneer » the temperance cause and was somewhat celebrated as an 
abolition,* , and an active agent in the underground railway. He was elected an 
elder „ the United Presbyterian congregation of Chartiers Februarv ^ 1841 
a position which he held until his death. On Februarv 2Sth, 1S2S. he married 
Margaret Murray, of Murray Hill, now Van Eman's Station, who was horn Z 

No. 406 John Branch. 

No. 408 John Branch. 

1st 1807, and died June 6th, 1882. They had twelve children (six of whom are 
still living): John O, Martha Jane. George Murray, Margaretta Heed. James Web- 
ster, William Pollock, Thomas Murray, Oliver. Anna Maria. Emaline and Caroline 
40/.— Mary McNary (5), born January Sth, 1829. Died May loth 1834 
408.-John C. McNary (."). horn July 30th, 1830. Lived many years on his 
•'*l,er s old farm on Plum Run, then moved to Canonsburg. He took an active part 
■n the organization of the United Presbyterian congregation of Houston, of which 
«e was elected an elder, and after moving to Canonsburg he was elected an elder 
<n Chartiers congregation. He married Mary J. Rankin, of Mercersburg Pennsyl- 
van.a, on October 23rd, 1860, by whom he had six children, all of whom died in 
infancy. She also died June 20th. 1866. On May 20th. 1868, he married 
■ Wflra,] f. Pollock, by whom he had six children. Resides at. Canonsbunj 



Pennsylvania, and is president of the Citizens Trust Company. He did more than 
any other one to get up the first McNary reunion, and he is now the president of 
the family organization. 

109. — Infant Daughter (6). born September 1st. 1861. 

410. — Clark Rankin McNary ((5), born February 17th. 1863. Twin. 

411. — William Lawrence McNary (6), born February 17th, 1S63. Twin. 

412.— Lulu Margaret McNary (6), boru May 11th. 1S64. 

413. — Samuel Johnston McNary (6), Kirn .Tune 6th, 1S66. Twin. 

414. — Robert Russell McNary (6), born June 6th, 1S66. Twin. 

415. — Mary Ellen McNary (6), born April 1st. 1869. Married George G. Pax- 
ton on January 20th, 1S90, and resides on the old William H. McNary homestead 
on Plum Run, Huston, Pennsylvania. 

416. — James Clarence Paxton (7), born November 16th, 1S92. 

JOHN THOME McNARY, No. 428 John Branch. 

417. — John McNary Paxton (7), born November 13th, 189 
418. — Martha Aleta Paxton (7), born October 3rd. 1893. 
419. — George R. M. Paxton (7), born Dec-ember 2nd, 1901. 
420.— William S. Paxton (7), born April 23th. 19o4. 
421. — Anna Abigail Paxton (7), born October 16th, 1907 
422 —Martha Russell McNary (6), born July 16th, 

I. Died September 20th 


423.— James Pollock McNary (6), born March 8th, 1S74. Died March 30th. 1S80. 

424.— William Houston McNary (6), born October 30th, 1^76. Married Sarah 
Elizabeth Crawford, a descendant of the Thomas branch.- on November 24th. 1S9S. 
He is a funeral director at Canonsburg. Pennsylvania. 

425. — Annie Abigail McNary (7 1 ). born November 9th, 1S99. 

426.— John C. McNary, Jr. (7), born June 17th. 1902. 

427.— Ralph McNary (7), bnrn November 24th, 1904. 

428.— John Thome McNary (6), born August 3rd. 
Citizens Trust Company, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. 

1880. Assistant cashier 


429. — Nancy Janet McNary (6), born August 30th, 18S3. Residing with her 
parents at Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. Engaged in teaching. 

430. — Martha Jane McNary (5). born April 1st. 1832. Married Robert Russell, 
an honored citizen of Chartiers Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania. After 
his death she moved to Canonsburg. where she died December 31st, 1906. 

431. — George Murray McNary (5), born February 6th, 1S34. Died October 31st, 

432.— Margaretta R. McNary (a), born November 30th, 1835. Died October 
9th, 1S63. 

433. — Rev. James W. McNary (5), born October 1st, 1837. Graduated at West- 
minster College in 1859 and at Xenia Theological Seminary in 1S63. Was ordained 
a minister in the United Presbyterian Church October 8th, 1SG3. Was pastor of 
United Presbyterian churches in Reynoldsburg and Dayton, Ohio, and Sparta, Illinois, 

REV. JAMES W. McNARV, No. 433 John Branch. 

and of Presbyterian churches at Oshkosh, Ashland, La Crosse and Milwaukee, 
Wisconsin. Married Henrietta Williamson December 23rd, 18G3, by whom he lias 
three children. After her death he married Miss Alice Strung, of Somers, Wisconsin, 
where he now resides. 

434_Nellie Estella McNary ; <3) married Edward C. Clark, a prominent 
of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, by whom she has four children. 

436. — James Henry Clark (7). born December 21st, 1891. 

437. — Lucien Walker Clark (7), born August 9th, 1896. 

43S— Helen Clark (7), born February 21st, 1S97. 

439. — Edward Cyrus Clark (7), born March 21st. 1899. 

440._William Duncan McNary, M. D. (6). was horn in Roynoldsburg, Ohio. 
Oraduatod at Lake Forest University and Rush Medical College; also of College 
of Osteopathy in Milwaukee. Practicing medicine in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Mar- 
ried 1907. 



441— John Foster McNary, M. D. (6), born in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. Married 
Mildred Anderson December 23rd. 1903, by whom lie has one child. Graduated in 
dentistry and osteopathy and later in an allopathic school in Milwaukee. He is 
now practicing medicine in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

442. — Henrietta McNary (7.) 

443. — Kev. William Pollock McNary, D. D. (5), born September 16th, 1S39. 
Married Elizabeth Graham September 27th, 1S66, who was born November 22nd. 
1844, and died April IStli, 1902j by whom he bad seven children, fie served his 

REV. WILLIAM POLLOCK McNARY, No. 443Uohrt Branch. 

country during the war of the rebellion as sergeant of Company D, Tenth Penn- 
sylvania Reserve Corps, and was promoted to be adjutant of the One Hundred and 
Twenty-third Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers, and after the expiration of his 
service he was appointed as adjutant of the One Hundred and Ninety-third Penn- 
sylvania Volunteers. He was also lieutenant colonel of the Fifty-eighth Pennsyl- 
vania regiment, which took part in the capture of General John Morgan, who 
made the famous cavalry raid through Ohio. * He graduated at Jefferson College, 
at Canonsburg, in 1861. and at Xenia Theological Seminary in lS6o. Was ordained 
a minister of the United Presbyterian Church on December 3th, 1^66. He was 
pastor of churches at Leavenworth, Kansas; Bloomington, Indiana; Jordan's Grove, 
Illinois, and Tarkio, Missouri, where he took an active part in the founding of 


(Make note o/ any Births. Deaths, etc.. on Blank Page for future reference.) 


Tarkio College. He also organized the United Presbyterian Church of Torrington, 
Wyoming. On March 26th, 1007, he was married to Margaret A. Wilson, of Bloom- 
ington. Indiana, with whom he lives a quiet and retired life upon a farm at Tor- 
rington, Wyoming. He has given a great deal of time and attention to the 
genealogy of the McNary family, and published a pamphlet about 30 years ago 
which was the means of preserving the early record of the James McNary family, 
without which the present family trees could not have been made. 

444 —Eliza Macfarlane McNary (6) was born October 10th, 1S6S. Graduated 
at Tarkio College in 18S9, and taught Latin one year in her Alma Mater. Man'- 
Samuel Edmond Marshall, a lawyer at Denver, Colorado, on September loth, 1892. 

445. —William McNary Marshall (7), born August 12th, 1893. 

44(5._ Samuel Edmond Marshall (7), born March 8th, 1898. 

447. — Ruth Marshall (7), born January 25th, 1904. 

448.— William Oscar McNary (G), born August 10th, 1870. Graduated at 
Tarkio College, 1889, and at Ann Arbor Law School in Michigan, in 1894. Married 
Martha Chalfant September 11th, 1901, by whom he has two children. Practicing 
law in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. 

449. — Elizabeth Graham McNary (7). born May 4th, 1902. 

450. — William Selwyn McNary (7), born February 4th, 1904. 

451.— Norah R. McNary (6). born August 5th, 1S72, and on March 2nd, 1905, 
married H. R. Chalfant, of Imperial, Pennsylvania. 

451ir,. — Margaret Elizaheth Chalfant, bom October 1st, 1906. 

452. — Margaretta M. McNary (6), bom July 9th. 1S75. Graduated at Tarkio 
College, 1896. Taught Latin in Blairsville Seminary, Las Vegas State Normal Col- 
lege and Tarkio College. Married II. G. Bowie, of Chicago, November 30th, 1903. 

453. — James Graham McNary (6), born August 24th, 1S77, at Bloomington, 
Indiana. Graduated at Tarkio College 1S9S. Attended Leipsic University, Ger- 
many, 1901. Taught New Mexico State Normal three years. Edited Las Vegas 
Daily Optic two years. Is now assistant cashier of First National Bank. El Paso, 
Texas. Married Euth Eeynolds September 8th, 1902, by whom he has three children. 

454. — Graham Reynolds McNary (7), born February 4th, 1904. 

455.— Ruth Elizaheth McNary (7), born July 4th, 1905. 

455%- — Baby girl. Died in infancy. 

456. — George Eeed McNary, born August 30th, 1S80. Graduated at Tarkio Col- 
lege, 1900. Is secretary of Real Estate & Trust Company, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

457.— John Clyde McNary, born March 22nd 18S3. Graduated at Tarkio Col- 
lege, 1895, and at Princeton College, 1896. Superintendent of the Lucerne Ranch, 
Berino, New Mexico. 

458. — Thomas Murray McNary (5), born October 24th. Is41. Married Esther 
Littell. Lives in Washington, Pennsylvania. Has no children. 

4.j9.^0irver McNary (5>. born July, 1843. Died March 4th, 1855. 

460.— Anna Marian McNary (5), born October 2nd. 1845. Married Eev. E. O. 
McKinley, a Presbyterian minister, November 12th, 1872, who was pastor at Ligonier, 
Pennsylvania, and now of Candler. Florida. She died December 5th. 1893. 

461. — Robert Russell McKinley (6). Married. 

402. — John Edward McKinley (7). 

403. — Margaretta McKinley ii), married Dr. Rankin, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. 



4G4.— Louisa McKinley (6), Canons-burg, Pennsylvania. 

4(55.— Emmaline McNary (.3), born February 5th, 1S4S. Died October 31st, ISM. 

466. — Caroline McNary (5), born February 5th, 1S48. Married Eov. J. B. 

Jackson, a United Presbyterian minister who has been pastor at Latrobe and Elder- 
ton, Pennsylvania; Morning Sun. Albia and Greenfield. Iowa, where they now 

467. — Elizabeth M. Jackson (6), born November Oth. 1874. Married Rev. M. G. 
Munn, a United Presbyterian minister, who is now pastor at Chariton. Iowa. 
468. — Caroline Munn (7), born July 12th. 1901. 
469. — Margery Munn (7), bom February 26th, 1903. 

JAMES S. AlcNARY, No. 479 John Branch. 

470. — Genevieve E. Munn (7), born June 26th. 1905. 

471. — Margaret Murray Jackscn (•>). born April 14tli, WO. Teacher at Green- 
field, Iowa. Later teaching at Assiout, Esjypt. 

472. — Rev. William McNary Jackson ((»), born duly 20th, 1 s77. Married Mabc! 
Woods. Pastor United Presbyterian Church, Clarinda, Towa. 

473. — William McNary Jackson (7), bom 1905. 

474. — John C. Jackson (0;, born September 2Sth. 1S80. 

47.1. — Joseph Reed Jackson (6), bom July 4th, 1883. Twin. 

47C.— Robert Russell Jackson (6), born July 4th, 1833. Twin. Dead. 

477. — Martha Jane Jackson (0), born October, 1886. Dead. 

478. — John McNary (4), born December 21st, 1S07. Died unmarried in the 
old home April loth, 18<>1. 

479. — James S. McNary (4), bom on t he old homestead in North Strabane 


Township, May 22nd, 18-10. and died at the same place April 30th, 1902. At the 
age of 31 he married Rachel Anderson, -who died a year later, August 3rd. 1>42. 
without children, and he remained a widower until his death. He sj ent his long 
life in the old home — except a few years he lived on his "Rich Hill*' farm. He 
was tall and straight, with dark hair and light complexion, a man of great strength 
of constitution, and lived until his 92nd year, greatly beloved by all his neighbors. 
480. — Clarkson S. McNary (4), born October 4th, 1312. Died September loth. 
IS 15. 

4S1. — Esther McNary (4). born March loth. 1815, and died at Canonsburg, 
Pennsylvania, Xovember 9th, 1S90. Married Samuel Pollock, son of William and 
Xaney McXary Pollock. An elder in the Chartiers congregation. 

482. — James W. Pollock (5), born October 10th. 1S41, in the old Samuel Pol- 
lock homestead in Xorth Strabane Township. Married Mary T. McXary December 
5th, 1867. Attended Jefferson College four years. Served in One Hundred and 
Fortieth Pennsylvania Volunteers during the war. An elder in the First United 
Presbyterian Church of Houston. Pennsylvania. Was County Commissioner of Wash- 
ington County, 1S90 to 1S94. Residence, Xo. 509 Chestnut street. East Washing- 
ton, Pennsylvania. His mother, his grandmother and the mother of his children 
were McXarys. (See Xo. 264. of Thomas Branch.) 

4S3. — Fannie Luella Pollock (6). 

4S4.— Ulysses Samuel Pollock (6). 

485.— Maggie Esther Pollock -.6). 

4S6 — D. M. B. McLean Pollock (61. 

4S7. — Ernest James Pollock (6). 

4SS. — Harry Edgar Pollock (6). 

4S9. — Anna McNary Pollock (6). 

490.— William Wallace Pollock (6). 

491. — Deurell Smiley Pollock '6). 

492. — Mary Osee Pollock (6). 

493. — Jennie Hill Pollock (5), born October 8th, 1*43. Graduated from Wash- 
ington Seminary with honors. Et sides in Canonsburg. Pennsylvania. 

494. — John McNary Pollock (5), born January 2nd, 1846. Married Mary Jane 
Templeton Xovember 14th, 1*72. who was born October 20th, IS46. Settled on 
part of his father's farm. Resides at Houston, Pennsylvania. 

495.— Edith J. McNary Follock (6). 

496. — Mary Esther Pollock '6). 

497. — John Templeton Pollock (6). 

498. — Nettie Elmira Pollock (G). 

499. — Lowrie Samuel Pollock (6). 

500. — Jennette Luella PoUock (6). 

501. — Clara Matilda Pollock (6). 

502.— William B. Pollock (5), born May 26th. 1848. Married Hettie Alverta 
Murray. Settled on the old James Murray, or Mortxanza, farm. He is an elder in 
the Green Side Avenue L'nited Presbyterian Church of Canonsburg. 

503.— Mary Johnston Pollock (6). 

504. — Samuel Murray Follock (6). Married Miss Kendle. He is a civil engi 
neer, Washington, Pennsylvania. 

505.— Cleonia Estella Pollock (6). Married Mr. Kendle, Connellsville, Pa. 

506. — Ariadne Pollock (6). 

507. — Hose Ethaliue Pollcck (6). 

50S. — Clara Jennie Follock (6). 


509. — Samuel Murray Pollock (5), born April 14th, 1850. Died February 
loth, 1S53. 

510. — Oliver Collins Pollock (5), born October loth, 1S52. Graduated from 

Westminster College in 1874. Was in Company M, Third United States Cavalry, 
five years, November 20th, 187-5, to 1SS0. Married Anna Bell Weaver and settled 
down on the old Samuel Pollock farm, where he now resides. 

511. — Bessie Jeanette Pollock (6). 

512.— Viola Pearl Pollock (6). 

513. — Oscar Dill Pollock (G). 

514. — Eliza Weaver Pollock (6). 

515. — Inez Esther Pollock (6). 

516.— Edna Loretta Pollock (6). 

517.— Adis Clark Pollock (6). 

518.— Earle Collins Pollock (6). 

519. — Samuel Blaine McDonald Pollock (6). 

520. — Alexander Clark Pollock (5), born on the Samuel Pollock homestead 
in 1S55. Moved to Canonsburg with his father's family in 1833. Died July 17th, 

521. — Jane McNary (4). born January 3rd, 1818. Spent her life on the old 
homestead and died October 26th, 1S83. She was large and of commanding appear- 
ance. Familiarly known as "Aunt Jane'' in her later years. The life of every 
social company in which she appeared. 

522.— Oliver R. McNary (4), born February 1st, 1S23. Died April 20th, 1895, 
at Leavenworth, Kansas. At the very beginning of the war he enlisted for three 
months in the Twelfth Pennsylvania Volunteers. At the end of that term he en- 
listed in the One Hundred and Third Pennsylvania Volunteers, was appointed 
aid-de-camp on General Hunt's staff and afterwards on the staff of General Wessells. 
He received five wounds, was a prisoner of war five months in Andersonville, Macon 
and Savannah, Georgia, and in Charleston, South Carolina. He served through the 
whole war. He lived in Washington, Pennsylvania, until after the war. when he 
moved to Leavenworth, Kansas. He married Lienor Grove September 16th, 1846, 
by whom he had five children. Matilda Jaue, Oliver Clarkson, M. D.; Nettie Ella, 
Hettie and James E. 

523. — Matilda Jane McNary (5), born in Washington, Pennsylvania. August 
11th, 1847. Married Rev. W. C. Williamson, D. D., June 30th, 186S. who was pastor 
of the United Presbyterian Churches at Geneva, New York; Washington, Keokuk and 
Burlington, Iowa. Was the 1905 moderator of the United Presbyterian General 

524. — Harry Emmet Williamson, M. D. (6), married Bertha Maud Eggb'^on 
January 24th, 1895. Practices medicine at Olathe, Kansas. 

525.— Dorothy Hally Williamson (7). born July 4th. 1890. 

526. — Etta Eleanor Williamson (6), married Melville Glenn Smile April 16th, 
1903, of Monmouth, Illinois. 

527. — William Francis Soule (7), born March 23rd, 19u4. 

523. — Oliver Clarkson Grove McNary M. D. (5), married Laura Latlin Kelly 
April 18th. 1894. Surgeon at Soldiers' Home, Los Angeles, California. 

529.— Clarkson Durvees McNary (6), born March 10th, 1896. 

530. — Clarinda Eleanor McNary (5), married Robert Munce August, 1.883, 
Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. 

531. — Mariah Jeanette McNary (5), Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. 


532.— Hettie McNary (5), Pittsburg:, Pennsylvania. Trained nurse. 
533. — James Emmet McNary (5), died March 4th, 1SS3. 
534.— Abbie Caroline McNary (4), died while young;. 

535. Alexander C. McNary (4), born September loth, 1S25, on the old home- 
stead. Married Amanda Burkhart February 6th. 1S6S. Lived at Houston, Pwr»- 
sylvania. Died October, 1SS6. 

536. — James Eugene McNary (5), born December otli, 1*6*. Married Laura B. 
Noble October 10th, 1S95, Pittsburg. Pennsylvania. 

537.— Lorena Emmet McNary (5), born July Gth, 1ST0. Married T. W. Moore. 
Died May 22nd, 1905. 

53S.— John Francis McLean McNary (5), born April 17th, 1S72. Married Leah 
B. Willison October 2Sth, 1S95. 

539.— Ida Elizabeth McNary (5), born August 12th, 1S74. Married Edward E. 
Teaman July 6th, 1S93. 

540.— Maud Viola McNary (5), born May 3rd, 1S75. Married John B. Woods 
October 19th, 1S99. 

541._ William Clarence McNary (5), born October 24th, 1S76. Married Ella B. 
Hendricks April 17th. 1903. 

542. — Grace Eleanor McNary (5), born June 25th, 1SS3. 
543. — Thomas McNary (3). born September 24th, 177S. Died in infancy. 
544. — Alexander McNary (3), fourth son of John, of York County, was bom 
August 20th. 1780, in York County, Pennsylvania. Being the next older brother 
to John, he appears to have bought part of the old farm in North Strabaue Town- 
ship, at least he lived in an old log house on the north sitl* of the farm, which was 
removed many years ago. but there is a strone spring which marks the place where 
the house stood. After living- there for a few years he removed to Fairpoint. Bel- 
mont County. Ohio, where he died August 30th, 1837. He was buried in the Unity 
Cemetery in New Athens, Ohio. He married Margaret Pollock, who was born De- 
cember 11th, 1S70, a sister of William Pollock, who married his sister Nancy. 
Alexander was six feet tall, weighed ISO pounds, light complexion, high forehead. 
Elder in Unity Associate Church. 

545._John McNary (4), born October 21st, 1S06. Married Margaret Hawthorn 
November 6th. 1S3S. She was born September Gth, 1S07, and died August 27th, 1895. 
He died February 7th, 1S90. 

546. — James Alexander McNary (5). born November Gth, 1*40. Married Martha 
P. "Woods, who was born September 6th. 1S17, and died August 22nd, 1895. Lived 
at Banock, Ohio. Died February 7th, 1S90. 

547. — John W. McNary (6), born July 14th, 1S66. Married Kate L. Hanes Octo- 
ber 10th, IS**. Wheeling. West Virginia. 

548. — Harry W. McNary (7), born July 1st, 1S92. 

549. — William Pollock McNary (6), born October 22nd, 1*74. Married Minnie 
S. Neehart November Gth. 19^4. 

550. — William C. McNary (5), born July 10th, 1S4G. Died at Soldiers' Home 
in Pittsburg September 2nd, 1 Sii4. 

551. — Maggie R. McNary (.5), born February 14th, 1*50. Married William L. 
Patton February 24th, ^74. 

552. — Lodalee Patton (6), burn November 2nd. 1S75. 
553.— Park P. Patton (6), born December 3rd, 1*>79. 
554.— Van Patton (6), born May 5th, 1883. 


( Make note of any Births. Deaths, etc., on Blank Page fur future reference.) 


- L / 

wxX, ^ 



- , f 

■ ; » ; J 

: . 

1;::: ' 

I ■_'".»-'- 1 J - '"L / >' '• 

. * 

Death of Mrs. Cora Davis 

The death of Mrs. Cora (Ashby) 
Davis in Chicago, came as a surprise 
to many of her friends here. Mrs. 
DaviB. known in Ladoga as Cora Ash 
by. grew up in Ladoga. She received 
her education in the schools of this 
community and her passing removes 
the last of the family of Silas F. and 
Ellen Ashbv. Eugene died in 1932, 
and Edgar five months ago. 

Mrs. Davis was born on the Ashby 
farm couth east of Ladoga, Septem- 
ber 12, 1S61 The family moved to 
Ladoga about 1880 and for many years 
occupied the home on the lot on Main 
Street cow known as the Edgar Asbby 
residence. She married Henry T. 
Davis December 13, 1887. Mr. Dav- 
is was a salesman and for several 
years Mrs. Davis accompanied her 
husband on his business travels. In 
1895 they settled in Chicago, and un- 
til his death March 21. 1918 Mr. Davis 
v. as engaged in the real estate and in 
Burance business id Chicago and .its 
suburbs. Mrs Davis died at the 
home of her daughter. Mrs. Merrill 
Johns, 7022 Constance Avenue, May 
23, 1938. The funeral service, last 
Tuesday May 31, were in charge of 
Rev. Harold L. Bowman at the First 
Presbyterian Church. 

Mrs. Davis died of a heart affec- 
tion brought on, largely by the ehock 
of the sudden death of her brother. 
Edgar, last December. 

She leaves two children, Mrs Ellen 
Johns and Harold A. Davis, and five 
grandchildren, Janet Johns. Warren 
and Merrill B. Johns Jr., DoDna and 
Allyn Davis, and two great grand 
children, Judith and Joan Warren, ail 
of Chicago. 

Cora Ashby DaviB was one of the 
popular girls of that period, in La- 
doga when the Normal School brought 
so°many interesting young folks into 
this community. Those who rememb- r 
her will recall her large eyes, like her 
mothers, and her quiet refined and 
somewhat queenly manners, which 
stayed with her in later years. 

It was expected that she would 
spend part of this summer here in her 
girlhood home among the friends of 
her youth, but all of the Aehby chil 
riren had a strong affection and sym 
patby for each other, and Cora was 
never able to recover fully from the 
loss of her younger brother. Edgar. 


The ' 

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Mrs. / 


were r 

May Vj 


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18th f 




Mrs. 1 


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their t 
M auric 
I James 
| Guest ; 
I Litt 
; ing "'J 
1 read b 
the old 
of Age 
You 'T 
8th, at. 
Franz C 
annual ! 
time th< 


The 1 
help a t 
ing at } 
small i 

<•: in tt 


555. — Nellie Patton (6), burn October 11th, 1SS5. 

556.— Martha E. McNary (5). born January 5th, 1852. Died .May 15th, l->53. 
557. — Hannah E. McNary (5), born December 3rd, 1854. Died July 6th, 1S53. 
55S— Samuel Pollock McNary (4), was born in Belmont County, Ohio. De- 
cember 1st, 1S08. Attended Franklin College at New Athens, Ohio. Thrown on his 
own resources by the early death of his father, he taught school in Bash County. 
Kentucky. Among his pupils were Senator Henry S. Lane, of Indiana, and Judge 
Anthony" Thornton, of Illinois. He was a faithful member and officer of the Asso- 
ciate Reformed Church of Mount Olivet, near Sharpsburg, Kentucky. He practiced 
law in Bash County about twenty years, until stricken with cholera, which caused 
bis death in a few hours on August 11th. 1855. His son, Alexander, a bright young 
man of 17, died of the same dread disease a few hours after his father. He mar- 
ried Elizabeth C. "Walker October 31st, 1S33, who survived her husband and son only 
a little over a year, being prostrated by the terrible sorrow, and died October 26th, 
1856. These three were buried at Sharpsburg, Bash County, Kentucky. 

559, Mary McNary ('>), born November Oth, 1830, near Sharpsburg, Kentucky. 

Married Joseph W. Craig January 12th, 1862. Died September 12tn, 1862, near 
Ladoga, Indiana. 

560.— James Alexander McNary (5), born October 25th, 1838. Died of cholera 
on same day with his father, after a few hours' sickness, August 11th, 1855. 

561.— Ellen McNary (5). born June 30th, 1841. Married S. F. Ash-by October 
17th, 1800. Member of the Presbyterian Church. Died at Ladoga, Indiana, May 
18th, 1891. F//i\f> 

562.— Cora Ashby (6), born September 12th, 1861. Married H*w T. Davis De- 
cember 13th, 1SS7. Lives in Chicago. ^- fo\*^ ^Lm^./0-P 
563— Ellen Davis (7), born October 24th, 1SS9. 
564.— Harold Davis (7), born October* 27th, "1896. 

565.— Eugene C. Ashby (6), born M'ay~*fu. B63, Married Alice Graybill De- 
cember 30th, 18S5. *Cc><*4 I'l 3> 

566. — Elsie Ashby (7), born January 22nd, 1SS9. 
567. — Mary Ashby (7), born November 22nd, 1890. 
568. — Frank Ashby (7), born August 11th, 1894. 
569.— Russell Ashby (7). born March 22nd, 1399. 

570. Edgar C. Ashby (0), born September 5th, 1867. Married Minnie Kyle 

October 8th, 1891, Ladoga. Indiana. pc-C- • (* -*" * *? 3 ^ — 

571. — Jennie M. McNary (5), born October 2nd, 1848. Married Thomas J. Nel- 
son October 10th. 1876. Lives near Bainbridge, Indiana.. 

572.— Frank A. Nelson (6). born April 8th, 18S2. Married Maud Bettis April 
30th. 1902. 

573. — Mary Virginia Nelson (7), born October 21st. 1903, Bainbridge, Indiana. 
574.— James McNary (4), born February 10th, 1811. Married Emily Groves, 
who died November 2Sth, 1S89. 

575.— Maggie McNary (5), burn November 8th, 1S39. Married Samuel Kalsey 
at Wheeling, West Virginia, April 9th, lsOO. 

576. — William Kaslcy (6), Wheeling, West Virginia. 

577._Francis G. McNary (5), born SeptE-mber 19th, 1841. Soldier in the One 
Hundred and Twenty-sixth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Wounded at the* 
Battle of the Wilderness, May 6th, 1804. Died on the field. 



578. — Ellen Young McNary (-1), born April 27th, 1M:">. Married Thomas Find- 
fey M. D., in April. 1841. He practiced medicine at Pana, Illinois, and died Sep 
tember 12th, 1S71. She died September 22nd, 1S7S. 

579. — James K. Polk Findley (5), bom October Kith, 1844. Married Agnes 
Kirkpatrick November ISth, 1S71. 

580. — Thomas Pindley (6), born August, 1872. 

581. — Isaac K. Findley (6), born February, 1875. 

582. — James M. Findley (6), born May. 1S77. 

583. — Ellen M. Findley (6), burn October, 1SS0. 

584.— Sarah Findley (6), born January, 1882. 

585.— Emma Findley (6), born 1S84. 

586. — Paul Findley (6), born 1887. 

587 — Mary Findley (6), born 1891. 

588. — Edmond Findley (6), bom 1893. 

589. — Margaret Ann Findley (3), born October 12th, 1847. Died March 16th, 

590.— Emily M. Findley (5), bom August oth, 1S49. Died July 9th. 1852. 

591. — Ellen M. Findley (5), horn May 31st, 1855. Married Wiliam J. Bever- 
idge in 1880, who died December 2nd. 1892. Lives at Somonauk, lUiuois. 

592. — .Margaret Helen Eeveridge (6), bom November 18th, 1SS1. 

593. — Thomas Findley Beveridge (6), born October 30th, 1887. 

594. — Eleanor McNary Beveridge (6), born April 19th, 1S91. 

595. — Elizabeth J. Beveridge (6), bom November 7th, 1S93. 

596. — Joseph C. McNary (4), born July 27th. 1818. Married Martha McKee 
October 7th, 1862. Died December 1st, 1893. 

597. — Frank A. McNary (5), born November ->th, 1866. Married and has three 

598. — Guy McNary. 

599. — Irene McNary. 

600. — Melvina McNary. 

(301.— Alexander McNary, M. D. (4) was bom July 27th, ISIS. Married Eliza- 
beth Gimu. Died August 12th, I860. Lived on a farm and practiced medicine near 
Pana, Illinois. 

602.— Maggie E. McNary (5), married F. B. Maltby, a civil engineer. Has 
one son. 

603.— William Hill McNary (4), born February 14th, 1821, in Harrison County, 
Ohio. Married Elizabeth P. Holmes. Lived many years at Library, Pennsylvania. 
Died in Pittsburg May 13th, 1891. 

604. — Dorcas W. McNary (5), born November 12th, 1S43. Married William T. 
White November 13th. 1S65. Lives in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. 

005. — Ida M. White (6), married McCoy. 

1506.— Frank W. White (0), married Hummel. 

607. — W. Clark White (fi). married Sarah Stewart. 

60S.— Emma M. White (6), married Mr. Nelan. 

609.— Lizzie B. White (6), bom February 27th, 187.1. Died May 13th, 1S92. 

610. — Ella M. McNary (5), married Cyrus Duff. Lives at Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

611.— Daisy L. Duff (6). 

612.— Bessie T. Duff (6). 

613.'— Harriet J. McNary (5), born dune 6th, 1848. Married George C. Trax 
April 16th, 1868. Lives near Valentin. Pennsylvania. 


614.— Ralph L. Trax (6). 

61.3. — E. Carey Trax (6). 

616. — Anna W. McNary (5), married Matthew Lloyd, Valentia. Pennsylvania. 

617. — William M. Lloyd (6). 

618. — Antoinette Lloyd (6). 

619. — J. Fisher Lloyd (6). 

620. — James S. Lloyd (6). 

621. — Matthew Lloyd (6). 

622.— Ruth A. Lloyd (6). 

623. — John A. McNary (5), married Antoinette Simpson. 

624. — Anna L. McNary (6). 

625.— Louisa McNary (6). 

626.— William H. McNary (6). 

627.— Thomas McNary ,(3), born October 1st, 17S2. Died in infancy. (The 
■econd son called Thomas.) 

628. — Janet McNary (o^, born June Sth. 1S74, in York County, Pennsylvania. 
Moved with the family to Washington County. Pennsylvania. Married James Mar- 
shall. Moved to Ohio. Had three sons and six daughters. 

629. — William Marshall (4), married Nancy Thompson. Died. at Hamilton, Ohio. 

630. — John Marshall (4), married Miss Smith. Died at Knoxville, Iowa. 

631. — George Marshall (4), married Mary Simpson. Died at Knoxville, Iowa. 

632. — Esther Marshall (4). married Xathaniel Wylie and died at Beloit, Kansas. 

633. — Jane Marshall (4), married John Dawson and died at Washington. Iowa. 

634. — Lucinda Marshall (4), married John Miller. M. D.. elder in United Pres- 
byterian Church of Laeona, Iowa. Died in December. 1554. 

635. — Emily E. Miller (5), married Myers. Myrtle Point. Oregon. 

636. — Jenet A. Miller (5), married Pressly. Myrtle Point, Oregon. 

637. — Agnes Marshall (4), married Carron Campbell and died at Mansfield. Ohio. 

638. — Mary Marshall (4>, born May 18th, 1S23. Married James Dunshee. Still 
living at Monte Yista, Colorado. In her S3rd year. 

639. — Glen M. Dunshee (5), Monte Yista. Colorado. 

640. — Margaret Marshall married William Bussing. Died at Morgan Hill, 

641. — Jane McNary (3), born February 7th, 1776. Married James McKibben. 


James McNary Branch 

McNary Tree— James Branch 

r i 

8 Elizabeth McNary. 

4 Nancy McNary. 

5 Jamea McNary. 

6 Samuel MoNary - 

a 8 
< a 

103 Margaret McNary. 

| 104 Mary McNary. 

105 John McNary. 

I I 110 Aguess McNary 

f J 7 James McNary. 

18 Jacob McNary. 

19 Jane A. McNary. 

84 Samuel McNary - 

Thomas McNary. 

til Juhn P. McNary. 

77 Rachel McNary. 

8 Mary Ellon McNary. 

13 Sarah Jane McNary. 

|_ 17 Jamea Franklin McNary. 

I 20 McNary Forsytho. 

21 Maggie Foraythe. 

21 Samuel T. Foraythe. 
25 Alvin Miller Porsythe. 

30 Ola 
83 Jan 

:o J. Poreylho. 

Wilford Foraythe. 

35 Mary Margaret McNary. 

J3J4 Charles Franklin McNary. 

41 John G. McNary. 

17(4 Charlotte Jane McNary. 

18 Bdward McClure McNary. 

SO Samuel Miller McNary.- 
59 Willis Theodoro McNnr; 



Maud Duncan. ■ 
a McKeo Dunea 
» McNary Duncu 

11 Lirri 
15 Ora 
18 Delia 
18 'A Will 

b Agnes Minion. 
Ellen Manson. 

McNary MnnBor 
ird Lylo Manson 



e Ralston. 





el T. Foraythe. 
M. Porsythe. 
O. Forsythe. 
M. Foraythe. 



Emily Jano Forsythe. 
Cluronco Chalmers Po 


36 Samuel Hariison Atehliu.ii - 
S'J Reynold Button Atchisor , 
40 Clnra Koacina Atchison. 

ih Gertrude Atcb.l 

I Murdoch Atchisn 

42 Marga 

15 H.lua McNary - 
47 Elmer McNary. 

49 Florence Anna McNary,-- 

50 Mason Campbell McNary 

51 Mary Hli/.sbelli McNary 

52 I.ulu Hell McNary. 
68 Edward McNary 

64 Jean Miller McNary. 

56 Helen McClure McNary. 

46 Thelma Durl Ingri 

it'ii Charles Ed« 

f 03 Emily Jano McNarv. 

■ 04 Samuel Sturgeon lilrNiry. 

[ 05 Leo Wallace McMiliy. 

67 Esther June McNary. 

72 Agnes Mary McNary. 

74 Samuel J. McNary. 

75 John Miller McNary. 

76 Hmma M. McNury. 

00 Samuel Miller Hill. 
91 Jamea Wilson Hill. 

07 Calvin C. Hill. 
98 Maggie J. Hill. 

f 79 Oortnido Luclll Hill, 

i B0 Margaret Elizabeth Hill. 

1 81 James Miller Hill. 

I 82 Edna Hill. 

| B! Rachel Doll Marshall. 

85 John Marshall. 

J 86 James Marshall. 

1 87 Harrold Marshall. 

I 88 Ellen Maud Marshall. 

89 Olivo Marshall. 

101 Thomas M. Hill. 
L 102 Amanda B. Hill. 





n ran. 







■S l.lnv.. 






on Hill. 





o Hill. 










1UH l-'i/abolh MeNury. 

109 Ellen Mi-Nurv. Married Ja 

McNary. See t 

110 Nancy McNary. 

f 112 Floren, 
"l 113 Mollis, 


1. — James McNary (1) (see history at beginning of John Branch). 

2.— James McNary (2), of Washington County, Pennsylvania, was the second 
son of James McNary (or the original ancestor), and was the father of what shall 
be known in this book as the James McNary Branch, he being of the second 
generation. He lived on part of his father's farm in York County, until about the 
year 17S0, when, on the 19th of .April he bought a farm in Chartiers Township, 
Washington County, Pennsylvania, near the Washington County County Home, con- 
taining 233 acres. He married Margaret Paxton. He was a man of small stature; 
was ordained an elder in the Chartiers Seceder congregation April' 17th, 1811, and 
died February 11th, 1815. 

3. — Elizabeth McNary (3), married a Mr. Duncan. 

4. — Nancy McNary (3), died in infancy. 

5.— James McNary (3), died at the age of 25. 

6. — Samuel McNary (3), married Mary Miller, resided at Hickory, Pennsyl- 
vania. Died and was buried at Mt. Prospect Cemetery. He had seven children, 
James, Jacob, Jane A., Samuel, Thomas, John P. and Rachel. His widow married 
a Mr. McKnight. 

• 7. — James McNary (4), married Ellen McNary (known in this book as No. 
109). To this union was born three children, Mary Ellen, Sarah Jane and James 
Franklin. He resided at Hickory, Pennsylvania, and later moved to McCoy's Sta- 
tion, Jefferson County, Ohio, where he died. His body was interred at Mt. Prospect 
Cemetery. His widow and family returned to Hickory and later she was married 
to James Campbell, of that place, and after his death she was again married to 
Jonathan L. Ralston, of Lexington, Illinois, where she lived until her death. For 
several years before her death she was entirely blind. 

8. — Mary Ellen McNary (5), married Arthur T. Duncan. To them were bnrn 
three children: Lula Maud, Sellers McKee and James McNary, and at present she 
resides at Lexington, Illinois. 

9. — Lula Maud Duncan CO), married Harvey Heller, of Cooksville, Illinois. 
They have two children, Duncan Coke and Illof. 

10. — Duncan Coke Heller (7). 

101/1..— Hlof Heller (7). 

11. — Sellers McKee Duncan (6), is engaged in the jewelry business at Cleve- 
land, Ohio. 

12. — James McNary Duncan (fi), resides at home with his mother at Lex- 
ington, Illinois. 

13. — Sarah Jane McNary (5), married J. L. Manaon. To this union were born 
four children: Lizzie Agnes, Ora Allen, Delia McNary and Willard Lysle. They now 
reside at Hanliu Station, Pennsylvania, and are engaged in farming. 

14. — Lizzie Agnes Manson (6), at home. 

15. — Ora Ellen Manson (G), school teacher. 

16. — .Delia McNary Manson ((>), at home. 

10 Vo.— Willard Lysle Manson (6), at home. 


17. — James Franklin McNary (•">), engaged in mercantile business at Lexing- 
ton, Illinois, 

IS. — Jacob McNary (4). died unmarried. 

19. — Jane A. McNary (4), married Thomas Forsythe, of Canonsburg, Pennsyl- 
vania. To them was born six children: MeXary, Maggie M., Samuel F., Alvin 
Miller, Clarence J. and James Wilford. 

20.— McNary Forsythe (5), married Annie Burchfield, of Allegheny, Pennsyl- 
vania. Was a graduate of Jefferson College and Western Theological Seminary, and 
was pastor of a Presbyterian congregation at Jacksonville, Florida, at the time of 
his death. They had no children. 

21. — Maggie M. Forsythe (5), married George Ralston. To them were born 
two children: Jennie and John. 

22. — Jennie Ralston (6), died aged about 18, at Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. 

23. — John Ralston (6), married Myrtle Craver. He served during the Spanish- 
American War, in the Tenth Pennsylvania Regiment, in the Philippine Islands. 

24.— Samuel S. Forsythe (5), died at Hickorv, Pennsv'vania, while a you'-g 

23. — Alvin Miller Forsythe (5), married Mamie Smith. To them were born 
four children: Samuel T.. Alvin M., Orvill ( '. and Earl M. He is engaged in mer- 
chant tailoring at Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. 

26. — Saniuel T. Forsythe (6), graduate from Washington & Jefferson College. 

27. — Alvin M. Forsythe (6). 

28. — Orvill C. Forsythe (6), twin of Alvin XL Forsythe. Both died in infancy. 

29. — Earl M. Forsythe (6), at hvme. 

30. — Clarence J. Forsythe (5), is a Presbyterian minister. Married Annie Me- 
Gaghey. To them were born two children: Emily Jane and Clarence Chalmers. 

31. — Emily Jane Forsythe (6), at home. 

32. — Clarence Chalmers Forsythe (6), at home. 

33. — James Wilford Forsythe (5) died at Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, while a 
young man. 

34. — Samuel McNary (4), lived and died at Hickory, Pennsylvania. Married 
Miss Lizzie Griffith, of Hickory. To them were born six children: Mary Mar- 
garet, John G., Charlotte, Edward McClure, Samuel Miller and Willis Theodore. 

35. — Mary Margaret McNary (5), married John Smith Atchison, of Hickory, 
Pennsylvania. To them were born six children: Samuel Harrison, Reynold Lu.lon, 
Ciora Roseina, Elizabeth Gertrude, Margaret Orella and Edward Murdock. Mr. 
Atchison died Mav 9th, 190o, and family resides at Hickorv, Pennsrlvania 

36. — Samuel Harrison Atchison (6), married Sarah Flora Worsted, of Hickory, 
Pennsylvania. They have two children: Reymond Worsted and Harrison Keneth. 
He is a carpenter and resides at Hickory. Pennsylvania. 

!37. — Reymond Worstell Atchison (7), lives with parents 
38. — Harrison Keneth Atchison (7), lives with parents. 

39. — Reynold Burton Atchison (G). lives with his mother. 

40. — Clara Roseina Atchison (G), lives with her mother. 

41. — Elizabeth Gertrude Atchison (0), lives with her mother. 

42. — Margaret Orella Atchison (6), lives with her mother. 

43. — Edward Murdock Atchison (6), lives with his mother. 

43^.— Chas Franklin McNary (5), boru May 2ti 187t>, Died 1877. 

44. — John G. McNary (5), married Miss Lizzie Brieland, of Hickory, Penn- 
sylvania. To them were born two children: Edna and Elmer. At present resides 
at Sheridanville, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Is professor of music in the pub- 
lic schools of his home town. 



43. — Edna McNary (6), married Herbert Ingram and resides at Bradford. 
Pennsylvania. Her husband is engaged in the oil business. They have one fluid: 
Thelma Burl. 

46. — Thelma Burl Ingram (7). 

47. — Elmer McNary (6), resides wth his parents at Sheridanville, Pennsylvania. 

47 : -j. — Charlotte Jane McNary (o), died in childhood. 

4S.- — Edward McClure McNary (3), married Jennie Isabelle Campbell, of near 
Hickory, Pennsylvania. They have seven children: Florence Anna, Mason Camp- 
bell, Mary Elizabeth, Lula Bed, Edward, Jean Miller and Helen McClure. Resides 
at Ingram, Pennsylvania, since about 1S97. Has formerly been engaged in the insur- 
ance business and is now interested in mining interests. 

EDWARD McCLLRE McNARY, No. 48 James Branch. 

49. — Florence Anna McNary (6), married Frank C. Rex, of Ingram, who is 
sylvania. They had one child: Charles Edward. 

49 V-2- — Charles Edward Rex (7), born December 19th, 1907. Died in infancy. 

50.— Mascn Campbell McNary (6), lives with parents. 

31. — Mary Elizabeth McNary (6), lives with parents. 

32. — Lula Bell McNary (6), lives with parents. 

')'■'>. — Edward McNary (6). died in infancy. 

34. — Jean Miller McNary ((5), lives with parents. 

53. — Helen McClure McNary (6), lives with parents. 

56. — Samuel Miller McNary (5), married Jennie Agnew Harsha, of Hie* ry. 
To them were born two children: Clifford Harsha and Earl Griffith. They reside at 
Hickory, Pennsylvania, and lie is engaged in mercantile business. 

57. — Clifford Harsha McNary (f>), born April 29th, 1X92, lives with parents. 

58.— Earl Griffith McNary (G), born May 20th, 1S94. and died October 20th, 


59.— Willis Theodore McNary (5). died June, IsSS. 
CO.— Thomas McNary (4), died at Alliance, Ohio. 


61. — John P. McNary (4), married Amelia McClelland, of Hickory, Pennsyl- 
vania. They had born to them six children: Emerson B., Elmer R., Agnes Jane, 
Samuel Miller and John and Emily (twins). His wife died in 1S79, and since was 
married to Miss Sadie Garrett, of Ciynonsburg, where he is now living retired. 

JOHN P. .McNARY. No. 61 James Branch. 

62. — -Emerson B. McNary (5), married Ada G. Hunter, of McDonald. Penn- 
sylvania. His wife died in 18S9, and lie was afterwards married to Mary Sturgeon, 
of Sturgeon Station. Pennsylvania. To them were born three children: Emily 






**" - 


EMERSON B. McNARY. No. 62 James Branch. 

Jane. Samuel Sturgeon and Lee Wallace. Resides at Crafton, Pennsylvania, an' js 
engaged in mercantile business in th" city of Pittsburg. 

G3. — Emily Jane McNary Mm. bom February 28th, 1S94, lives with her 

04. — Samuel Sturgeon IJcNary (0), born October 24th, 1S97, nves vvitu l.s 


(Make note of any Births, Deaths, etc.. on Blank Page for future reference. 1 



6.1.— Lee Wallace McNary (<>), born February 14th, 1901, lives with his 

66. — Elmer R. McNary (5), married Margaret Pomerine, of Castle Shannon, 
Pennsylvania. To them were born five children: Esther Jane, John Paxton, Mar- 
garet McC'leary, Boyd Emerson and Floyd Elmer (twins). Resides at Canonsburg, 
Pennsylvania. Plasterer by trade. 

67. — Esther Jane McNary (6), lives with parents. 

68. — John Paxton McNary (6), lives parents. 

69.— Margaret McCleary McNary (6), lives with parent . 

70. — Boyd Emerson McNary (6), lives with parents. 

71. — Lloyd Elmer McNary (6). died in infancy. 

72. — Agnes Mary McNary (5), married J. C. Barrett, of Canonsburg, Pennsyl- 
vania, to whom one child was born: Sarah Margaret. He was an oil operator and 
made a trip to develop oil land in the Isle of Borneo, and returned by way of San 
Francisco, California. He was there lost to the world, no trace of him ever having 
been discovered. Mrs. Barret resides at Washington. Pennsylvania. 

73. — Sarah Margaret Barrett (6), lives with her mother. 

74. — Samuel James McNary (5), died at the age of 20. 

75. — John Miller McNary (o), died in infancy. 

76. — Emily Margaretta McNary (5), died in infancy. 

77. — Rachel McNary (4) married James Hill, of Hickory, Pennsylvania. To 
them were born eight children: William MeXary, Mary Agnes, Samuel Miliei, 
.lames Wilson, Calvin C, Maggie J., Thomas M. ami Amanda B. They reside at 
Hickory, Pennsylvania, retired. 

78. — William McNary Hill (5), married Miss Brieeland, of Hickory, Pennsyl- 
vania, and to them were born three children: Gertrude Lucille .Margaret Elizabeth 
and James Miller. She died and he was married to Sadie Phillips, io whom one 
child was born: Edna. Mr. Hill died at Boston, Massachusetts, March 17th, 1S07. 
and was buried at Hickory, Pennsylvania. His widow resides in Pittsburg, 

79.— Gertrude Lucille Hill (6). 

SO. — Margaret Elizabeth Hill (6). 

81. — James Miller Hill (6), employed in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. 

82.-^Edna Hill (6), lives with her mother. 

83.- — Mary Agnes Hill (5), married John Marshall, of Hickory. Pennsylvania. 
To them were born six children: Rachel Bell, John, James, Harrold. Ella Maude 
and Olive. Mrs. Marshall died February 29tb, 1892, at Hickory. Mr. Marshall is 
engaged in the undertaking business at Kittanuing, Pennsylvania. 

84. — Rachel Bell Marshall (6). 

So.— John Marshall (6). 

86.— James Marshall (6). 

87.— Harrold Marshall (6). 

88. — Ellen Maude Marshall (6). 

89.— Olive Marshall (6). 

90.— Samuel MilJcr Hill (.">), died at age of about 20. 

91. — James Wilson Hill (.T) married Kittie Allen. To them were born five 
children: Doratha Allen, Mildred Ann, James Lloyd, Ken<-;h Wilson and Thomas 
Rosco. Resides in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Engaged in the merchant tailoring 

92. — Uoratha Allen Hill (6), at home with parents. 

9:5. — Mildred Ann Hill (G), at home with parents. 

94. — James Lloyd Hill (6), at home with parents. 


9.3. — Keneth Wilson Hill (6), at home with parents. 
96. — Thomas Kosco Hill (6), at home with parents. 
97. — Calvin C. Hill (5), lives at Boston, Massachusetts. 

98.— Maggie J. Hill (5), married James M. Giles, to whom were born two chil- 
dren: Walter ami Eaehel Ada. Mrs. Giles died in 1S91. Mr. Giles resides in 
East End, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. 
99.— Walter Giles (6), dead. 

100. — Kachel Ada Giles (6). 

101. — Thomas M. Hill (o), engaged in business and resides in Pittsburg, 

102.— Amanda B. Hill (5), died July 21st, 1885. 

103.— Margaret McNary (3) 

104.— Mary McNary (3) 

105. — John McNary (3), Poland Ohio, had eight children, Margaret, Mary, Eliza- 
beth, Ellen, Nancy, Jane, Sarah, James. 

106.— Margaret McNary (4). married a Mr. Duncan, of McLean County 111. 

107. — Mary McNary (4), lived and died at Hickory, Pa., was unmarried. 

108. — Elizabeth McNary (4), married John Ralston, and lived at Lexington, Ills. 

109 — Ellen McNary (4^, married James McNary (see History in No. 7 of this 
Branch) after his death married James Campbell of Hickory and after his death, she 
manned John Ralston, Lexington, Ills. 

110. — -Nancy McNary (4), married a Mr. Mingland, lived in the West. 

111. — Jane McNary (4), married a Mr. Skelly, to them were born 2 children, 
Florence Cruse and Morrison Honey. 

112.— Florence Cruse Skelly (5), 

113. — Morrison Honey Skelly (5), 

114. — Sarah McNary (4), died at age of Twenty. 

115.— James McNary (4), died at age of 16. 



Thomas McNary Branch 

McNary Tree — Thomas Branch 

21 Samuel McNary. 


26 John McNary- 

85 Mary Bell McNary. 

43 William McNary. 

43S Jo.epo Templet on McNary 

» — ' -»-* — 


67 Ja„.a H. **.„. 


79 Samu.l F. 

83 Maty Eliiabeth 

102 B.M C. H»S OT . 

107 W w *W„ 

13= I.e., S Mc.V.t, 

134 U.S.T. 


1.1 R. 

!!i ■j"', M M > 'vT 


1 ===== 

18 Satal 


L 20 Cild. 

J.mea SI 

23 01«t 






31 Mir 

iic ^ a ty' 

. B. L7... 

Jan,,, L7 n 


,nd R L„ 


J? -'■- 




54 Rache 

Etnmilt I 



a H Smitb. 





a sas 





ii? : 


J 80 Tkom 

i 31 *,Vi.'. c 

I Baton _ 


1 • 

{ i 

) Dorothy Iaabella Lyueh. 
Morelacd R. Lynch, Jr. 


Ruth M. Barklay. 

Tboa. Wade Smith. 



Gertrude E. Miller. 

181 Samael SIeX»ry- 

140 I = f:, 

14- •:„. 

arel Ufl^ir. 

u:. i:=... 

r Whiilwnnan. 



Wstsoo HcNiry. 

) 1« D.rfd c™ p6 ,„ « oSro . 




1 dlnthler?" ^ 

' Clyde Templet 

i Mfti-jjiret M. Jones. 


g < a 

. 5 -A 
: i :! 

r ; ~ 


i Clay Be.l Pattu. 

. Albtrton Marti*. 

94 Cornelius Clark MeN»rr. 
»nn n-inh Dual] McN'arr. 

- i 


, Cornelias Clark MeNiry. 

309 Ralph Durell HcNarj. 
31 1 James Roll and m'oNht. 

pleton -j g || Cit 

I Tbomai A. HcSar?. 

J B7* R.ilph E. SIcKiry. 


{ <ww jo.iph mil i 

1 11 

2 J„ne< £ Tnopleua. 

f »1 

1 a 

7 Eth.1 M. tiipkiu " 
B M "l" MnTli"'!!!.. 


' Marl* L. MeCloy 

{ 155 D>Tid Q. MeXi 

(See DaV.d, No. 

i Ulysses G Kyi*. 

{ 477 Kyle. 

1 Crawford Mitchell. 

1 Catherine Kyle. 

1 Robert 'W. On - 

<93 Orla 

do H. Petty 


aret J. Kyle 

ii Kyle. 

E. Kyle. 

III ~ 


516 Mlon 

• Ar,gel Orr 

517 Madg 

e Turaham. 

= ■'; >-r\ r : 


525 H En 

b Orr 

529 — 



In taking up this part of the genealogical history,— the Thomas McXary 
Branch,— we have experienced much difficulty in obtaining accurate and reliable 
dates of some of our early ancestry, but on the whole, we feel the record 
can be relied "upon as correct. 

2. Thomas McNary (2), son of James, the Scottish pioneer, was born on bia 

father's farm in Chanceford Township. York County. Pennsylvania. The date of 
his birth, we cannot be absolutely certain of, but believe it to have been about 1744. 
He was married in 1766 to Jennet Robinson in York County, who was born in 1747. 
We find, by consulting "Spangler's History and Sketches of York County Familes," 
that Thomas McXary was a volunteer in the Revolutionary War. and captain of 
the Fourth Company of the Fourth Battalion of the "Flying Camp"' in 1776, which 
inarched to New Jersey and took part in the Battle of Trenton. Also that one David 
McXary, brother of Thomas, was a private in this same company commanded by 
Captain Thomas McXary. It may be a matter of interest to know that David Mc- 
Kinlev, grandfather of President William McKinley. was a member of this battalion. 

In December, 17S2. this same Thomas McXary. following the line of emigra- 
tion westward, purchased a farm in what is now Xorth Strabane Township, Wash- 
ington County. Pennsylvania, of James Allison.— 250 acres of land for -'375 pounds 
specie, lawful money of Pennsylvania.'' situated on the forks of Shirtee Creek on 
Sugar Tree Run. bounded by lands of Dorce Penticost, and to a line of said tract 
run by Henry Taler (Henry Taylor) and lands of John McDall (McDowel). For 
this tract he received a warrant dated October 29th. 17S4. and on the 21st of Feb- 
ruary, 1735, it was surveyed to him as "Sugar Tree'" and contained 219 acres. This 
farm was inherited by his son, Matthew, and continued his until his death, when 
it passed into the possession of John Struthers, and is now owned by Henry 

Thomas McXary was "a large, fine-looking man" of a robust physique suited 
to the requirements of pioneer life, such as he was afterwards called on to 
endure. His church connection was in the Chartiers Seceder or Associate Congrega- 
tion. Canonsburg, of which he was ordained an elder some time prior to 1799. He 
continued to reside on his farm until his death, which occurred in 1S20, aged about 
75 years. His body was interred in what is now known as Oak Spring Cemetery, 
Canonsburg. In his will he makes provision for the legal freedom of a servant, 
"Jean Parkinson," who had been practically free for many years before this time. 

This same Thomas McXary, of Washington County, son of James, of York 
County, had six children, five sons anil one daughter — James, David, Matthew, Joseph 
and Samuel. 

3. — James McNary (3). the eldest of this family, was born in Chanceford 
Township, York County, Pennsylvania, in 176(1. and died in 1841. He received his 
education in the subscription schools of that period. He was married March 7th, 


1811, to Anna CaldweH, born 1791, died 1SGS, of Washington Connry, and after a 
few years of married life in North Strabane Township, they moved to Nottingham 
Township and located on a farm in said Township, Washington County, Pennsvl- 
vania, near the village of Muntown, and attended the Pigeon Creek Seceder Church 
of which he was an elder, for many years. At his death his body was laid to rest 
in the cemetery at that place. 

To these parents were born nine children, five sons and four daughters, as 
follows: James, Thomas, Robert, Samuel. David, Jane, Elizabeth. Anna and Esther. 

4. — James McNary (4), son of James, the oldest son of the family, a quiet, un- 
assuming man, was bom in 1816, died January 9th, 1^90. He lived on the home 
farm near Muntown. Washington County, and for fifteen years discharged the duties 
of Justice of the Peace, being frequently called on to perform the marriage cere- 
mony in the surrounding neighborhood. He married Isabel Elit Caldwell, of Ohio 
County, West Virginia, born February 6th, 1S23, living with her son James, near 
Thomas, Pennsylvania, now in her 84th year. Died January 2^th. 1907. Thev had 
seven children, four sons and three daughters: Anna, Samuel, John, James, Mary 
Bell, William, Adda and Joseph Templeton. 

5. — Anna McNary (o), born November 1st, 1S44, married Wilson McLean, a 
lumber merchant and contractor, and made their home in Wilkinsburg, Allegheny 
County, Pennsylvania. Their church connection was in the First United Presbyterian 
Church of Wilkinsburg, of which they were both charter members, and for many 
years Mr. McLean was an active member of the Board of Trustees. Mr. McLean 
died in September, 1S95, aged 51 years. Mrs. Anna McLean still resides in the 
old home, 712 South avenue, Wilkinsburg. 

To them were born eight children, four sons and four daughters: Frances 
Bell, Ida Jane, William Wilson, Minnie Mae, Frank Wilson. Samuel Oliver. Sarah 
Burchfield and Clyde James. 

6- — Frances Bell McLean (6). born February 15th, 1^64. married James Rankin 
Vincent, M. D., a practicing physician of East End, Pittsburg. Their present home 
is the Hotel Lamont, Spahr street, Pittsburg. Their church home is the Sixth United 
Presbyterian Church. Pittsburg. 

7. — Ida Jane McLean <6), born April 17th, 1S66, married William S. Haymaker, 
born July 2nd. 1865, a lumber dealer of Pittsburg, Vice President of the Empire 
Lumber Company. Arrott Building. Pittsburg, and residing at C04 North avenue, 
Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania. Their family consists of two children. Their rhv.-ch 
home is the First United Presbyterian Church of Wilkinsburg. 

8.— Clarence M. Haymaker (7), born June 10th. 1889. 

9.— Ethel Anna Haymaker (7), born April 3rd, 1894. 

10. — William Wilson McLean (6), son of Anna and Wilson McLean, was horn 
in 1868, and died in 1871. 

11. — Minnie Mae McLean (6), born April 27th, 1871, married William Eimer 
Kammerer. a prominent and influential farmer and stockman of near Kammerer, 
Nottingham Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania. Their family consists of 
three children. Their church connection is in the United Presbyterian congregation 
at Mt. Prospect, Pennsylvania. In politics, a Democrat. 

12. — John Vincent Kammerer (7). born January 3rd, 1900. 

13. — William Wilson Kammerer (7), born December 19th, 1900. 

14. — A son (7), born 1906. 

15. — Frank Wilson McLean ((3), born December 3rd, 1874, married Gertrude 


Shreiber. He resides in Frocdom, Pennsylvania, and is employed by the Pennsvlvania 

Railroad Company at present on the West Penn branch. Attends the CJnitefl Pres- 
byterian Church. To them was born one son: 

lli. — Frank Wilson McLean, Jr. (7), who died in early life. 

17. — Samuel Oliver McLean (6), born August 1st, 1877, married Hannah M. 
Ramsden, who was born March 11th, 1$7(3. Their place of residence is 41 S Hay 
street, Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania. Engaged in the grocery and produce business at 
416 Hay street. Both are members of the First United Presbyterian Church of Wil- 
kinsburg, Pennsylvania. They have one son: 
IS.— Infant son (7). born 1906. 

19. — Sarah Burchfield McLean (6), born June 23rd, 1S79, received her early 
education in the public schools of Wilkinsburg, and graduated from Westminster 
College, New Wilmington, in the class of 1900. Taught in the High School of Wil- 
kinsburg. She was married June 14th, 1906, to Robert Cairns Patterson, who was 
born in 1S7S and was educated in the public schools of Pittsburg and a graduate 
of the Western University of Pennsylvania. Their home is in Georgetown, Colorado. 
where Mr. Patterson is cashier of the Hydraulic Power &. Electric Company. They 
have one son, 

19%.— Infant son (7). born March 31st, 1907. 

20. — Clyde James McLean (6), born November 30th, l ft "C. Is engaged in the 
grocery business with his brother. Samuel Oliver McLean. Single and at home with 
his mother at 712 South avenue, Wilkinsburg. 

21. — Samuel McNary (5). son of James, of near Muntown, born January 21st, 
1847. Married Margaret Hamilton, who was born March 2nd, 1S-33. Resides oil 
farm inherited from his father, which was purchased from the Miller heirs about 
1^7-1, located in Nottingham Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania. His 
occupation is fanning and dairying. He has four children: Lula Bell, Clarenee 
James, Samuel Oliver and Jeanetta Marguerite. Members of the United Presby- 
terian Church, Mt. Prospect, Pennsylvania. 

22. — Lula Bell McNary (0), born December 17th. 1SS3. Single, at home. 
23. — Clarence James McNary (6), born August 26th, 1385. Married June 2nth, 
1906, to Miss Sara B. Hamilton, of near Talentia. 

24. — Samuel Oliver McNary (6), born July 1st. 1SS7. Single, at home. 
25. — Jeanetta Marguerite McNary (6), born June 4th, 1893. Single, at home. 
26. — John Caldwell McNary (5), son of James, of Muntown, was born April 
30th, 1849, on the McNary homestead in Nottingham Township. He received his 
education in the public schools of the township, and continued at home with his 
parents until his marriage with Nannie Guthrie. He then located on a farm north 
of the village of Muntown, where he followed farming until the death of Mrs. 
McNary. He then sold the farm and engaged as a stock dealer, later locating in 
Finleyville, where he was united in marriage to Jennie Hamilton. He is now en- 
gaged in the meat business. He has no children. His church connection is in the 
Presbyterian denomination. 

27. — James Albert McNary (5), son of James, of Muntown, was born March 
13th, 1857, in Nottingham Township. He was educated in the public schools, and on 
March 28th. 1H*5, was married to Hannah Young, born March 16th, 1S66. He haa 
always followed farming, and for a few years past has been engaged in dairying. 
They now live near Thomas Station, on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad and attend 
the Mt. Prospect United Presbyterian Church. To them were born the following 


children: Hazel, Harry Albert, Fanny Bell, John Caldwell, Carl J., Anna M. and 
Mane. : .! 

28. — Hazel McNary (6), born April 3rd, 1S8C. After completing her educa- 
tion in the public schools she attended Business College in Washington, and is now 
engaged in teaching in the public schools. 

29. — Harry Albert McNary (G), born July 22nd, 1SSS. Died 1907. 

30. — Fanny Bell McNary (6), b.jrn October 13th, 1890. 

31. — John Caldwell McNary (6), born September 7th, 1S93. 

32. — Carl J. McNary (G). born December 29th, 1S95. 

33. — Anna M. McNary (6), born July 19th, 1898. Died December 14th, 1903. 

34. — Marie McNary (6), born April 10th, 1904. 

33. — Mary Bell McNary (5), daughter of James, of Muntown, -was born Octo- 
ber 21st, 1S50. She was married to Burns Robert Lynch, born November IStli, 
1846, and their home was in Mt. Washington, where they were connected with the 
United Presbyterian Church. Mary Bell McNary Lynch died February 27th, l^sl, 
and her husband followed only a few years later. To them were born three chil- 
dren: Nannie Bell, WilHam James and Moreland B. 

3G. — Nannie Bell Lynch (0), bom August 29th. 1873, and was united in mar- 
riage to Charles Gueth, born June 27th, 1S67. They live in Wilkinsburg, and are 
identified with the Second United Presbyteriau Church of that place. They have 
two children: Charles William Moreland and Helen Elenor. 

37. — Charles William Moreland Gueth (7). born December 29th. 1S97. 

38. — Helen Elenor Gueth (7), born June 24th, 1900. 

39. — Wililam James Lynch (G), born August 31st, 1875, and was united in 
marriage to Isbella Mclntyre. born December 19th, 1SS2. Their place of residence 
is in Wilkinsburg. where they attend the Second United Presbyterian Church. They 
have one daughter: Dorothy Isbella. 

40. — Dorothy Isbella Lynch (7), born August luth, 1903. 

41. — Moreland R. Lynch (G), born May 17th, 1877, was united in marriage to 
Millicent J. Humphries, born September 26th, 1881. Their home is at 1525 Hunter 
street, Wilkinsburg. Pennsylvania, and they are connected with the Swissvale Avenue 
M. E. Church. They have one son: Moreland H. 

42. — Moreland H. Lynch (7), born September 2nd, 1902. 

43. — Wiliam Milton McNary (5), son of James, of Muntown, was born in Not- 
tingham Township in 1SG0. lie married Jennie Rosanna Lash, who was born in 
1863. They lived for several years on a farm inherited from his father, and later 
moved to a farm near Finleyville, where he now resides. Their church home is in 
the United Presbyterian denomination. To this union were born four children: 
Walter, Albert, Ida Bessie and Ella, all living and at home with their parents. 

44. — Walter McNary (6), born 1885, employed as bookkeeper in Pittsburg. 

45. — Albert McNary (G), born June, 1890. 

46. — Ida Bessie McNary (6), born January 6th, 1893. 
47.— Ella McNary (6), born March, 1896. 

48.— Adaline McNary (5), daughter of Janus, of Muntown, born February 
12th, 1854, of delicate constitution. Died September 1st, 1877, aged 23 years, un- 

43%. — Joseph Templeton McNary (5), born 1859. Died in infancy. 



49. — Thomas McNary (4), son of James, son of Thomas, born 1S19, married 
Rachel Herron, born 1 Si2:>, now living with her son. William II. McNary, on the 
home farm, in her 83rd year. He owned and lived until his death on a farm nt j ar 
Thomas Station, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, Nottingham Township, "Washington 
County, Pennsylvania. He was a man of taste, as was displayed in the ereetion of 
his home and farm buildings. A careful and expert farmer, a lover of good stock, 
more particularly his horses, in which he took special pride and delight. In his 
younger days when the Pennsylvania Militia laws were in force, he belonged to the 
cavalry arm of that service, in which he was considered an expert horseman. Their 
church home was Mt. Prospect United Presbyterian Church, of which they were 
charter members. To them were born six children: Anna, Sarah Jane, Ella, James 
H., William H. and Samuel F. 

THOMAS Mc.NARY, No. 49 Thomas Branch. 

50 — Anna McNary (5), born January 9th, 1843, married William Barkley, who 
was born November 2nd, 1 ^ : '. t > . a farmer, one whose taste was in entire accord with 
!t i-s occupation. His farm was near Thomas Station, in North Strabane Township. 
Washington County, Pennsylvania. To them were born three children: Lizzie, 
Edward and Rachel Einmit. 

51. — Lizzie Earkley (G), burn October 17th, ls*>4, not living. 

52. — Edward Barkley ((3), born November 12th. 1860, married Nettie Temple- 
ton, now living in Tyler Ward, Washington, Pennsylvania. To them was born one 
child: Ruth Marie. Their church connection is with the Third United Presbyterian, 
Washington, Pennsylvania. 

5?. — Ruth Marie Barkley (7), born December 28th, 1901. 

54. — Rachel Emmitt Barkley (G), born April 23rd, 1881, married Glenn M<- 
Murray, born October loth, 1873. Their church connection is in the L'nited Presby- 
terian Church of Mt. Prospect, Washington County, Pennsylvania. 

55.— Sarah Jane McNary (5), daughter of Thomas, born in 1849, married 
W. J. Smith, of Smithville, six miles east of Washington, on the Baltimore & Ohio 


Railroad. Mr. Smith ]ived on a farm aud was a successful brt eder of Merino sheep; 
also, for a number of years, conducted a flouring mill at that place. In 1904 they 
purchased a home and removed to Allison avenue, Washington. Pennsylvania, where 
they now reside. To them were born four children, two sons aud two daughters: 
Thomas Henderson, Elizabeth Annetta, William Wylie and Ella ,lane. Their church 
connection has been, ami still is, in the United Presbyterian Church, Pigeon Creek. 
In politics, a consistent Democrat. 

56. — Thomas Henderson Smith (6), son of Sarah Jane and J. W., born August 
5th, 1S6S, now dead, married Pearl Hill. Had one son: Thomas Wade. 

57. — Thomas Wade Smith (7), now living with his mother. 

5S. — Elizabeth Annetta Smith ((5), born June 28th, 1S70, married William B. 
Cameron, born 1S70. They live ou a farm two miles east of Washington on road 
leading to Monongahela City. They have three sons: Harold Smith. James Maurice 
and George Glenn. Their church connection is the First Presbyterian, Washington, 
Pennsylvania. In politics, a Democrat. 

59.— Harold Smith Cameron (7), born 1*98. 

60. — James Maurice Cameron (7). born 1902. 

61. — George Glenn Cameron (7), born 1905. 

62. — William Wylie Smith (6), born September 5th, 1S72, married Maggie 
Powers, June 29th, 1905. A civil engineer. Has one son: James Fulton. 

63. — James Fulton Smith (7). 

64. — Ella Jane Smith (6), born 1*77. married Stephen William Miller. They 
reside at 210 North Sumner avenue. Washington, Pennsylvania. They have one 
daughter: Gertrude Elizabeth. They attend the Second United Presbyterian 
Church, Washington, Pennsylvania. 

65. — Gertrude Elizabeth Miller (7). born January 4th. 1906. 

66. — Ella McNary (5), daughter of Thomas, born 1S52, married B. L. Mc- 
Greggor. They live in Monongahela, Pennsylvania, and by occupation is a farmer. 
Their church connection is in the Presbyterian Church of Monongahela City, Penn- 

67. — James H. McNary (5), son of Thomas, born 1854, married Anna M. Emery, 
born 1S57. Lives on farm near Thomas Station. Pennsylvania, on road from Thomas 
Station leading to Dunningsville. Had two sons and two daughters: Stella, Walter, 
Mabel and Glendon. All at home. Their church connection, the United Presbyterian, 
of Mt. Prospect. Mrs. Anna McNary, after a short illness, died from an attack of 
measles, and her body was laid to rest in the Presbyterian churchyard at Pigeon 
Creek, Pennsylvania. 

68.— Stella McNary (6), born 1882. 

69.— Walter McNary (6), born 1884, died in 1885. 

70. — Mabel McNary (6), born 1887. 

71. — Glendon McNary (6), born 1895. 

72. — William H. McNary (5), son of Thomas, born 1S65, married Minnie Her- 
ron, born 186s. They live on the home farm near Thomas, Pennsylvania. To them 
were born six children: Elmer, Bessie, Helen, Edna, Nellie and Alvin. Their 
church connection is in the United Presbyterian Church of Mt. Prospect. 

73. — Elmer McNary (6), died in his youth. 

74. — Bessie McNary (6), born 1893. 

75. — Edna McNary (6), born 1895. 

76. — Helen McNary (6). born 1897. 

77.— Nellie McNary (<>), born 1900. 


(Make note of any. Births, Deaths, etc.. on Blank Page for future reference.) 



78. — Alvin McNary (6), born 1902. 

79. — Samuel F. McNary (3), sou of Thomas, born 1862, married Rena Mc- 
Millan, born 1S6S. Lives on a farm near Venetia. Washington County, Pennsylvania. 
Had two sons: Thomas Byron and Walter A. They attend the United Presbyterian 

80. — Thomas Byron McNary (6), born 1897. 

81. — Walter A. McNary (6), bom 1001. 

82. — Robert C. McNary (4). third son of James M-cNavy, was bom in Notting- 
ham Township. Washington County, June 17th. 1823, and died December 16th, 1894, 
his education being received at the common schools of his district. His occupation 
was that of farming, to which he devoted himself with untiring energy, and in 
which calling he proved himself a practical and successful operator. 

Ou Mav ISth, 1845, he was married to Sarah MeCorkle, who was born May 

ROBERT C. McNARY, No. 82 Thomas Branch. 

25th, 1825, and died October 31st, 1S7S. For some years after marriage he lived 
on a farm in Peters Township. He then purchased a farm one mile north of Canons- 
burg, in Cecil Township, which had formerly been owned by his uncle, Joseph Mc- 
Nary. On this farm he continued to reside until his death, which occurred, as 
above stated, on December loth, 1^94. His body, as well as that of his wife, is 
resting in Oak Spring Cemetery, Canonsburg. His church connection was first wirh 
the Chartiers Secedcr, afterwards the United Presbyterian. Canonsburg. The chil 
dren of this marriage were nine, six sons and three daughters: Mary Elizabeth, 
Annie, James. Robert C, Samuel Wier, Sarah J., John W., Houston French and 
Thomas B. 

83. — Mary Elizabeth McNary (.">), born November 2nd, 1S40, died dune 
14th, 18G7. 

84. — Annie McNary (5), daughter of Robert C, born July 11th, 1848, married 
W. B. L. Crawford. Their place of residence was Canonsburg, and they attended the 


United Presbyterian Church of that place. To them were ,born six children, three 
sons and four daughters: William Andrew. Sara Elizabeth, Robert Wilson, Martha 
Clarissa, John Wier and Mary Ella. 

85. — William Andrew Crawford (6), born November 5th, 1871. 

86. — Sara Elizabeth Crawford (6), born December 3rd, 1S73. married William 
Houston McNary, son of J. C. McNary, of the John McNary branch. To them were 
born three children: Anna Abigal, John C. and Ralph. 

87. — Anna Abigal McNary (7), born November 19th, 1899. 

88.— John C. McNary (7), born June 17th, 1002. 

89. — Ralph McNary (7), born November 27th, 1904. 

Their chuvch home is in the Chartiers United Presbyterian Church, Canons- 

90. — Robert Wilson Crawford (6). son of Anna McNary Crawford, born 
January 29th, 1876, married Ida L. Peacock, born 1878, to whom was born one son: 
George Peacock. They live in Canonsburg, and attend the United Presbyterian 

91. — George Peacock Crawford (7). born January 19th. 1905. 

92. — Martha Clarissa Crawford (6), daughter of Anna McNary Crawford, 
born January 29th, 1876, married William Alexander Loekhart. They have two 
children: Wilhelmina Caroline and Violet Elizabeth. Their home is in Houston, 
where Mr. Loekhart is engaged as superintendent for the Pittsburg Coal Company. 
They attend the Presbyterian Church. 

93.— Wilhelmina Caroline Loekhart (7), born March 5th. 19D2. 

94. — Violet Elizabeth Loekhart (7), born October 7th. 1904. 

95. — John Weir Crawford (6), born January 17th, 1SS1, at home. 

96.— Mary Ella Crawford (6), born April 21st. 1SS3, died March 10th, HS4. 

97. — James McNary (5), son of Robert C. McNary, born on the home farm 
in Peters Township, May 4th, 1851. Married Anna Barr. born Oct >ber 13th. 1850. 
Living on the home farm in Peters Township, and following in the footsteps of 
his father, — that of a farmer. His church home is Mt. Prospect United Presby- 
terian, located near Thomas Station, of which for many years he has been a ruling 
eilder. To this union have been born four children, one son and three daughters. 
Nellie, Sarah E., Mary E. and Roy Oscar, all consistent members of the above 

98. — Nellie McNary (6), born 1S77, devoted to teaching school. 

99. — Sarah E. McNary (6), born 1879. 
100.— Mary E. McNary (6). horn 1881. 

101.— Roy Oscar McNary (0). born 1SS4, died October 14th, 1903. 
102. — Robert C. McNary, Jr. (5). son of Robert C. McNary. was born in 
Peters Townhsip, April 16th, 1853, lived on a farm near the placo of his birth, 
and later removed to Los Angeles, California. He married Flora Kammerer. who 
was born near Dnnningsville, Washington County, Pennsylvania, December 11th, 
I860. The fruit of this marriage was four children: Robert K., Frank M.. Hugh 
A. and Elgy C. Their place of worship was formerly the United Presbyterian 
Church of Canonsburg, but now with the First United Presbyterian Church of lx>s 
Angeles, California. 

103.— Robert K. McNary (6), born 1SS2. 
104.— Frank M. McNary (0). born 1884. 
105.— Hugh A. McNary (ti), born 1891. 
106.— Elgy C. McNary (6), born 1897. 



107. — Samuel Weir .McNary (5), son of Robert C. McNary, was horn in 1S35 
on the home" farm, Peters Township, Washington County. Pennsylvania, on the 
public road from Canonsburg to Finleyville. He removed with his father some 
years later to a farm in Cecil Township. He married Katherine Bebvut, born 1S59, 
and for several years was located in Chartiers Township. At present is living 
on North Main street, Canonsburg. His occupation has always been that of 
farming. To them were born four children, three sons and one daughter: Dora E., 
Walter C, D. Roy and Ralph R. The church home of parents and children is in 
the United Presbyterian Church of Canonsburg. 

SAMUEL WEIR McNARY, No. 107 Thomas Branch. 

108.— Dora E. McNary (6), bom 18S6. 

109. — Walter C. McNary ((5), born 18SS. 

110. — D. Roy McNary (6), born 1889. 

111.— Ralph R. McNary (6), born 1S92, died October 20th, 1809. 

112. — Sarah J. McNary (5), daughter of Robert ('. McNary, was Lorn in 1S-5S, 
married F. Richie Weaver, who was born in 1855. Their residence is in Cecil 
Township. Their family consists of rhreo children, one son anil two daughters: 
Robert Dell, Mary B. and Bertha J. Their church connection is the Central Avenue 
Presbyterian Church. 

113. — Robert Dell Weaver .0). born LS92. 

114. — Mary B. Weaver (6), born 1893. 

115. — Eertha J. Weaver <<'>,. born 1898. 

11*).— John W. McNary (5), son of Robert <". McNary, was born in 1861, mar- 
ried Mary Johnston, who was horn in 1862. Thi ir residence is Canonsburg, his 
occupation that of carpenter. Their family consists of six daughters: Edith M., 
Ethrl A., Bertha M., Mary L., Alice J. and Martha M. Their place of worship is the 
Chartiers United Presbyterian Church, of Canonsburg. 

H7. — Edith M. McNary ((»), born August 9th, 1886, graduat.-d at Canonsburg 
High School. 1905. 



US. — Ethel A. McNary (6), born August 9th, 1S86, graduated at Canonsburg 
High School, 1905. 

119. — Bertha M. McNary (6), born 1889. 

120. — Mary L. McNary (6), born 1891. 

121. — Alice J. McNary (6), born 1S93. 

122. — Martha M. McNary (6), born 1S95. 

123.— Houston French McNary (5), son of Robert C. McNary, bom January 
16th, 1S64. married Emelda Armstrong Withers. Occupation, general business. 
His place of residence is Canonsburg, and his church connection is in the United 
Presbyterian Church of that place. 

124.— Thomas B. McNary (3), son of Robert C. McNary, born August 29th, 
186G, in Peters Township. Later came with his father to farm in Cecil Town- 
ship, near Canonsburg. Married Jennie Moore, born in 1S6S, and still continues 
to cultivate the farm on which his father died. To them were born six children. 

SAMUEL McNARY, No. 131 Thomas Branch. 

three sons and three daughters: James B., Sarah J., Margaret, John M., Jessie L. 
and Thomas B. All of whom are at home with their parents. Their church home 
is in the Chartiers United Presbyterian Church, Canonsburg. 

125. — James B. McNary (6), born 1X94. 

126.— Sarah J. McNary (6), horn 1895. 

127. — Margaret McNary (ti), born ISO". 

12S. — John M. McNary (ti), burn 1^99. 

129. — Jessie L. McNary (6), born 1901. 

130. — Thomas B. McNary ((>), born 1903. 

131.— Samuel McNary (4), fourth son of James McNary. and grandson of 
Thomas McNary, was born August 16th, 1825, on farm in Nottingham Township. 
Washington County, Pennsylvania, near the village of Muntown. About 1S50 he 


married Margaret MeOture, born Jul}- 27th. 1S28. After their marriage they took 
up their residence ou his farm in Xorth Strabane Township, five miles east of 
Canonsburg, where they continued to reside during their entire lives. 

Their church home was in the Chartiers Seceder Church. Canonsburg. until 
the organization of the United Presbyterian congregation at Mt. Prospect. To 
them were born five sons and two daughters: 

132. — James S. McNary, the oldest of this family, was born October 27th. 
1851, on the home farm in Xorth Strabane Township, and received a thorough edu- 
cation in the common schools. In about 18S6 he was united in marriage to Jennie 
L. Pollock, daughter of James Pollock, of the same Township, who was born May 
11th, 1S47. After their marriage their home was on their farm in Peters Town- 
ship, on the road leading from Canonsburg to Finleyville, where they were success- 
fully engaged in general farming and stock raising. He died August 14th, 189S. 
In about 1904, Mrs. McXary removed to Washington, where her daughter entered 
the Washington Seminary as a student. To them was born one daughter: Etha 
Eleanor. Their church home was in the United Presbyterian Church of Mt. Prospect. 

133.— Etha Eleanor McNary (6), born March 16th. 188S. 

On July 10th, 1906, Etha Eleanor McXary was united in marriage to Ross 
D. Leonard, of that where they now reside. 

134. — David McNary (5), second son of Samuel McXary, was born June 23rd, 
1S53, and died on October 28th, 1873, aged 22 years. 

135. — William Boyd McNary (5), son of Samuel McXary. was born February 
17th, 1856. on the home farm in Xorth Strabane Township, and followed the usual 
routine of a farmer. He received his education in the schools of the period, largely 
in that known as the Scott district. On October 22nd, 1SS5, he was united in 
marriage to Jennie Margaret Herron. who was born January 8th, 1861. They are 
located on the old farm near Thomas Station on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, 
and Boyd McXary is regarded as one of Xorth Strabane 's successful farmers. 
Their church home is in the Mt. Prospect United Presbyterian Church. To this 
union five children were born: Robert Boyd, Mary Rachel, Carrie Margaret, Charles 
Townsend and another son. These are at home with their parents and are enjoying 
the privileges of the public schools. 

136. — Robert Boyd McNary (6), born September 25th. 1S86. 

137.— Mary Rachel McNary (6), born March 20th. 1889. 

138. — Carrie Margaret McNary (6), born Xovember 17th, 1890. 

139. — Charles Townsend McNary ("6), born October 6th, 1894. 

14d. — Son (6), born January 7th, 1900, who died in infancy. 

141. — Joseph R. McNary, son of Samuel McXary, was born August 13th. 
1S58, in Xorth Strabane Township on a farm along the public road leading from 
Canonsburg to Finleyville. He was educated in the public schools, and married 
Margaret McConnell. They reside on the home farm, which he inherited. They 
belong to Center Presbyterian Church. They have one daughter: Margaret. 

142. — Margaret McNary (6). 

143. — Mary McNary (5), born August 10th, 1S60, died April 19th, 1876. 

144.— Mattie McNary (5), born Xovember 23rd, 1862. She was married July 
3rd, l s 84, to W. F. Whiskerman, and died October 2nd, 1S88. To them was born 
one son: Elmer. • 


(Make note of any Births, Deaths, etc.. on Blank Page for future reference.) 


145.— Elnier Whiskerman (6). 

146. — John Clark McNary (5), son of Samuel, was born on his father's 
in North Strabane Township, June 20th, 1S135. He was united in marriage 
Ida May Watson, who was born October 11th, 1S73. They live on a farm a ; 
distance north of Thomas Station, and are connected with the United Pn 
terian Church of Mt. Prospect. They have five children: John Watson, Sa 
Earl, Sarah Agnes, Arthur Hazen and Raymond Clark. 

147. — John Watson McNaiy (6), born July (3th. 1S94. 

14S. — Samuel Earl McNary (6), born September 27th. 1896. 

149. — Sarah Agnes McNary (ii), born February 2nd. 1*99. 

150. — Arthur Hazen McNary (6), born April 22nd. 1901. 

151. — Raymond Clark McNary (6), bom September 10th, 1904. 


DAVID McNary, No. 153 Thomas Branch. 

153. — David McNary (4). son of James McNary, and grandson of Thomas 
McNary, was born May 22nd, 1S33, on the old homestead. Nottingham Township. 
near the village of Muntown. Here he spent the first twenty-four years of his 
life on the farm. In 1*57 he sold that farm and purchased the farm of Isaac Mc- 
Cullough, near Yanceville. Washington County, Pennsylvania, where he spent the 
remainder of his life. In 1*57 hi: was married to Mary A. Kyle, daughter of Jane 
McNary and Thomas Kyle, of near Cadiz, Harrison County, Ohio. For several 
years prior to her marriage she had been engaged in teaching, in which profession 
she was eminently successful. To this union were born four children, Samuel C„ 
Thomas K., Mary and David Littell. In August, 1*74, Mrs. Mary A. McNary died 
and her body was laid to rest in the Pigeon Creek Cemetery. In the fall of 1?7G 



David McNary was again married to Xaney A. Smith, of Beaver County, Penn- 
sylvania. After several years of almost helplessness from paralysis, he died De- 
cember 3rd, 1S97. After his death his widow removed to her former home in 
Beaver county, where about three years later she died, her body being laid to 
rest beside that of her husband in Pigeon Creek Cemetery. Their church relations 
were in the United Presbyterian Church at Pigeon Creek. 

154/ — Samuel C. McNary (5), was born October 13th, 1858, on the farm near 
Vanceville. His early education was in the public schools of the township. After- 
ward he for two vears attended the academv in Canonsburg. In 1SS0 he married 

SAMUEL C. Mc.NARY, No. 154 Thomas Branch. 

Mary Alice Matthews, of Canonsburg. He follows his father's occupation of farmer, 
and lives on part of the old homestead. To them was born one son: David Camp- 
bell. The family are all members and zealous workers in the United Presbyterian 
Church of Pigeon Creek. Mr. McXary has for many years been a director in tin- 
public schools, and takes great interest in all educational matters. 

153.— David Campbell McNary (6), born April 17th, 1881, who is at home and 

156. — Thomas Kyle McNary (5), son of David McXary, was born June 20th, 
1SG0. He never possessed a rugged constitution, and in his 23rd year died of that 
dread disease, consumption, February 11th, 1SS3. He also was a member of the 
United Presbyterian Church of Pigeon Creek, and was buried in the cemetery at 
that place. 

157. — Mary McNary (5), daughter of David, born July 1-th, 18GS, died in 



15S. — David Littell McNary (5), son of David McNary, born in the home- 
stead in Somerset Township, June 28th, 1870. His early education was obtained in 
the public schools. He afterward graduated from Westminster College in 1890. Hi* 
chosen profession being that of the ministry, he entered the Theological Seminary 
of the United Presbyterian Church in Allegheny, from which he graduated in the 
class of 1893. He was licensed to preach by Chartiers Presbytery in 1892, was 
ordained and installed in October. 1893, in the church at Mumford, New York, from 
which charge he withdrew after seven years of pastoral labor. He then accepted 


i^t^, --^-**m~-->~~*A 

REV. DAVID UTTEIL McNARY, No 158 Thomas Branch 

a call from the church at Rock Island, Illinois, and later was called to the Gibson 
Heights United Presbyterian Church, of St. Louis, Missouri. On August 9th, 1S94, 
he was united in marriage to Jane A. Robertson. To them were born four children: 
Mary Elizabeth, Arthur ttallam, Agnea Helen and another daughter. 

159.— Mary Elizabeth McNary (6), born March 11th, 1897. 

160. — Arthur Hallam McNary (6), born March 11th, 1900, died January 
6th, 1901. 

161.— Agnes Helen McNary (6), born October 5th, 1902. 


162. — Infant daughter (0), bom 1906. 

163.— Jane McNary (4), daughter of James McNary, of Muntown, was bum 
in North Strabaue Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania, December 15th, 
1811. A few years later she removed with her parents to Nottingham Township, 
same county, where she continued to reside until 1834, when she was married to 
David Templeton, of North Strabane Township, who was horn December 28th, 1S00. 
They owned and lived on a farm near the village of Linden, where they enjoved 
peace and prosperity during the remainder of their lives. David Templeton died 
June 2Sth, 1S67, and Mrs. Templeton died February 5th, 1*96. Their bodies were 
laid to rest in Oak Spring Cemetery, Canonsburg. Their church atliliation was in 
the Seceder or Associate Church of North America until the union of the Associate 
and Associate Reformed Churches, when they became members of the United Pres- 
byterian Church. To this union was born four sons and one daughter: Matthew, 
Thomas, David, Joseph and Anna. 

164. — Matthew Templeton (5), the oldest of this family, was born January 
27th, 1S36, his birthplace, as well as that of all his brothers and sisters, being in 
the Templeton homestead, inherited and now owned and occupied by the subject 
of this notice. Matthew Templeton received his education in the district schools 
of the age. He followed farming and stock raising as an occupation, and by his 
fair dealing and foresight has proved a decided success. 

In 1S61, at his country's call, he enlisted in the Union army for the over- 
throw of the Rebellion. Entering the service October 16th, 1S61, in Companv A. 
commanded by Captain H. I. Vankirk, afterward Major, forming part of the 
Eighty-fifth Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, under command of Colonel 
J. B. Howell, and were attached to General Wessell 's Brigade of Casey's Division 
of the Army of the Potomac. The Eighty-fifth passed through the entire Penin 
sular Campaign, taking part in the battles of Williamsburg, Fair Oaks, Seven Dav* 
in the Wilderness, etc. They were afterward transferred to Morris Island, taking 
an active part in the military operations and battles in these Southern points. 
On August 21st, 1S63, he was wounded, from which he suffered for some time. He 
was mustered out with the Company on November 22nd, 1S64. 

Although for some years past he has not enjoyed the best of health, he is still 
deeply interested in the welfare of his country, and by his vote and otherwise he is 
always active in the discharge of his political privileges. He is unmarried, yet 
his home is open, and a hearty welcome always accorded to his many friends. 

165. — Thomas Templeton (5), son of Jane McNary Templeton. was born March 
21st, 183S, in North Strabane Township. His education was all received at what 
is known as the "Hardy" school in that Township. His occupation was that of 
farming, which he followed until his death. He was twice married, first to Miss 
Nancy Snee, about the year 1S56, who was born October 21st, 1834. To them 
were born one son and two daughters: Mary Elizabeth, David Willett and .lane 
Templeton. Mrs. Templeton died in 1881. About 18S6, he married Sarah A. Wake- 
field, who was born in 1850, and who died in 1889. Some years before his death 
he purchased a home in the village of Linden, where he died April 20th, 1900. To 
this second union was born one son, Thomas Clyde Templeton, born January 1st, 
1&8S, who, since the death of his father, has been living in Allegheny County and 
attending Duff's Mercantile College, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. 

166. — Mary Elizabeth Templeton (6), was born September 2nd, 1858. Her 
education was in the public schools of the township. At the death of her mother. 
in 1881, she took charge of her father's house, where she continued until her death. 
dying unmarried on March 22nd, 1906, faithful to' the end. For many years prior 
to her death, she was not only a consistent member, but an active worker, in the 


United Presbyterian Church at Mt. Prospect. Her body was laid to rest in Oak 
Spring Cemetery, Canonsburg. 

167. — Jane Templeton, (6), daughter of Thomas Templeton, was born April 
27th, 1S67, in North Strabane Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania, re- 
ceived her education in the public schools of the district in which they lived. In 
about 1S87 she was married to James H. Lawrence, sou of William Lawrence, of the 
same Township, who was born September loth, 1S63. who was educated princi- 
pally in the "Hardy" district. Their home for a time was in Nottingham Town 
ship, Washington County, Pennsylvania, from which place they removed to Wash- 
ington. At present Mr. Lawrence is employed in the oil field in Peters Township, 
R. D. No. 1, Eighty-four, Pennsylvania. To them were born three sons and one 
daughter: Stewart Ambrose, Carl Thomas, Mary Elizabeth and Wilbert Homer. 
These are all attending the public schools, and are at home with their parents. 
Their church home is in the First United Presbyterian Church of Washington, 

16S. — Stewart Ambrose Lawrence (7). born February 2Sth, 1SS9. 

169.— Carl Thomas Lawrence (7). born May 14th. 1S90. 

170. — Mary Elizabeth Lawrence (7), born September 9th. 1S92. 

171. — Wilbert Homer Lawrence (7), born May 25th, 1S95. 

172. — David Willett Templeton (6), son of Thomas Templeton, was born in 
North Strabane Township, August 7th, 1S63. Has continued to reside in the same 
Township all his life, at present living in the village of Linden. He married Sadie 
McClure, born May 24th, 1S65. Their church connection is in the Mt. Prospect 
United Presbyterian < liurch. 

173. — Thomas Clyde Templeton (6). 

174. — David W. Templeton (5), son of James McXary Templeton, was born in 
1840 on his father's farm in North Strabane Township. He continued at home on 
the farm, being educated in the public schools, until his marriage in about 1865 to 
Miss Nannie C. Horner, of the same Township, who was burn in 1 S40. David 
Templeton located on part of his father's farm, where he was born, and where he 
still resides. His church connection has been in the United Presbyterian congrega- 
tion of Mt. Prospect since its organization. To them were horn five children, three 
sons and two daughters: Joseph H., Frank, Bird, Hattie J. and Walter P. 

175. — Joseph H. Templeton (6), the oldest of this family, was born in 1867, 
has followed farming up to the present time, is unmarried and at home with his 
father. His church home is the Mt. Prospect United Presbyterian Church. 

176. — Frank Tempelton (6), born 1862, died in early life. 

177. — Bird Templeton (6), born 1871, married Charles Mcllvaine. 

17S. — Hattie Templeton (6), born three miles south of Canonsburg, in North 
Strabane Township, in 1873, received her education in the public schools. Was 
married in 1895 to John H. Munnell. and their home is in South Canonsburg. To 
them were born four sons: Walter, Raymond W., David Ralph and Bert C. Their 
church connection is in the Presbyterian Church of Canonsburg. 

179. — Walter Munnell (7), born 1.896, not living. 

180.— Raymond W. Munnell (7), born 1898. 

181.— David Ralph Munnell (7), born 1901. 

182.— Bert C. Munnell (7), born 1903. 

183. — Walter P. Templeton, (6), son of David Templeton, born in 1876, un- 
married and at home with his father. 

184.— Joseph Templeton (5), fourth sou of Jane McNary and David Temple- 
ton, was born near Linden, North Strabane Township, Washington County, Penn- 


(Make note of any Births, Deaths, etc.. on Blank Page for future reference.) 


sylvania. Was a pupil at the "Hardy School" in that Township. About 1S72 
he was united in marriage to Kate Speer, who was born May 3rd, 1S52. They have 
located and continue to reside on part of the homestead farm which was inherited 
by him. To them were born two daughters: Nettie S. Templetou, born February 
3rd, 1S74, and Jennie M. Templetou, born December 3rd, 18S7. 

Joseph Templeton's church connection is in the Mr. Prospect United Presby- 
terian Church, of which the family have been members and in close touch ever 
since its organization. 

1S5. — Nettie Templeton (6), about 1900 was united in marriage to Edward 
Barkley. (See record of Edward Barkley among the descendants of Thomas Mc- 
Xary, son of James McXary.) They live in Washington and have one daughter: 
Ruth M. 

186.— Ruth M. Barkley (7). 

187. — Jennie M. Templeton (6), single and at home with her parents. 

188. — Anna P. Templeton (5), daughter of Jane McXary and David Temple 
ton, was born on a farm near Linden, January 26th, 1S44. About 3 S02 she was 
united in marriage to John White Anderson, who was born in Chartiers Town- 
ship, in 1*26. He was a farmer by occupation, and continued to pursue his calling 
until his death in 1863. Mrs. Anderson died of typhoid fever July 25th, 1*67, leav- 
ing one daughter: Jennie W. 

189. — Jennie W. Anderson (6) was born in Chartiers Township, September 7th. 
1S63. After the death of her parents, her home was with her Grandmother Temple- 
ton until about 1SS4 when she was united in marriage to Calvin M. Linn, a farmer 
and stock raiser whose residence is in Cecil Township, Washington County. A 
careful and diligent attention to the requirements of his calling has enabled him 
to become a success in his chosen profession. They have two children: Mary 
Estella and Clarence Myrvin. 

190. — Mary Estella Linn (7), b>.rn July 19th, 1885. 

191.— Clarence Myrvin Linn (7), born April 17th. 1900. 

192. — Eliza McNary (4), daughter of James McXary, of Muntown. was born 
about 1820 in Nottingham Township. Washington County, Pennsylvania, and re- 
ceived her education in the public schools of the district. She was married to James 
Thome, of Xorth Strabane Township, who was born in 1*16. and a descendant 
of the John MeXary branch. After their marriage, they located on the Thome 
homestead near Clokeyville, where they continued to reside during their entire 

Their church home was first in the Associate Presbyterian congregation of 
Pigeon Creek, and after the union in l*oS in the United Presbyterian Church of 
the same pleae. To them were bcrn three sons and three daughters: Abigal, Anna, 
James Lane, Samuel, William and Emma. 

193. — Abbigal Thome (~>) was born on the home farm near Cloiveyville. She 
married Rev. D. C. Wilson. D. D.. born in 1832, a minister in the United Presby- 
terian Church, and at present residing at Tarkio, Missouri. To this union were 
born three sons and one daughter: James H., Andrew Walter, Elizabeth Ann and 
David C. 

194. — James H. Wilson (6), born in 1*70. graduated from Tarkio College in 
1893, and is now in business with his father — •" D. C. Wilson &. Son," Tarkio. 

195. — Andrew Walter Wilson (6), born in 1*71, graduated from Tarkio College 
in 1891, from Washington & Jefferson Colege in 1892. au.l from Allegheny Theolog- 
ical Seminary in 1S97. He is now pastor of the First United Presbyterian Church 


of Portland, Oregon. Jle married Madeline Woodford, of Brooklyn, New York, 
October 19th, 1903. They have two children: Alfred Woodford and David C. 

196. — Alfred Wocdford Wilson (7), born August 1st. 1904. 

197.— David C. Wilson (7), horn August 23rd, 1905. 

198. — Elizabeth Ann Wilson (6), born 1876, graduated from Tarkio College in 
1S97, and is at home in Tarkio, Missouri. 

199. — David C. Wilson, Jr. (6), born 18S2, graduated from Princeton in 1904, 
and is now teacher of Greek in Whitworth Colcge, Tacoma, Washington. 

200.— Anna McNary Thome (5) was born and lived in North Strabane Town- 
ship, near Clokey, until her marriage to William H. Martin, who died about 1902. 
After their marriage they located on the farm inherited from his father, on the 
pike leading from Washington to Monougahela City, four miles east of Washington. 
To them -were born two children, a daughter, Abbie Etta, and a ^ou, James Willis. 

201. — Abbie Etta Martin (0) was born on the homestead. She was educated 
in the public schools, and was married toEev. Mr. Jones, who graduated from 
Washington & Jefferson College, and the Allegheny Theological Seminary of the 
Presbyterian Church, and is at present located in Pittsburg. To them were born 
one son and two daughters: Annie Martin, William James and Margaret Marion. 
All living and at home with their parents. 

202. — Annie Martin Jones ^7). 

203. — William James Jones (7). 

204. — Margaret Marion Jones (7). 

205.— James Willis Martin (0) was born on the home farm, and received his 
early education in the Davis School of that Township, afterwanis completing his 
course and graduating from Washington & Jefferson College. 

In 1904 he married Clara Rankin, of the same township, who was born in 
Fayette County, and who graduated from the Washington Seminary in the class 
of 1904. Willis Martin has taken up the work laid down by his father, that of 
farming, and resides on the homestead with his mother. 

Mr. Martin, although a young man. is possessed of qualities which recom- 
mend him to the consideration of the community in which he resides. At present 
he is a member of the board of education, and has recently been chosen a ruling 
elder in the Pigeon Creek United Presbyterian congregation, in which his church 
home has always been with that of his father and mother. His father was also 
a ruling elder in this congregation for many years, and is buried in the United 
Presbyterian Cemetery at Pigeon Creek. 

206. — James Lane Thome (5), oldest son of Eliza McNary Thome, was born in 
Xorth Strabane township, near Clokey, in 1848. After attending the common 
sehools of the period, he graduated from Monmouth College in the class of 1S72. 
•ind from Xenia Theological Seminary in 1S75. Was ordained and installed at 
W infield, Iowa, in April, 1S77, by the Keokuk Presbytery of the United Presby- 
terian Church. 

Some years later he received a call from the Union congregation, Kiskiminetas 
Presbytery, which was accepted and where he was installed March 4th, 1891, and 
where he still continues to labor as pastor of that congregation. 

Rev. James Lane Thome married Phebe Munee, of Xorth Strabane Town- 
-'"p. Washington County, who was born in 1S66. To this union were born three 
sons and one daughter: James Lane, William Boyd, Mary Elizabeth and Robert 
rheodore. Thrse latter are all living and at home with their parents. 

207. — James Lane Thome (6), born December 26th, 1886, who is now a student 
! " Washington & Jefferson College. 


20S. — William Boyd Thome (6), horn October Sth, 1SS9. 

209. — Mary Elizabeth Thome (6). born January 3th, 1^94. 

210. — Robert Theodore Thome (6), born August 27th. 1S96. 

211. — Samuel Thome (51, son of Eliza MeXary Thome, lives on the farm 
formerly owned by his father and grandfather, and inherited from them. He fol- 
lows in the same line of bread winning, — farming and stock raising. His place 
of worship is the United Presbyterian congregation at Pigeon Creek. He is un- 

212. — William Thome (5), third son of Eliza MeXary Thome, was born in the 
old homestead in Xorth Strabane Township, now owned by his brother Samuel. 
He owns and resides on a farm in the above named Township, formerly owned 
by his uncle, William Thome, adjoining the road leading from Washington to 
Pittsburg, about four miles northeast of the former place. He also follows in line 
with his ancestry, his occupation being that of farming and stock raising. Un- 

213. — Margaret Emma Thome (o), y ungest of Eliza Thome's family, was 
born January 3rd, 1859. After finishing the course in the public schools she 
attended the Washington Seminary. She married J. Reed George, who was born 
September 29th, 1858. They reside at Burlington Junction, Missouri, and their 
church home is the United Presbyterian Church at that place. 

214. — Anna McNary (4), daughter of James MeXary, was born October 31st. 
1S30, near Muntown, Xottingham Township. Washington County. Pennsylvania. 
She received her early education in the district schools of the Township in which 
she lived, afterward attending "Olome Institute."' a girls' boarding school in 
Canonsburg. which was for many years under the care and guidance of Mrs. Olivia 
J. French. In Sepetmber. Iv37. she was united in marriage to John Fife, who 
was born October 29th. 1^25. and who was a successful farmer. To this union 
were born five children. John Fife, the head of this family died Xovember 13th, 
1905. Mrs. Anna MeXary Fife died July 29th. 1900. The church home of Mr. and 
Mrs. Fife was in the United Presbyterian Church of Mt. Prospect, being charter 
members of that organization. The following are the children: Jennie P.. Lizzie 
A., Hultz J.. Thomas Ralph and Minnie B. 

215.— Jennie P. Fife (5), born April loth. 1861. 

216. — Lizzie A. Fife (5), born September 20th. 1SG4. 
t 217.— Hultz J. Fife (5). born October 16th. 1*07. 

Jennie P., Lizzie A. and Hultz being unmarried, remain in the old Fife home- 
stead, Hultz following in the footsteps of his father, being a tiller of tne soil. 

218. — Thomas Ralph Fife (5). born July 9th. 1871, died August 1st. 1871. 

219. — Minnie B. Fife (5). born January 21st. 1S73. About 1S97 was married 
to W. J. Munce. a farmer in Xorth Strabane Township, near Eighty-four, Pennsyl- 
vania. To them were born the following children: Aneita Elizabeth, Robert Ivan, 
John Fife and William Raymond. 

220. — Aneita Elizabeth Munce (6). born December 2*111. 1*9*<. 

221. — Robert Ivan Munce (6), born January 1st, 1901. 

222. — John Fife Munce (6), t>..rn May 16th, 1903. 

223. — William Raymond Munce (6), born May 3rd, 1905. 

224.— Esther McNary 4> died in early life. 

225.— David McNary (3), son of Thomas MeXary, was born In Chanceford 
Township. York County, Pennsylvania, in 1771, and removed when about 14 years 
old with his father to Xnrth Strabane Township. Washington County, Pennsylvania, 
where in lsl6 he was married to Jam t Edgar, who was born in County Arm ah, 
Ireland, in 1792, from which place she emigrated with her parents in abmit 179* 


or 1799. They crossed the ocean in a sailing vessel, and were twenty-one weeks 
on the water — having encountered severe storms, and being twice compelled to 
return to land for repairs to the vessel. They lived in Xew York for a few years, 
from which place, following the line of emigration westward, she with her parents 
located in North Strabaue Township. Washington County, Pennsylvania, where in 
1S16 she was married to David McNary. They owned and resided on a farm con- 
taining three hundred and twenty-nine acres, two miles south of Uanonsburg, on 
what was known as the '• Drove Eoad, "' leading to "Greenfield Ferry," a crossing 
on the Monongahela river. In politics he was a Whig. Their church home was 
the Chartiers Seceder Church. 

To them were born nine children, six suns and three daughters, viz.: Phebe, 
Thomas, Samuel, Janet, Mary. David, Matthew, James and Joseph. 

22b'. — Phebe McNary (4), born May 28th, ISIS, married in 1840 James Beall, 
who was born in Brook County, West Virginia, August 22nd, 1808. They went to 
near Martiusburg. Knox County, Ohio, where they purchased a quarter section of 
land on which they resided dining their entire life. Their church home was the 
Reformed Presbyterian Church, in which he was a ruling elder for many vears 
before his death. While declining to exercise the right of suffrage, he was a very 
earnest and able advocate of the Abolition or Anti-Slavery party. 

To them were born seven children, two sons and five daughters namelv: 
Jane, Elizabeth, Nancy, Saiah, Mary Ann, James and David. 

227. — Jane Beall (5), born near Martinsville. Knox County, Ohio, about 1S41. 
Married a Mr. Keady and lives at Oakdale, Illinois. They have three sons livinc: 

228.- Keady. 

229.— Keady. 

230. Keady. 

231. — Elizabeth Beall (5), second daughter of James and Phebe McNary 
Beall, was born on her father's farm near Martiusburg, Knox County, Ohio, in 1^43. 
Married James Rennie, a veteran of the Civil War. Mr. Keunie was a citizen of 
Illinois, but volunteered in St. Louis. Missouri, in Company F, Captain Rev. A. C. 
Todd, Tenth Missouri Regiment, Army of Tennessee Division, Commanding Officer, 
Colonel Holmes. While serving his country, he was engaged in the battles of 
Corinth, Mission Ridge' and siege of Pittsburg, and was honorably discharged after 
three years of active service. In politics, a Republican. By occupation, a farmer. 
Now retired and living in Cherokee City, Kansas, and are members of the United 
Presbyterian Church at that place. To this union were born two children: Etha 
Ellen and Mary Olive. 

232. — Etha Ellen Rennie (6), the elder, born 1869, single and at home with 
her parents. 

233. — Mary Olive Rennie (6), born 1872, married in 1890 to William J. Kirk- 
wood, a fanner by occupation, now residing near B?ulah, Kansas. To these parents 
were born three children: Olive Pearl, Elmer Glenn and Jessie Elizabeth. En 
church connection, this family is identified with and active workers in the United 
Presbyterian Church of Beulah, Kansas. Tn polities, a Republican. 
234.— Olive Pearl Kirkwood (7), born 1801. 
235.— Elmer Glenn Kirkwood (7), born 1804. 
236. — Jessie Elizabeth Kirkwood (7), born 1900. 

237. — Nancy Beall (5), daughter of Phebe McNary Beall, born June 5th, 1S43. 
Died in 1889, and buried at Winterset, Iowa. After the removal of the family 
to Illinois, she was married to Adam R. Edgar, born December 29th, 1844, and 
whose death occurred in 1904. To them were born six children, three sons and 


three daughters: Lillian E., Cora D., Calvin D., Annie M., Arthur W. and Clar- 
ence E. 

23S.— Lillian E. Edgar, born 1871, married a Mr. Guy and lives at Trinidad, 

239.— Cora D. Edgar, born 1S75. Dead. 

240. — Calvin D. Edgar, born 1S77. died May 5th, 1 S93. 

241. — Annie M. Edgar, bom 1S79. died 1881. 

242. — Arthur W. Edgar, born lsS2. living. 

243.— Clarence R. Edgar, bom 1^97. died 1902. 

244. — Sarah E. Beall (5), daughter of Phebe MeXary Beall, born in 1^49, mar- 
ried Mr. Torrence. She died, leaving two children, one son and one daughter, who 
live with their father in St. Louis, Missouri. 

245. — Son, Torrence. 

246. — Daughter, Torrence. 

247. — Mary Ann Beall (5), daughter of Phebe McNary Beall. born in Knox 
County, Ohio, September 17th. 1^47. Later, with her brothers and sisters, located 
in Beulah, Kansas. Always gentle and quiet, but not of a robust build, she enjoys 
about her usual health, is unmarried, and makes her home in Beulah, Kansas. Has 
all her life been identified with the United Presbyterian Church, at present the 
First Church of Beulah. Kansas. 

24S. — James Wilson Beall (5), son of Phebe. born near Martinsburg, Knox 
County, Ohio, July 22ml, 1^52. When a young man, he first located in Illinois, 
afterwards moved to and settled on a farm near the town of Beulah. Kansas, lie 
married Bell Christie, who was born August 21st, 1S56. He is an elder in the United 
Presbyterian Church at Beulah. To these parents were born one daughter and 
three sons: Lena Mabel Beall. Homer MeXary Beall. Roy Christ : e Boall. Scott 
Wilson Beall. The First United Presbyterian Church of Beulah is the church home 
of the entire family. 

249. — Lena Mabel Beall (6), born March 6th, 1881. On June 11th 1902, was 
married at the home of her parents to Walter < '. Pettus, of Belton, Missouri. To 
them was born one child, Clay Beall. They live in Belton. Missouri, 23 miles south- 
east of Kansas City, Missouri. 

250. — Clay Eeall Pettus (7). bom May 4th. 19o4. 

251. — Homer McNary Beall (6), born November 2nd, 1SS3, second son of James 
W. Beall, is now in his 23rd year. Unmarried and at home. He is in the employ 
of the Wells Fargo Express Company. 

252. — Roy Christie Beall (6). bom August 23rd. 1885, is a telegraph operator 
employed by the Kansas City Southern Railway at Amoret, Missouri, 09 miles south 
of Kansas City. 

253. — Scott Wilson Beall (G), bom November 11th. 1890, son of James \V. 
Beall, is in his 10th year, and is in school, at home with his parents. 

254. — David Scott Beall (5), youugest son of James and Phebe MeXary Beall. 
born October 22nd. 1854, near Martinsburg, Knox County. Ohio. He married Har- 
riet Beeeher Coulter, who was born November 13th, 1853. To them were horn Vin- 
son and one daughter, viz.: Bay Wilson and Marie Gladys. David S. Beall is 
employed in the Gardeners Division for the Santa Fe Railway Company, and 
resides at 818 Sycamore street. Santa Ana. California. Their church connection is 
in the Reformed Presbyterian Church (Covenantor). 

255. — Roy Wilson Beall (0), bom August 13th, 1S^5. living at home. 

250.— Marie Gladys Beall d)). b :rn November 0th, 1890, died March 9th, 1900. 

257. — Thomas McNary (4), son of David MeXary, born 1820, died at the 
age of 12 years. 


(Make note of any Births. Deaths, etc., on Blank Fajye for future reference.) 



2oS. — Samuel McNary (4), son of David McXary (grandson of Thomas Mc- 
Xary), was born two "miles south ot' Canonsburg in North Strabane Township. 
January 22nd. 1822, and passed his boyhood in the usual pursuits ot" rural life. His 
education was confined to the district schools of that time. In 1>4:> he married 
Margaret Templeton, born January 24th, 1834 (a descendant of the John JlcXary 
branch). For some years he lived on his father's farm in North Strabane Town- 
ship, but on April 1st, 1S4S, he removed to a farm two and a half miles north or' 
Washington, Pennsylvania, where be continued until April 1st, 1S54. when he re- 
moved to North Strabane Township, where he lived until 1891. At that time he 
left the farm and purchased a home in Houston, and made that his home until his 
death, September 29th, 1S92. 

Their church home was first in the Chartiers Seceder Church, Canonsburg. 
afterwards the Chartiers United Presbvterian ( hurch. of which he was ordained 

SAMUEL McNARY, No. 258 Thomas Branch. 

and installed a ruling elder May 12th, 1^04, serving until his death. 

Samuel McXary, while not enjoying the privilege of a higher education, 
always took a deep interest and an active part in promoting the aducational inter- 
ests of his community. 

In politics, he was originally a Whig. After the organization of the Repub- 
lican party in ISoG, he identified himself with that party, not as a partisan, but 
as an independent thinker, voting for the right as he saw it. 

They reared a family of thirteen children, as follows: Jane Edgar, Margaret. 
Marj-, Anna. Isabel, Elizabeth, Ella, Samuel Edgar. David Templeton. John, Joseph 
V., James Martin and Emma. 

259. — Jane Edgar McNary (5), daughter of Samuel McXary, born September 
fith, 1h44 ; married George Black, born in Chartiers Township, Washington County. 
on December 3rd, 1»4:'.. He was a farmer and stock raiser by profession, and made 
a specialty of fine Black Top Merino sheep. Thev owned and lived on a farm • -n 
which South Canonsburg is now located. This he disposed of and afterwards pur- 


chased ami moved to a farm four miles east of Washington, on pike leading from 
Washington to Mcnongahela City, where the family still resides, since his death 
in 1902. To this union were born two sous aud one daughter: Samuel Otto. Bjn 
M. aud Jeannetta. all single and at home. In politics he was independent, but 
gave preference to the Republican party. 

In religion — while near Canonsburg, they were members of the First Presbv- 
terian Church. After removal to a farm east of Washington, the entire family 
united themselves with the Second United Presbyterian Church of Washington. 
Mr. Black, was a member of the Board of Trustees and President at the time of 
his death. 

260. — Samuel Otto Black (6). 

261.— Ben M. Black (6). 

262. — Jeannetta Black (6). 

263.— Margaret McNary (o), died February 26th. 1S53. in early life. 

264.— Mary T. McNary (5), third daughter of Samuel McXary. was born Jan- 
uary 24th. ls4S, and died February 7th, 1S90. Received her education in the com- 
mon schools of the period. She was married December oth, 1*67. to James W. 
Pollock, a veterau of the Civil War. whose record appears in the John McXary 

To these parents were born ten children, viz.: Fannie Luella. Ulysses Samuel. 
Maggie Esther. D. M. B. McLean, Ernest James. Harry Edgar. Anna MeXary. 
William Wallace, Durell Smiley and Mary Osee. 

All the children who are at home are members of the Second United Pres 
byterian Church of Washington. 

265. — Fannie Luella Pollock (6), born May 30th. 1869, in Xorth Strabane 
Township. Washington County, Pennsylvania. Married Robert B. Leslie. Septem- 
ber 2nd, 1SS7, who is assistant cashier in the Citizens Xational Bank of Washing- 
ton. Pennsylvania. They reside at Xo. .523 Locust avenue. Washington, Pennsyl- 
vania. Their church connection is in the Second United Presbyterian Church, of 
which Mr. Leslie is a deacon. 

266. — Maggie Esther Pollock, born October 2Sth. 1S72, is at home with her 

267.— Ulysses Samuel Pollock (6), son of Mary T. and J. W.. was born October 
11th, 1870, in Xorth Strabane Township. He received his education in the public 
schools of the Township in which he was born, ami graduated from Duffs College, 
Pittsburg, in 1891. He was twice married, first in Xovember. 1S95, to WiKnetta 
Stewart, of Canton Township, born October 6th, 1S7^. who died October 11th. 1S96. 
leaving one child, a daughter. Wilnetta Stewart Pollock, born September 22nd. 1S9C. 

Mr. Pollock atjain married, May ICth, 1901. Fannie Josephine Day. of Cassop 
olis. Michigan, born October 27th. Is76. They reside in Laporte. Indiana. whe^e 
he has for some years past and is at present general superintendent of the South 
Bend. Laporte & Michigan Railway Company. His church connection is with the 
First United Presbyti rian ( hurch. r>f Washington. Pennsylvania. 

26S.— Willnetta Stewart Pollcck (7). 

269. — D. M. B. McLean Pollock ffi). unmarried, born Mav 18th, 1^74, grad- 
uated from Washington Commercial College, and afterwards learned the watch 
making and jewelry business with A. A. Perole. of Washington. He is now enm.'ed 
in the jewelry business with his brother, Ernest, in Riverside, California. 

270. — Ernest James Pollock (6). bom April 20th. Is76. graduated from Duffs 
Commercial College. Was for a time in business in Xew Castle. Pennsylvania, but 
is at present in tin- jewelry business with his brother McLean, in Riverside, Cali- 
fornia. Both McLean and Ernest are charter members of the Fir<--t United Pr.-s- 


byterian Church ot' Riverside, California. Ernest being a member of the Board of 
Trustees, and McLean Secretary of the congregation. Ernest was married, Sep- 
tember 12th, 1906, to Margaret Violet Kamage. of Riverside. California. 

271. — Harry Edgar Pollock (6) was born June 22nd. 1S7S. He graduated from 
the Washington Business college, and for several years lias been employed as 
Deputy Prothonotary of Washington County. He was married December 30th, 1903, 
to Loretta Donley, born November 30th. 1S78. They live at No. 366 East Beau 
street, and are members of the Second United Presbyterian Church of Washington. 
Have one daughter: Helen Quay. 

272. — Helen Quay Pollock, born 1906. 

273. — Anna McNary Pollock (6), born December 23th, 1SS0, was educated in 
the public schools of Washington, and graduated from the Washington Seminary 
in the class of 1900. On September 28th, 1902, married Harry W. Gabby, a shoe 
merchant of Washington. They are both members of the First United Presbyteriau 
Church of Washington, and reside at Xo. 19 Xorth avenue, Washington, Pennsyl- 
vania. Have one daughter: Edith Pollock. 

274. — Edith Pollock Gabby (7), born 1906. 

975. William Wallace Pollock (6), born in Xorth Strabane Township, January 

11th, 1SS3, married February 22nd, 1906. to Emma Cooper, of Jamestown. Xew 
fork. Are now residing in Elwood City, Pennsylvania. He was educated in the 
public schools, and graduated at the Washington Business College. He is at pres- 
ent in the employ of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company, located at Pittsburg. 
They have one child, Evely Louise. 

275i->. — Evely Louise Pollock (7). 

■2'Cj. Durell Smiley Pollock (6), born January 30th, 1SS7, is at home with his 

father. He is a graduate of the Washington Business College and is at present 
employed in the shoe store of II. W. Gabby. 

277. Mary Osee Pollock (l>). born September 2nd, 18S9, is at home with her 

father at 509 East Chestnut street, and is at present attending the Washington 
High School. 

278. Anna McNary (■"). daughter of Samuel McNary, born November 8th, 

1S49 remained with and took care of her mother at Houston until her mother'3 
death, since which time her home has been in Canonsburg. Unmarried. 

079. Isabel McNary (5), born November 5th, 185-1, married Samuel W. Berry, 

born November 5th. 1-51. in November, 1S76. They live at the old Berry home- 
stead, one mile south of Canonsburg. He is by occupation a farmer and breeder 
of stock, his specialty being Black Top Merino sheep. In politics he is a Repub- 
lican, in religion a United Presbyterian, having taken an active part and being a 
charter member of the First United congregation at Houston, at which time he 
was chosen and still continues in active duty as ruling elder. 

To these parents were born three children, two sons and one daughter: Elva 
Leanna, Matthew Willison and Walter Urban. 

230. — Elva Leanna Berry (6), born November 12th, 1877, married Ceorge Clark 
Martin, who was born September 29th, 1866, who is in polities a Republican. They 
reside in Houston, and are members of the First United Presbyterian Church of that 
place. Have one daughter: Alberton. 

2S1. — Albertcn Martin (T), born January 27th, 1907. 

2.->2.— Matthew Willison Berry (G), son of Isabel, born August 11th, 1S79. Xow 
associated with the McCutcheon Hardware Company, of Greeley, Colorado. 

283. — Walter Urban Berry (6), son of Isabel Berry, born Xovember 29th, 1SS4. 
Married on February 6th, 1907, to Lois Edua Reid, of Greeley, Colorado. 



284. — Elizabeth McNary (5), daughter of Samuel McXary. bom August 22nd. 
18.33, married James L. Kelso, born September "24th, 1854. Mr. Kelso is a carpenter 
by trade. Their home is on South Central avenue. Canonsburg. Their family con- 
sists of one daughter. Ernia Bell. They are members of the Chartiers United 
Presbyterian Church. 

2S5. — Ernia Bell Kelso (6), born June 25th, 1S03. 

2SG. — Ella McNary (5), daughter of Samuel McXary, born June 5th, 1855, 
married William McPeak, born February 7th, 1841. Mr. McPeak was a frugal, 
industrious, enterprising farmer of Cecil Township, but wearying of the continuous 
grind of the farmer's life, purchased a home and moved to Canonsburg to enjoy 
rest after a strenuous campaign. In politics he was a Prohibitionist, in religion 
an elder in the United Presbyterian Church. 

2S7. — Samuel Edgar McNary (5), son of Samuel McXary. born in Xorth 
Strabane Township in September, 1857. Married Lizzie Luella Morgan, of Canons- 

SAMUEL EDGAR McNARV, No. 287 Thomas Branch. 

burg, born 18G7. He located in Houston, being appointed Burgess of that thriving 
village February 7th, 1904, in which position he still officiates. In politics he has 
always identified himself with the Republican party. He was an earnest and con- 
sistent advocate of the incorporation of Houston into a borough, and is always in 
the advance line for improvements. 

His business has been of a varied character, farming, and as salesman intro- 
ducing farm machinery into the community, baling hay, straw, etc. Sis church 
connection has for many years been in the First United Presbyterian congregation 
of Houston. To them were born four daughters: Martha Jeanetta, Hazel Luella, 
Elsie Marie and Helen Gertrude. 

288. — Martha Jeanetta McNary (6), born 1889. 

289.— Hazel Luella McNary (6), born 1891. 

290.— Elsie Marie McNary (6), born 1893. 



291.— Helen Gertrude McNary (,6), born 1S99. 

292. — David Templeton McNary (5), second son of Samuel Mo Nary, born in 
North Strabane Township, Washington County, November Sth, 1839, married Al- 
meda Clark, of Franklin Township, Washington County. He is a quiet and unassum- 
ing man, attending strictly to his own legitimate business. Immediately after his 
marriage they located in Canonsburg, where they still reside. During most of this 
time he has been engaged in the milling business, and by diligence and energy has 
proved himself a financial success. Their religious proclivities have been toward 
the United Presbyterian Church, having for years been members of the Chartiers 
Church, Canonsburg. 

Their family consists of three children: Margaret Eleanor. Cornelius Clark 
and Almeda Dane. 

293. — Margaret Eleanor McNary (6), born January 19th. 1^90, died aged 
3 years. 

JOHN McNARY, No. 296 Thomas Branch 

294. — Cornelius Clark McNary (6), born June 19th, 1391. He takes much in- 
terest in preserving relics as souvenirs. Among many others in his possession, one 
he guards with special interest is a compass and timepiece used by his great-grand- 
father, Thomas McNary, when a young man. in guiding him in his way over the 
pathless mountains. 

293. — Almeda Dane McNary (6), born January 23th, 1893. 

29G. — John McNary (5), son of .Samuel McNary. born October 9th. 1861. in 
North Strabane Township, two miles south of Canonsburg, married Mary Jane 
Whitely, born March 13th, 1836. John McNary spent his early life on his father's 
farm. On going for himself, he located in what was then North Strabane Town- 
ship, since incorporated and named South Canonsburg. He has for several years 
been engaged in light and heavy hauling, also contractor for street improvements, 
in which he lias built up for himself an eminently successful and profitable business. 

There have been born of this union, five children, three suns ami two daugh- 
ters: Myrta Margaret, Dora May, Curtis Fred, John Howard and Ernest Temple- 


(Make note of any Births. Deaths, etc., on Blank Page for future reference.) 


ton. Their church home js in the Chartiers United Presbyterian Church. In polities, 
while he is independent in sentiment and action, he is usually found in the Re- 
publican ranks. 

297. — Myrta Margaret McNary (6), born September 20th, 1SS5. 

298. — Dora May McNary (6), born December 17th, 18SS. 

299. — Curtis Fred McNary (6), bom July 26th, 1S90. 

300.— John Howard McNary (6), born August 31st, 1893, died April 1st, 189-1. 

301. — Ernest Templeton McNary (6), born August 14th, 1S96. 

302. — Joseph V. McNary (5), son of Samuel McNary, born March 3rd, 1S64. 
He was educated in the public schools of that time. Married Martha J. Pattison, 
born March 10th, 1862. He first set up a home in what is now South Canonsburg, 
which later he disposed of, and located in Tyler Ward, Henderson avenue, Wash- 
ington, Pennsylvania. His trade of carpenter he followed for many years. 

Their family consists of five children, two sons and three daughters: Charles 
Samuel, Clarence William. Lillie Romaine, Mabel Pattison and Carrie Elizabeth. 
Their church connection is in the Third United Presb\terian congregation of Wash- 
ington, Pennsylvania. 

303. — Charles Samuel McNary (15). born November 7th, 1SS4. Married May 
8th, 1907, to Lottie Randall, of Riverside. California. A painter by trade. 

304. — Clarence William McNary (6), born March 0th. 1888. 

305. — Lillie Romaine McNary (6). hum August 11th, 1S90. 

30(j.— Mabel Pattison McNary (6), born April 16th, 1897, died July 8th, 1S97. 

307. — Carrie Elizabeth McNary (6), born October 10th, 1S99. 

308. — James Martin McNary (5). youngest son of Samuel McNary, first saw 
the light of day in the old homestead in North Strabane Township. He married 
Elizabeth Hess. When his father moved to Houston. Martin took charge of and 
conducted the home farm for some years, until he located on Henderson avenue, 
Washington. Pennsylvania. 

To them have been born three sons: Ralph Durell, Clifford Hess and James 
Rolland. Their church homo is in the Third United Presbyterian Church, Wash- 
ington, in which he has been a ruling elder for a number of years. 

309.— Ralph Durell McNary, born July 31st. 1S92. Dead. 

310. — Clifford Hess McNary, born March 27th. 1894. 

311. — James Rolland, born February loth, IsflO. 

312. — Emma McNary (5), daughter of Samuel McNary, born July Kith. 1SS8, 
in North Strabane Township, married Oliver Isaiah Gilbert, who was born April 
20th, 1S70. He is in the employ of the Washington & Canonsburg Street Railway, 
and they reside at No. 203 Maple avenue, Tyler Ward. 

To them were born six children, three sons and three daughters: Oliver L., 
William Lee, John Jolly, Alice Gale, Edith McNary, and Tone Margaret. Their 
church connection is in the Second United Presbyterian Church, Washington, 

313.— Oliver L. Gilbert (6), born November 27th. 1S94. 

314.— William Lee Gilbert CD. born July 20th. 1896. 

315. — John Jolly Gilbert (6), born July 26th, 1899. 

316.— Alice Gale Gilbert Cm. born June 20th, 1901. 

317.— Edith McNary Gilbert (61. born January 26th, 1903. 

318. — lone Margaret Gilb?rt (6). born November 26th, 1904, not living. 

319. — Janet McNary (4), daughter of David McNary, born 1^24, died at the 
age of 16 and her body was laid to rest in what is now Oak Spring Cemetery, 

320. — Mary McNary (4), daughter of David McNary, horn on the homestead. 


North Strabane Township. March. 1826. She received her education in the sub- 
scription schools of the day, and the Olome Institute. Canonsburg. She was mar 
ried in 1852 to John Templeton, and they lived on a farm near Linden, North Stra- 
bane Township, Washington County. Pennsylvania. Their first church home was the 
Chartiers Seceder Church of Canonsburg. until the organization of the United 
Presbyterian Church at Mt. Prospect, in which they took an active part. John 
Templeton was chosen a ruling elder, which position he continue.! to fill until his 
death. Mary Templeton, who is now past her 80th birthday, still retains her mem- 
bership in that church. 

To them were born four sons, viz.: David E., John, William Milton and 
James 0. 

321. — David E. Templeton (5), the oldest of the family, was born October 1st. 
1S53, on the home farm, four miles southeast of Canonsburg, where he still resides. 
He was educated in the public schools of the period, and in 1>92 married Annie M. 
Townsend, of near Finleyville. who was born March 12th, l^-~9. 

To this union were born two children, a son and daughter, Nannie E. and '"'ar- 
son E. Their church connection has been for years in the United Presbyterian Church 
of Mt. Prospect. 

322. — Nannie E. Templeton i'6'i. born March 30th, 1S94. 

323. — Carson E. Templeton (fi), born June 20th. 1895. Both of whom are at- 
tending the public schools in Linden. 

324. — John K. Templeton (5). son of Mary Templeton. was born < n the farm 
near Linden. March 30th, 1856. In about 1SS0 he married Anna C. Crawford, wh'> 
was born November 19th, 1S58. After marriage they located on part of his father "s 
farm, which he afterwards inherited, known as the Robert; Black farm. Mrs. Tem- 
pleton being in poor health, he disposed of his property in North Strabane Town- 
ship and purchased a farm near Pawnee City. Nebraska, where they still reside. 

To them were born two daughters: Mary E. and Etta B. Their church home 
is in the First United Pre-byterian Church of Pawnee City, NebrasKa, of which 
they are all members. 

325. — Mary E. Templeton (6), born January 6th, ls^3, who has been engage! 
for some time in teaching in the public schools near her home. 

326. — Etta B. Templetcn 6). bom March 17th. 18S9, at home with hrr par.-nt-. 

326 1 -j. — William Milton Templetcn (o), son of Mary Templet n. was born May 
16th, 1858. He received his education in the public schools of -he Town-hip. and 
taught school for some years, and also assisted his father on the farm. About the 
year 1890 he married Sadie P. Kelso, of the same Township, who was born in 
1866, and who died February 11th. 1904, after a short illness. 

To this union were born four sons: Howard K.. Harry M.. John McNary and 
Eussell P. Mr. Templeton is a member of the Fir<t United Presbyterian Church 
of Houston, and a member of the Board of Trustees for manv years. He has 
devoted his time and attention to the lumber business, and a liberal supply is 
always to be found in his yard. 

327. — Howard K. Templeton (6), born June 17th. 1*92. 

328. — Harry M. Templeton (6), born February 21st. 1894. 

329. — John McNary Templeton (6), born Februarv 27th. 1898. 

330.— Russell P. Templeton i'.. born February 11th. 19<»4. db-d July 13th, 1904. 

331. — James O. Templeton (5). youngest son of Mary McNary Templeton, was 
born October 6th. l s 63, in North Strabane Township. After completing his course 
in the common schools of the Township in which he was born, he entered Wash- 
ington & Jfffer^on College, from which he graduated in the elass of 1**9. 

The following year he entered a law school in Buffalo, New York. At thf- 



completion of bis course be became a member of the law firm of Parker. Hotchkiss 
& Templeton, in which relation be continued, successfully following bis cbosen pro- 
fession until bis death, which occurred May loth, 1004. at the borne of bis brotber, 
John Templeton. Pawnee City.. Nebraska. His body was brought back to the home 
of his boyhood, and laid to rest in Oak Spring Cemetery. Canonsburg. Pennsylvania. 

332.— David E. McNary (4), son of David MeXary, born in North Strabane 
Township in 1S2S. On August 11th. 1853, he was married to Ann Elizabeth Martin, 
of Chartiers Township. He located on a part of the home farm, where be erected 
a residence and continued to reside until about 1871, when, disposing of this farm, 
he bought a farm of 197 acres in Cross Creek Township, three and a half milos 
north of West Middletown, on the road to Burgettstown, and at what is now 
known as Rea Station, where he still resides. 

His church connection was first with the Chartiers Associate Church, Canons- 

DAVID E. McNARY. No. 332 Thomas Branch, 

burg. On the consummation of the union of the Associate Reformed churches : " 
1853, forming the United Presbyterian Church, he continued his connection with 
that body until his removal to his present home. His church connection he then 
transferred to the First United Presbyterian Church of West Middletown. He 
was an elder for many years, and in that relation he continues to serve the con- 
gregation at the present time. 

In politics he always took a deep interest, first belonging to the Whig party. 
When the Republican party was organized in 1856 he became an ardent supporter 
of it. In 1863, when our State was invaded by the army of the rebellion, he was 
among those who offered their services, was accepted, and served until the exigency 
was passed, and was tlnn discharged by the State authorities. He was in active 
duty in the Township, serving frequently in some office. For three years he served 
as County Commissioner, but refused to allow his name to be used in that con- 
nection again. Today he is a firm believer in and firm supporter of the principles 
of the Republican party. 



To David E. McNary was born eight children: Samuel M., James B., Adaline. 
Annetta J., Thomas A., Mary Bel], Elvira E. and David (lark. 

333. — Samuel M. McNary (5). born 1854, died in early life. 

334. — James B. McNary (5), born 1856, at home, unmarried. 

335.-— Adaline McNary (5), born February loth. 1S5S, married John L. Thomp- 
son, who was born September 25th, 1S50. He is a large owner of property and 
an extensive stock raiser, and a careful and energetic business man. They live in 
West Middletown. and their church home is in the United Presbyterian Church of 
that place, in which they have always taken a deep interest and are active workers. 

To them were born five children: Roy McNary, James Homer, Anna M. and 
Laura B. . and a daughter. 

336. — Roy McNary Thompson (6). born April 22nd, 1892, living at home. 

336%.— James Homer Thompson (6), born October 20th, 1S93. Died August 
14th, 1S94. 

THOMAS A. McNARY, No. 340 Thomas Branch. 

337. — Anna M. Thompson (6), born February 3rd, 1895, living at home. 

33S. — Laura B. Thompson (6), born March ISth, 1897, living at home. 

338%. Thompson (6), born March 29th. 1898. Died in infancy. 

339. — Annetta J. McNary, born 1S60, was for many years a teacher in our 
public schools, and died September 3rd, 1888. 

340. — Thomas A. McNary (5), born 1861, received his education in the com- 
mon schools and followed farming until 18S3, when he took a course in Duff's Col- 
lege, and located in Allegheny City, Pennsylvania. In 1885 he went into the print- 
ing office of John Ogden, whom in 1S93 he succeeded and continued the business 
until 1898, when he sold out hi.s business and engaged in real estate, and in 1900 took 
a position in the First National Bank of Allegheny, where he remained until 1907, 
when he helped to organize the Citizens National Bank of Bellevue, Pennsylvania, 
"f which he is now cashier. His church connection was for several years in the 
Eighth United Presbyterian Church of Allegheny, but since lie changed h>°. place 



of residence to Bellevue, he has been identified with the United Presbyterian con- 
gregation of that place.' He has always been an earnest worker, both in church 
and" Sabbath School, being superintendent of a Sabbath School in Allegheny for 
many years. He is serving his second term as Treasurer of the Borough in which 
he lives. He married Martha Emma Thompson, of Allegheny, Pennsylvania, born 


341. Mary Bell McNary (5), born November 20th. 1S65. For a number of 

years she was a teacher in the public schools. On September 25th, 1890, married 
Joseph A. Welch, born January, 1859. and for some years they lived on their farm 
some three miles west of West Middletown. This farm they sold, removing in 1S94 
to Sterling, Kansas, where he engaged in farming and stock raising, and where 
Mr. Welch died March 1st, 1906. To them were born three children: Nettie Bell, 
infant son and Joseph McNary. Their church affiliation while on the farm was 
with Mt. Hope United Presbyterian and later with Sterling, Kansas. In each of 
these congregations Mr. Welch served on the Board of Trustees for several years. 

DAVID CURk McNARY, No. 346 Thomas Branch. 

342.— Nettie Bell Welch (6), born April 24th, 1892. 

342 1:,. — A son, Welch (6). 

343. — Joseph McNary Welch (6), born March, 1906. 

344 Elvira E. McNary (5) was born 1869 (twin with David Clark McNary). 

She married James Mark Garrett, who was born in 1856. They owned and lived 
for some years on a farm near Buffalo village in Canton Township, but now reside 
at No. 200 Duncan avenue, Washington, Pennsylvania, having retired from active 
farm work. They have one child, a daughter. Bertha May. Their church connec- 
tion is in the Third United Presbyterian Church of Washington, Pennsylvania. 

345_Bertha May Garrett (6), born 1897. 

346.— David Clark McNary (5), son of David E. McNary, was born August 
29th 1869. He has been in the printing business since 1891, and is in business under 
the firm name of McNary & Simpson, Job Printers, at Penn avenue- and Third 


(Make note of any Births. Deaths, etc., on Blank Page for future reference.) 



street, Pittsburg', Pennsylvania. lie was married to Margaret Amelia Sehiffhauer. 
born February 1 7th. 1S75, and their home is at Xo. 201 Chestnut street, Avalon, 
Pennsylvania. They are connected with the United Presbyterian Church at Avalon. 
They have five children. Myrtle Amelia, Ernest Clark, John David, Hazel Eliza- 
beth and Margaret Irene. 

347. — Myrtle Amelia McNary (6), born April 23rd. 1S9S. 

34S. — Ernest Clark McNary (G), born March 27th. 1000. 

349.— John David McNary (6), born October 21st. 1901. 

3.50. — Hazel Elizabeth McNary (6), born April 23rd. 1903. 

351. — Margaret McNary (6), born February 17th. 1907. 

352. — Matthew McNary (4), son of David McNary, was born pn the home 
farm, two miles southeast of Canonsburg, in 1S30. He lived on the farm and 
attended the common schools of the Township, after the death of his father in 1?47, 
he entered Jefferson College, where he continued until his Junior year, when during 

JAMES R. McNARY, So. 353 Thomas Branch. 

the gold excitement of ISoO and 1S.51 he sailed in company with some others 
from Xew York for San Francisco, doubling Cape Horn and arriving at their destina- 
tion about five months later. The enterprise did not prove a successful one, as 
about a year later he was taken sick, and after a short illness died and was buried 
in what was then a far-off land. 

3.53. — James R. McNary t-i). son of David McXarv, born August 17th. 1833, 
died duly 25th. 1891, He was married October 4th, 1857, to Jane B. Kyle, of 
Harrison County, Ohio, who died November 1 S t h , 1890. They lived on a farm 
two miles southeast of Canonsburg and followed general farming and stock raising. 

Their church connection was in the Chartiers United Presbyterian Church, 
Canonsburg, in which for many years he was a ruling elder, and a constant attend 
ant at the Sabbath School. In polities he took but little part, but held to the 
principles of the Republican party. Their bodies lie in Oak Spring Cemetery. 



To them were bom one son and four daughters: Martha Jane, Flora May. 
Margaret Elizabeth. Anna and John II. 

354. — Martha Jane McNary (5), born September 17th, 1838, married November 
14th, 1880. to Chal. R. Shepherd, of Norwich, Muskingum County, Ohio, He owned 
a farm, and followed farming as his occupation. 

To them were born two sons and one daughter: James R., Ralph W. and 
Flora M. Their church connection is in the United Presbyterian Church of Rix 
Mills, in which he is a ruling elder. 

33.5. — James R. Shepherd, born February 19th, 1891. 

35(3. — Ralph W. Shepherd, bum May 31, 1894. 

357. — Flora M. Shepherd, born July 28th, 1896. 

358. — Flora May McNary (5), daughter of James 
ISth, 1S61. She removed from the farm and is now 

339. — Margaret Elizabeth McNary (5), daughter of James R. McNary, was 

R. McNary, was born April 
living in South Canonsburg, 


JOStPH 0. McNARY, So. 362 Thomas Branch. 

born on the farm in North Stiabane Township, June 13th, 1864. Married John 
Cowden, April 16th, 1896. Died .Tune >th, 1S97. 

360. — Anna McNary (3), born October 15th, 1866, was a teacher in the public 
schools for several years, ami is now living with her sister, Flora, in South 

361. — John H. McNary (■"), son of James R. McNary, was born August 21st, 
1868. Died September 17th, 1869. 

362. — Joseph D. McNary it), son of David McNary, was bom on the home 
farm, two and one-half miles southeast of Canonsburg, in North Strabane Town- 
ship, Washington County, Pennsylvania, January 28th, 1836. His early life was 
spent on the farm in general farm work, and he attended the subscription schools 
of the period. In 1854 he enrolled as a student in Jefferson College, Canonsburg, 
where he continued until the summer of 1S56. 


On February 5th, 1*S57, he was married to Mary Wallace Caldwell, of Ohio 
County, West Virginia, who was born December 6th, 1835, and who died of pneu- 
monia, January 23rd, 1896. 

On April 1st, 1857, they located on the farm inherited from his father, two 
miles north of Washington, in South Strabane Township. In August, 1S68, he pur- 
chased from the heirs of Matthew McNary 's estate 06 acres adjoining him. Here 
he followed general farming and stock raising until 1S92, when he purchased a home 
at No. 297 Locust avenue, Washington, Pennsylvania, to which he removed on 
March 17th of that year, and where he is to be found at the present time. 

To them were born seven children, three sons aud four daughters: Lizzie Jane, 
James Luther, Martha Ellen. Clara Viola, John Ralph, Thomas Harry and Mary 
Josephine. Joseph D. McNary 's church home is in the First United Presbyterian 
Church of Washington, with which he became identified in is.". On the 28th of 
January, 1864, he was ordained and installed an elder, in which capacity he con- 
tinues to serve. In 1S71 he was chosen by the voters of South Strabane Township 
a member of the Board of Education, in which office he has continued for 34 years, 
first in that Township, afterwards in the Borough of Washington. In local politics 
he was not a partisan, but on National questions he was ever found with the Repub- 
lican party. On February 5th, 1907. he married Mrs. Phebe D. Liggitt, born 
September loth, 1850, Northwood, Logan County, Ohio. 

363. — Lizzie Jane McNary (5), bom December 11th, 1857, was killed by be- 
ing thrown from a horse on November 2.5th, 1S76, in the 20th year of her age. 

364. — James Luther McNary (5), born January 15th, 18(50, near Arden, two 
miles north of Washington, in South Strabane Township, spent his early life on the 
farm and received his education in the public school of the time. He married 
Cora V. Barbour, January 2>th. 1SS4, who died August, 1886. To them were born 
two children: Mary Bess ami Emma Blanche. 

James Luther McNary was again married in 1S87 to Agnes Peard. of Parkers- 
burg, West Virginia, who was born January 21st. 1867. To these parents were 
born two sons, Charles Wilfred and Paul P. Mr. McNary. whose occupation is that 
of a driller in the oil fi-.-lds at present, has his home in Moundsville, West Virginia. 
Their church connection is in the First United Presbyterian Church of Washington. 

365. — Mary Bess McNary (G), born November 16th, 1884, who lives with her 
grandfather, J. D. McNary, ever since the death of her mother in 1886. Was edu- 
cated in the public schools and Washington Seminary. 

366. — Emma Blanche McNary (6), born November 24th, 1885, died in infancy. 

367. — Charles Wilfred McNary (6), born 1888. at home with his parents in 
Moundsville, West Virginia, and has been attending a commercial school in Wheel- 
ing. At present engaged in a drug store in Moundsville. 

368. — Paul P. McNary (6), born November Sth, 1894, died in early life. 

369. — Martha Ellen McNary (5) was born in the homestead near Arden on 
February 29th, 1804. She attended the district schools of the neighborhood, and 
graduated from the Washington Seminary in the class of 1881. 

She married Dr. E. M. Cundall, April 10th, 1902, and they lived in Wash- 
ington, Pennsylvania, where he practiced his profession, destistry. until his death 
December 9th. 1907. Her church connection is in the First United Presbyterian 
Church of that place. 

370. — Clara Viola McNary (5), born November Sth, 1866, received her educa- 
tion in the public schools and the Washington Seminary, from which she graduated 
in the class of lss2. In 1887 she was married to Rowley M. Cook, who was born 
June 30th, i860, who was a coal operator of Canonsburg. In 1900 they visited the 



Paris Exposition, and made a circuit of the globe, sailing from New York on De- 
cember 3rd, returning by way of San Francisco in June, 1903. Their present home 
is No. 202 Duncan avenue, Washington, Pennsylvania. Their chureli home is in the 
Jefferson Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church. To them were born two children, a 
daughter who died in infancy, and George McNary. 

371. — An infant daughter (6), born November 3rd, 1S88, died November 10th, 

372. — George McNary Cook (6), born August 8th, 1S97. 

373. — John R. McNary (5), born on the home farm, June 10th, 1809, ivce-ve.l 
his education in the common schools of the county, spent his minority on the 
farm. For several years he followed drilling in the oil fields as a business, and is 
now a carpenter. In June. 1S92, he married Hattie Cook Morgan, who was born 
January 11th, 1S69, in Chartiers Township. Washington County, Pennsylvania. 

IHOMVS H. McNARV, No. 376 Thomas Branch. 

They now live at No. 333 Locust avenue, Washington, Pennsylvania, and are mem- 
bers of the First United Presbyterian Church of that place. 

To them were born one son and one daughter: Ralph Edwin and Mary 

374.— Ralph Edwin McNary (6), bom March 17th, 1900. 

375. — Mary Eleanor McNary (6), born November 4th, 1904. 
— 376.— Thomas H. McNary (5), son of Joseph D. McNary, was born October 
27th, 1872. Like his brothers and sisters, he attended the public schools of South 
Strabane Township, and graduated from Duff's Commercial College in 1891. He 
learned the jewelry business with A. A. Poole, of Washington, and after three 
years' experience, spent in Wilmington, Delaware, New York City and Washington. 
D. C, he bought out the store of his former employer, Mr. Poole, at 43 North 
Main street, Washington, Pennsylvania, where he is located at the [.resent time. 

In 1901 he was married to Susan Green Morrow, of Wilmington, Delaware. 
To these parents were born two children: Charles Francis and Thomas Wallace. 



They reside at Nn. 268 East Hallam avenue, Washington, Pennsylvania, and their 
church connection is in the First United Presbyterian Church of that place. 

377. — Charles Francis McNary (6), born January 29th, 1902. 

378. — Thomas Wallace McNary (6), born July 30th. 1903. 

379. — Mary Josephine McNary (5), daughter of Joseph D. McNary, was born 
July 27th, 1S76\ Graduated from the public schools in 1892, and from the Wash- 
ington Seminary in 1895. Also from the Washington Business College. Is book- 
keeper in the jewelry store of her brother, T. H. McNary. Lives at home at No. 297 
Locust avenue, Washington, Pennsylvania. 

3S0. Matthew McNary (4), son of Thomas McNary, born August 22nd, 178-1, 

on his father's farm in North S"trabane Township, Washington County, Pennsyl- 
vania. He was a twin brother of Joseph, and was twice married, his first wife 
living but a short time. (Her maiden name unknown to the writer.)- She died, 
leaving no family. He was again married to Nancy Manifold. No family blessed 

JOSEPH McSARV, No. 3SI Thomas Branch. 

this happy union. Mr. McNary died in 1S4S. He inherited the old homestead, now 
in possession of Henry Mollenauer, together with that of J. W. Pollock, on which 
he resided at the time of his death. His church connection was in the Associate 
Presbyterian Church of Canon-burg, in which organization he was ordained an elder 
on May 21st, 1825, serving in that capacity until his death. His body lies at rest 
in Oak Spring Cemetery, Canonsburg. 

3^1_ Joseph McNary (3), son of Thomas McNary, twin brother of Matthew 

McNary,' was born August 22nd, 17S4, and died August 9th, 1854. He lived with 
his father in North Strabane Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania, three 
and one half miles southeast of Canonsburg, until his marriage October 9th, 1810. 

He was married twice, first to Esther Martin, of the same Township and 
County, who was bom in 1792 and died in 1827. At the time of his marriage he 
located on a farm one mile east of Canonsburg, near where now stands the Stand- 



(Make note of any Births, Deaths, etc., on Blank Page for future reference. > 


ard Tin Plate mill of Canonsburg. A family of eight, five sons and three daugh- 
ters, was the fruit of this union. 

In 1828 he was again married to Elizabeth Valkenberg, who was born in 1S02 
in North Strabaue Township. Washington County, Pennsylvania. For many years 
he was a ruling elder in the church of his choice, — the Associate Presbyterian 
(Seeeder), of Canonsburg, then under the pastoral charge of Rev. James Ramsey, 
D. D. His body was laid to rest in what is now Oak Spring Cemetery, Canons- 

To his second marriage were born four daughters and three sons, making a 
family of fifteen children: Joseph, Margaret, Isabel, Mary Ann, Thomas, James, 
Jennet, Esther, Elizabeth, David R., Lavinia, William, George, Sarah and Nancy B. 
Of these, Thomas, James, Jennet and Esther died in early life. 

3S2. — Joseph McNary (4). the oldest son, was born December 24th, 1822, in 
Cecil Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania. Ilis education was received in 
the common schools of the period. In about 1845 or 1846 he was united in marriage 
to Jane G. Allison, who was born June 11th, 1S22. They purchased a farm and 
located in Chartiers Township, about five miles west of Canonsburg. and two miles 
north of McConnell 's Mills, where he continued to reside during his entire life. At 
his death his body was laid to rest in Oak Spring Cemetery, Canonsburg. 

To this union were born nine children, three sons and six daughters: Mary 
Ann, Hugh Allison, Esther Jane, Margaretta Bell, Elizabeth Rebecca, James George, 
Harry Lee, Lulu E. and Laura E. 

383. — Mary Ann McNary (5), born March 13th, 1848. prepared herself for 
teaching in the public schools, which profession she successfully followed until her 
marriage, about 1881, to Isaac N. Paxton. a resident of Chartiers Township, who 
was born April 11th, 1*>46. They continued to live on a farm in the same Town- 
ship for some years, but are now residents of Houston. Pennsylvania. Mr. Pax- 
ton's occupation is that of farmer and stock raiser, in which he is eminently suc- 

To them were born three sons: Charles McNary, Rolland Isaac and Hugh Bell. 
In politics, Mr. Paxton has always held to the principles endorsed by the Repub- 
lican party. In religion, a United Presbyterian. While on the farm" they attended 
the church at Cross Roads, but since making his home in Houston, have been mem- 
bers of the First United Presbyterian Church of that place. 

384. — Charles McNary Paxton (6), born March 26th, 1S83. Married in 1906 
to Maud Borland, of Houston. 

385. — Rolland Isaac Paxton (6), born October 2nd, 1884, died November 25th, 

386. — Hugh Bell Paxton (6), born December 4th, 1*36. 

387. — Hugh Allison McNary (5), son of Joseph and Jane McNary, was born 
May 3rd, 1851, on his father's farm in Chartiers Township. Received his early 
education in the public schools, and later attended Jefferson College at Canonsburg 
for some time, when he took up the study of medicine, registering under the direc- 
tion of his uncle, George McNary, then practicing in Pittsburg, and graduating from 
the Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. 

He went South, locating in Florida, where he married Annie Barbara Clay, 
born March 6th, 18G3. To this union were born two daughters. Isla Belle and Gladys 
Jean. Dr. Hugh McNary died and was laid to rest in Oak Spring Cemetery, Canons- 
burg. The church home of the family is in the Presbyterian Church of Sheridan. 

388. — Isla Belle McNary (6), born October 18th, 1-8.5. was married Septem- 
ber 24th, 1906. to George Rober: Seibert, born September 25th. lss4. in Wilmington, 
Delaware, who for the past six years has been chief clerk for George H. Alexander & 


Co., Insurance, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. They make their home in Sheraden, Alle- 
gheny County, Pennsylvania. 

389. — Gladys Jean McNary (6), the younger daughter, was born January 6th, 
1896. Is at home with her mother. 

390. — Esther Jane McNary (5), daughter of Joseph McNary, was born Sep 
ttmber "23rd, 1833, on a farm in Chartiers Township, and was educated in the public 
schools. She was married to Moses Hickman, born in 1845. They own and reside 
on a farm near Bridgeville, Allegheny County, and are engaged in fanning and 
stock raising. Their church home is in the Presbyterian Church of Bridgeville. 

391. — Margaretta Bell McNary (5), born July 8th. 1S56, dead. 

3t»2. — Elizabeth R. McNary (5), born May 9th, 1858, dead. 

393_^james George McNary (5), born February oth, 1860, remained on the 
farm, but went South for his health, and after a short illness died in Orange County, 
Florida. Was buried in Oak Spring Cemetery. 

394. — Harry Lee McNary (5), sou of Joseph McNary, was born February 19th, 
1863, on a farm in Chartiers Township, and was educated in the public schools. He 
continued on the farm with his mother until his marriage in 1884 to Lizzie Cowden, 
of Mt. Pleasant Township, who was born September 23rd. 1865. Later he removed 
to Houston, where he still resides. He is employed by the Pittsburg Coal Company, 
looking after their farms. 

To this union was born one son, Carl. The family are all connected with the 
First United Presbyterian Church of Houston. 

395. Carl McNary (6), born November 3rd, 1885. A student of Westminster 

College, class of 1907. In 1900 was compelled to drop out of school on account of 
his Health, and at present is spending the winter at Asheville, North Carolina. 

396. — Laura E. McNary (5). and 

397. — Lulu E. McNary (5), twins, were born October 15th, 1S66. in Cnartiers 
Township Were educated in the public schools, and in the Washington Female 
Seminary. They were inseparable, — both zealous workers in the church of their 
choice, the United Presbyterian. Not being of very robust constitution, their 
health failed, and they died and were laid to rest in Oak Spring Cemetery. 

39S— Margaret McNary (4), oldest daughter of Joseph McNary, was born July 
20th, 1811, in Cecil Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania. Died August 
30th, 1886, in the same house in which she was born. 

Somewhere about 1842 she was married to Andrew Harvey Giffen, also of 
Cecil Township, who was born December 26th. 1905, and who died August 14th, 1S90. 
For many years preceding his death he was a ruling elder in the United Presby- 
terian Church of Canonsburg. They are buried in the Oak Spring Cemetery, Canons- 

To them were born three children: John Milton, Belle and Alice. 

399. — John Miltcn Giffen (5) was born in Cecil Townsh : p, one and one-half 
miles east of Canonsburg, September 29th, 1845, and was educated in the public 
schools of the period. He was married in 1870 to Sarah Elizabeth Weaver, who was 
born October 24th, 1846. For many years he followed the occupation of farm- 
ing, in which he proved successful, but his health failing somewhat about 1^96, he 
purchased a home at No. 221 Belmont avenue, Canonsburg, where he now r. -sides. 
His church home is in the Chartiers United Presbyterian Churen of Canonsburg, 
where in infancy the rites of baptism were administered. 

To them were born two children: A son, who died in infancy, and a daugh- 
ter, Margaret Belle. 

400. — A son. (6), died in infancy. 

401.— Margaret Belle Giffen (G), born August 30th, 1876, who married Samuel 


T. Rutherford, born April 14th, 1S6S. They live in Petroleum, Eicbie County. West 
Virginia, and their church home is the Caledonia United Presbyterian Church. 

402. — Belle Giflen (5), daughter of .Margaret MeXary Giifen, born September 
29th, 1S4S, died July 1-th, 1906. 

403. Alice Girleii (5), born January 12th, 1850. Both these sisters remained 

at home caring for their father aud mother as long as they lived, since when their 
home has been with their brother at No. 221 Belmont avenue. They also wjrship 
at the Chartiers United Presbyterian Church, Canousburg. 

404— Isabel McNary (4), daughter of Joseph MeXary, born September 25th, 
1820, spent her early life in her father's home near Canonsburg. In 1850 she was 
married to Joseph Harvey, of Harrison County, Ohio, where after a short period 
of married life, death overtook both Mr. and Mrs. Harvey, and they died leaving 
one son, Joseph Bell. Their church home was in the Associate Presbyterian Church 

404 1 ...-^Joseph Bell Harvey (5) died of brain fever while yet in his childhood. 

405. Mary Ann McNary (4), daughter of Joseph MeXary. born August 13th, 

1825. While of delicate build and constitution, she made home happy uutil in early 
womanhood she faded as a delicate flower, and died, loved and mourned by all who 
knew her. Her remains were laid to rest with her kindred in the cemetery at 

406. — Thomas McNary (4). died in early life. 

407. — James McNary (4), died in early life. 

408. — Esther McNary (4), died in early life. 

409. — Janet McNary (4). died in early life. 

410.— Elizabeth McNary, daughter of Joseph MeXary, was born in Cecil Town- 
ship, Xovember 22nd. 1S2S. About 1S50 she was married to James Templeton, who 
was 'born in lS2b in North Strabane Township about four miles east of Canons- 
burg. They located on a farm in Chartiesr Township, five miles west of Canons- 
burg, where they lived for a number of years until the death of Mrs. Templeton. 
which occurred in 1859. Their church home was the Chartiers United Presbyterian 
Church of Canonsburg. To them were bom three sous: Joseph MeXary, David 
and James Martin. 

411. Joseph McNary Templeton (5) was born in 1S52 on the farm in Char- 
tiers Township, and attended the public schools in the "McNary District.-' in 
which he lived. In about 1888 he was married to Alice McCord, of Canonsburg, 
who was born in 1857. After his marriage, his home for the most part has been 
in Canonsburg. where he now resides. 

To them were born two sons and one daughter, James Emmett, Charles Alex- 
ander and Elizabeth MeXary. all single and at home with their parents. Their 
church home is in the First Presbyterian f'huch, Canonsburg. 

412. — James Emmett Templetcn. born IS90. 

413.— Charles Alexander Templeton. bum 1S93. 

414.— Elizabeth McNaiy Templeto::. bom 1S97. 

(Xote. It is gratifying to note that another member of this family i< John 

McDonough, a stepson, who is now married and has one daughter, Isabella MeDon- 
ough, aged 1 year.) 

41.".— David Templeton (">), died at the a^e of f> years. 

41G._james Martin Templeton (5). son of Elizabeth McNary Templeton. was 
born in 1.837 in Chartiers Township, and was educated in the public schools. After 
their removal to fanonsburu' he was married to Harriet Cochran, of that place, 
who was born in 1859. He studied painting and house decorating, which business 
he still follows with enviable success. 



To them were horn one son and two daughters: Ethel Matilda, Mary Eliza- 
beth and Paul Cochran, all of whom are single and at home wi:h their parents in 
Canonsburg. They are connected with the Presbyterian Church of Canonsburg. 

417. — Ethel Matilda Templeton (6), bom February ath. 1SS4. 

41S. — Mary Elizabeth Templeton (6), born July 21st. 1SS6. 

410. — Paul Cochran Templeton (6), born February 14th. 1SS1). 

4-2ti. — David R. McNary (4), son of Joseph McNary, the sub.ieet of this sketch, 
was born March 27th, 1831, in Cecil Township, Washington County. Pennsylvania. 
His early life -was devoted to farm labor, and his education was obtained in the 
district schools of the period in which he lived. Later he took a partial course in 
Jefferson College, Canonsburg. 

About 1S3S lie was married to Mary Ann Munn. of Nottingham Township, who 
was born March Sth, 1839. They soon after took up their residence in McDonald, 
on the line of the P., C, C. &. St. L. Railway, where they still continue to reside. 

DWID R. McNARY, No. 420 Thomas Branch. 

In his business, that of agent for different mercantile companies, he has been a 
success, always retaining the confidence of his employers in whatever he undertook. 
Their church connection was first in the United Presbyterian Church, but after 
locating in McDonald they identified themselves with the First Presbyterian Church 
of that place, and where they are at present to be found. For many years he has 
been a ruling elder in that congregation. 

To them were born three sons and two daughters: Clarence Francis, Ida May, 
John William, Lizzie Ora and S. A. Munn. 

421. — Clarence Francis McNary (5) was born Ri ptember 20th. I860. 

422.— Ida May McNary (5), daughter of David R. McNary. was born April 
4th, 1862. She was married about 1SS3 to Thomas Grant, of Sheridanville, who is 
in the employ of the Pittsburg Coal Company. 

' To them were bom nine children, as follows: George McNary, Marion 
Thompson, Emerson Bennett, John McDonald. Edna. Clara, Louisa Munn. David R. 


and Ruth. This happy family, so far as the writer knows, are all living and en- 
joying good health at their home in Sheridanville. Their church connection is with 
the First Presbyterian Church of that place. 

423. — George McNary Grant (6), born February 20th, 18S.5. 

424. — Marion Thompson Grant (6), born October 14th, 1887. 

425. — •Emerson Bennett Grant (6), born October 7th. 1S88. 

426. — John McDonald Grant (6), born August 30th, 1890. 

427. — Edna Grant (6), born November 17th, 1892. 

42S. — Clara Grant (61, born April 21st, 1895. 

429. — Louisa Munn Grant (6), born December 7th, 1897. 

430. — David E. Grant (61, born October 31st. 1900. 

431. — Ruth Grant (61, born March 26th. 1902. 

432. — John William McNary (51, son of David R. McNary, born January 20th. 
1864, is unmarried. At present his home is with his brother, S. A. McNary, at 
Sheridanville, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. For twenty-three years he has been 
engaged in railroad work, during which time he has had many marvelous experiences 
and escapes. At present he is a conductor in the employ of the P., C, C. &- 
St. L. Railway. 

433. — Lizzie Ora McNary (51. daughter of David R. McNary. was born Sep- 
tember 20th, 1867. She was at home with her parents until her marriage about 
1890 to Stewart C. Gailey, who was born April 27th, 1S70, and who is in the employ 
of the Pittsburg Coal Company. They reside at No. 1100 Trenton street, Wilkins 
burg, Pennsylvania. Their church home is in the Presbyterian Church of that 
place. To them were born three children, Harry McNary, Ruth .V. and Charles S. 
All are living and at home with their parents. 

434. — Harry McNary Gailey (6), born August 22nd, 1891. 

435.— Ruth A. Gailey (6), born September 26th. 1895. 

436. — Charles S. Gailey (6). bom February 7th, 1904. 

437.- — S. A. Munn McNary (51. son of David R. McNary, was born April 3rd. 
1871. He chose for his business that of house decorator and artistic painting. Tn 
about 1890 he married Mattic E. Bowman, horn September 24th, 1S73, ami tool; 
up their residence in Sheridanville, where they still make their home and are con- 
nected with the Fir=t Presbyterian Church of that place. 

To them were born two sons and one daughter: Clarence, Far] B. and 
Florence E. 

438.— Clarence McNary (6), born dune 12th, 1891, died February 14th, 1S92. 

439.— Earl B. McNary (6), born April 18th, 1<*96. 

440.— Florence E. McNary (0,, born March 24th, 1903. 

441. — Lavinia McNary (41. born August 25th, 1835, on farm in (Veil Town- 
ship, near Canonsburg. received h^r education in the district schools and her more 
advanced education in " Glome Institute " (Ladies' Seminary), at Canonsburg. She 
was married to John Westbay, who was born December 6th, 1811. After her mar- 
riage their hom>- was in Elizabeth. Allegheny County. Pennsylvania, where Mrs. 
Westbay continues to reside since the death of her husband. They were liberal 
supporters and enthusiastic workers in the Elizabeth United Presbyterian Church. 
442. — William Moor McNary (41. son of Joseph McNary. was born in Cecil 
Township, May 20th, 1833, and died March 19th. 1904. He was a very quiet, tin 
obtrusive man. and devoted himself to farming for the greater part of his life. He 
did not enjoy very good health for some years before his death, during which time 
he resided in Canonsburg, living a retired life. About 1868 he married Mary Jane 
Weaver, of Canonsburg, who was born May 22nd, 1844. 


(Make note of any Births, Deaths, etc.. on Blank Pajre for future reference.) 


To them were born t>ne son and three daughters, Elizabeth, Mary W., Joseph 
M. and Margaret, all of whom are single and at home with their mother in Canons- 
burg. Their church home is the Chartiers United Presbyterian Church of Canons- 
burg. Mr. McXary is buried in Oak Spring Cemetery, Canonsburg. 

443. — Elizabeth McNary (5), born November 27th. 1869. 

444. — Mary W. McNary (5), born November 14th. 1872. 

445. — Joseph M. McNary (5), born May Sth, 1^70. 

44G. — Margaret McNary (5), born June 13th. 1SS1. 

447. — George McNary (4). son of Joseph McXary, born in Cecil Township. 
January 29th, 1S3S. He attended the district schools of the Township, and 
Jefferson College. Canonsburg, and graduated from Westminster College. Later 
studied medicine under the direction of Dr. James G. Dickson, of Canonsburg, com- 
pleting his medical course in Jefferson Medical College. Philadelphia. He opened 
an office for the practice of his profession on Wylie avenue, Pittsburg, but after- 
wards removed to Carnegie, where he died of typhoid fever February 25th, 1880. 
His body was laid to rest in Oak Spring Cemetery, Canonsburg. He was married 
about 1870 to Essie Littell, of Pittsburg. 

443. — Sarah McNary (4). daughter of Joseph McXary, was born in 1S40 on 
a farm near Canonsburg. Lived at home with her parents until her marriage with 
M. V. Douglas, born 1836, which took place about 1S70. Mr. Douglas was a 
soldier in the Union army, having volunteered October 26th, 1561, in Company F, 
Sixty-seventh Regiment Pennsylvania Infantry. Third Division, Army of the 
Potomac. Took part in battle of Winchester, Mine Run. Catlet Station. Rapidan 
River, and others. Was taken prisoner June loth, 1SG3, and was first in Libby 
prison, afterwards at Belle Island and Castle Thunder. Was mustered out October 
26th, 1S64. 

They located on a farm two miles north of C'anonsburg. where they followed 
farming successfully until the health of Mr. Douglas failing from the effects of 
exposure in the army, they removed to Xorth College street. Canonsburg. where 
they now reside. They have been for many years connected with the Chartiers 
United Presbyterian Church of Canonsburg. 

To them were born two daughters: Mary E. ami Margaret E. 

449. — Mary E. Douglas (5). born 1^73. was married about 1599 to James 
Andrew Stephens, who was born in 1573. He is employed as superintendent of 
agriculture and horticulture in the Boys' Training School, Plainfield. Indiana, where 
they make their home and attend the L'nited Presbyterian Church. 

To them were born a son and a daughter: Mary Sara anil James Douglas. 

450. — Mary Sara Stephens (6), born 1900. 

451. — James Douglas Stephens (6), born 1901. 

452. —Margaret B. Douglas Co), born 1877. Is at home with her parents. 

453. — Nancy B. McNary (4), 'laughter of Joseph McXary. was horn in ('ecil 
Township, near Uinon-burg, January 21st. 1543. She lived at the home of her 
parents until she was married to Alexander B. McCloy, born March 22nd. 1S42. 
They followed the occupation of farming, living for a number of years on a farm 
on which is now located Gamble Station, on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. After- 
ward they located in ranonsburg, where they continued in business until the death 
of Mr. McCloy. which occurred suddenly October 27th. 1«99. Mrs. McCloy now 
resides at X~o. 5144 Friendship avenue. Pittsburg. While in Canonsburg they be- 
longed to the United Presbyterian Ohurch, and are now in the Shadyside congrega- 
tion of that denomination. 

To this union were born one son and four daughters: Sara Elizabeth. Marie L., 
Margaret Giffen. Frank Audley Dickson and Eva Carona. 


454. — Sarah Elizabeth McCloy (5), born May 12th. 1869, married James Lea 
Rankin, born September Sth, 1S6S. They live in Pittsburg and attend the United 
Presbyterian Church. They have two children. Eleanor Elizabeth and James Lea. 

455.— Eleanor Elizabeth Rankin (6), born May 13th, 1900. 

456. — James Lea Rankin (6), born September 13th. 1903. 

457. — Marie Laurie McCloy (5), born September 9th, 1S72, married George 
Albert Zahnizer, born March 10th, 1S67. They live in Mercer, Pennsylvania, and 
are connected with the United Presbyterian Church. 

45S. — Margaret McCloy (5), born October 14th. 1S75. married Mr. Marple and 
live in Carnegie, where thej attend the United Presbyterian Church. They have 
one child, Marion McCloy. 

459. — Marion McCloy Marple (6), born June 29th, 1900. 

460. — Frank Audley Dickson McCloy (5). 

461. — Eva Carona McCloy (5). 

462. — Samuel McNary (3), son of Thomas McNary, was born in Chanceford 
Township, York County, Pennsylvania. December 26rh, 1781, coming with his father 
to the farm purchased a few years later in Xorth Strabane Township. Washington 
County, Pennsylvania. His opportunities for education were somewhat limited. 
being confined to the subscription schools of those times. But having an ambition 
to learn, and being a diligent student and apt scholar, he succeeded in fully master- 
ing the branches then included in the common school curriculum. 

On January 2Sth. 1802, he married Mary Anderson, born June Sth, 1783. Snnn 
after they removed to a farm purchased near BloomingJale, Jefferson County. Ohio. 
Here he devoted himself to agricultural pursuits. But while thus engaged, not in 
any haphazard, but in an intelligent and successful manner, he was not unmindful 
rrf his duty as a citizen of the country that guarded and protected him in his 
political rights. He was a member of the General Assembly of Ohio Legislature 
in 1821-1822, 1827-1828, 1837-1838. He was a member of the Board of Commis- 
sioners, 1815-1820, 1832-1835. Also at an early period he was chosen an associate 
iudge, his district extending over a large part of Eastern Ohio. This I feel justified 
in saying was before the organization of Jefferson County as such. 

To this union was born nin^ children: James, Catharine, Thomas. Jane. Annie. 
Mary, Eliza, Esther and Margaret B. 

463. — James McNary (4) was born in 1812, In early manhood he went away 
from home, and all trace of him was lost. He was supposed to have died suddenly. 

464. — Catharine McNary (4), died in her 24th year, unmarried. 

465. — Thomas McNary (4), married Jane Parkhill. They were members of the 
Seeeder Church of Piney Fork. He died in the 47th year of his age, — his wife 
dying near the same time and leaving no family. 

466. — Jane McNary (4V born in 1807, received her early education in the 
common schools of the period. In 1828 she married Thomas Kyle, who was born in 
1 R 00, the marriage ceremony being performed by the Rev. Thomas Hanna, D. D. 
They lived on their farm, locatfd near Cadiz, Harrison County, Ohio. 

To them were born eleven children, all of whom were baptized by the same 
minister who performed the marriage ceremony: Samuel, Jane. Elizabeth, Margaret. 
Martha, Catharine, Mary. Thomas, Sarah, William and Joseph. 

467. — .Samuel W. Kyle (5) was born on the farm near Cadiz in 1830, received 
his early education in the schools of the Township in which he lived. In about 
1S54 he married Sarah Elizabeth Grove, born in 1825. He was for many years 
a ruling elder in the United Presbyterian Church of Cadiz. Ohio. Later he removed 
to a farm near New Concord, Ohio, where at present he worships with the Second 


United Presbyterian Church, of -which for many years he has been an elder. Mr9. 
Kyle died some years'ago. 

To them were born four children. Frank Thomas, Melvin Grove, Ella J. and 
David Braden. 

46S. — Frank Thomas Kyle (6). born in 1855, early developed a taste for music 
and studied with that in view. For some time he was Professor of Music in Traver, 
Iowa. An author of some note, he wrote the song entitled ''Lost and Found," a 
song story of the Civil War, which he set to music. Early in life he identified 
himself with the church, and for some years has been an active worker in the 
Second United Presbyterian Church of New Concord, Ohio, where he is a ruling 
elder. He is unmarried and at home with his father. 

469. — Eev. Melvin Grove Kyle, D. D. (6), born May 7th, 1358, on a farm 
in Harrison County, Ohio. His early education was received in the public schools. 
and he was graduated from Muskingum College in the class of 1SS1 with degree of 
A. B. His theological training was obtained in the United Presbyterian Theological 
Seminary, Allegheny. Pennsylvania, from which he was graduated in 1885. He was 
licensed to preach the Gospel by the Presbytery of Muskingum the same year. 
In a short time he received a call from the Seventh United Presbyterian Church 
of Philadelphia, which he accepted, and where he has continued to labor since 
May 1st, 18*6. He received the degree of D. D. in 1893. Dr. Kyle is a noted 
Egyptologist, member of Die Yorderasiatischen-Gesselschaft, of Berlin, and of the 
department of Archaeology of the University of Pennsylvania, also a contributor to 
archaeological journals. 

Dr. Kyle was twice married, his first wife being Susie Young Mitchell, whose 
death with her twin daughters occurred in 1891. He was again married about 1S95 
to Annie Jane Dempster, who died a few years later, leaving one daughter, Annie 
Dempster. Dr. Kyle is a hard worker, ami leaves a deep impression on all with 
whom he comes in contact. He is at home to his friends at Frankfort, Philadel- 
phia, Pennsylvania. 

470. — Annie Dempster Kyle (7), born 1*96. 

471. — Ella Jennette Kyle (6), the only daughter of Samuel and Sarah Eliza 
beth Kyle, was born in 1S62. In addition to her public school training, she was a 
student for some time at Muskingum College. She is unmarried, and at home with 
her father. Her church connection is in the Second United Presbyterian Church, of 
Xew Concord, Ohio. 

472. — David Braden Kyle (6), born 18f>3 near Cadiz, Ohio, was educated in 
the public schools of Harrison County, and later entered the Jefferson Medical 
College, Philadelphia, from which he graduated in the class of 1391. He is now 
Professor of Laryngology in that college, and consulting Laryngologist in St. 
Agnes' Hospital: also Bacteriologist in the Philadelphia Orthopedic Hospital, and 
at present to be found as a practicing physician at his office. Xo. 1517 "Walnut 
street, Philadelphia. Pennsylvania. In, addition, he has an enviable standing as an 
author, having issued a medical text book on "Diseases of the Xose and Throat.'' 
He married Jeannetta Emma Smith. Their church home is in the United Presby- 
terian Church. 

473. — Margaret Kyle (5). daughter of Jane MeXarv and Thomas Kyle, born 
near Cadiz, Ohio, married Robert Henderson, of Jefferson County, Ohio, who resided 
on the old Henderson farm near Smithfield, where they continued to live until the 
death summons called them to their rest, leaving no family. Their church home 
was in Piney Fork United Presbyterian Church. Ruling elder for many years. 

474.— Mary A. Kyle (5), daughter of Thomas Kyle, born near Cadiz in 1833. 
prepared herself for teaching in the public and high schools of Harrison County. 



and proved proficient in this Hue of work. In October, 1857, she was married to 
David McXary, of Nottingham Township, Washington County. Pennsylvania. For 
further record of this family, see the genealogy of David McXary ( 153-162) 

475.— William P. Kyle (5), son of Jane McNary and Thomas Kyle, bom in 1S3G 
in the homestead near Cadiz. Ohio, continued at home with his father on the 
farm until the breaking out of the Civil War in 1861, when ho volunteered for the 
defense of his country in the Forty-third Ohio Infantry. Mr. Kyle was one of the 
fortunate men in the army, serving nearly four full years in the Army of the 
West or Cumberland, and during that time never failed to accompany his regiment 
on a march, was in every engagement in which his regiment took part, never sick 
enough to be in a hospital, never a prisoner, and never wounded. The regiment 
never failed to hold their ground and rout the enemy from their front. For three 
days in May, 1S62, at Corinth they were in line of battle continuously. In October 
of the same year, a second battle was fought at Corinth, in which they hail an 
active part. During their campaign in Tennessee they suffered much for clothing 
and military equipments. The Forty-third Ohio Infantry was among those who 
accompanied General Sherman in his march from Atlanta to Savannah, during the 
last days of this g ; gantic struggle. While fraught with many trials ami hardships. 
it is looked back to with gratification, seeing the great results it brought about. 

About 1866 he married Till ie Hurford. To them were born five sons and one 
daughter: Ulysess, Asenath, Thomas. William P., John and Algernon. Their church 
home is at Cadiz, Ohio, and their place of residence Bloomfuld, Ohio. 

476. — Ulysses G. Kyle (6), "born about 1871, married, has one son. 

477. — Infant son (7). 

47S.— Asenath Kyle (6), daughter of William Kyle, born about 1873, married 
a brother of Ulysses' wife. 

479. — Thomas Kyle (6), moved West. 

4S0.— William Kyle (6). 

481.— John Kyle (6). 

4S2. — Algernon Kyle (6), unmarried and at home. 

4S3. — Jane B. Kyle (5), daughter of Thomas Kyle, born October .'list, 1834, 
near Cadiz, Ohio. After some years of teaching in the public schools of Harrison 
County, she was married in October, 1S57, to James R. McNary, son of David 
McNary, of North Strabane Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania. For fur- 
ther record, see genealogy of James R. Mc Nary, son of David McNary (353-361). 

484. — Martha Kyle (5). daughter of Jane McNary and Thomas Kyle, born in 
183S on a farm near Cadiz, Ohio. About I860 she married Henry Barkley, and died 
leaving no family. 

485. — Thomas McNary Kyle (5), another son of Jane McNary Kyle, born on 
the farm near Cadiz, Ohio, where he continued with his parents until the breaking 
out of the Civil War. when in 1S62 he volunteered for the defense of his country. 
After but two mouths' service, in the battle of Perrysville, Kentucky, he was 
wounded, and died about two weeks later from the effects in a hospital in Cincin- 
nati, aged about 20 years. 

486. — Elizabeth Ann Kyle (5), daughter of Jane McNary and Thomas Kyle. 
born about 1S41 on a farm near Cadiz, Ohio, married John Dill Mitchel. born 1825, 
both now deceased. > 

To them were born five children: Crawford, Maggie Jeanetta, John. Samuel 
and Ida. 

4S7. — Crawford Mitchel (G), married and moved to the West. 


4SS. — Maggie JeanQtta Mitchel (6), born 1874, was about 1000 married to John 
McCarrell Cowden, of Chartiers Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania, boru 
in 1S65. 

To them were born four children, as follows: Margaret Elizabeth, Joseph 
Mitchell. Ida Martha and John Ray. Their church home is in the United Presby- 
terian Church of Hickory, Pennsylvania, of which he has for many years been a 
ruling elder. 

4S9. — Margaret Elizabeth Cowden (7). born 1901. 

490. — Joseph Mitchel Cowden (7), born 1903. 

491.— Ida Martha Cowden (7), boru 1904. 

492. — John Ray Cowden (7). born 1906. 

493. — John Mitchel (6), son of Elizabeth Kyle Mitchel, died while quite 

494. — Samuel Mitchel (6), son of Elizabeth Kyle Mitchel. was born near Cadiz, 
Ohio. Married Mary Glass, of HickoTy, Washington County, Pennsylvania. They 
have one son. They •occupy the old home of his parents and are connected with 
the United Presbvterian Church. 

494 }( 2 .— Son, Mitchel (7). 

495. — Ida Mitchel (6). daughter of Elizabeth Kvle Mitchel, born about 1SS0, 
is devoting her attention to the study of music in the University at Wooster, Ohio. 

496. — Catherine Kyle (5), daughter of Jane McXary and Thomas Kyle, born 
about 1S42, died in earlv womanhood. 

497.— Sarah Kyle (5). daughter of Jane MeXary and Thomas Kyle, born August 
30th. 1847, on the home farm near Cadiz. Ohio. About 1S73 she was united in 
marriage to Asburv- F. Pettv. born August 22nd, 1^47. 

To this union were born four children: Twin boys, Orlando Henderson and 
Orville Anderson, and Xettie Anna and Thomas A. 

498. — Orlando Henderson Petty (0 V ,. born February 20th, 1874. After com- 
pleting his common school course, graduated at Muskingum College, following that 
with a course at Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, and is now a practicing 
physician in Roxborough 303, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

499. — Orville Anderson Petty (6), born February 20th. IS 74, graduated from 
Muskingum College and from the United Presbyterian Seminary in Allegheny, Penn- 
sylvania. After being licensed to preach he accepted a charge and is now pastor 
of the First United Presbyterian Church of Greely, Colorado. About 1904 he was 
united in marriage to Miss Eva Hammond, who was also a graduate of Muskingum 

To this union was born one daughter: Mabel Kyle. 

500.— Mabel Kyle Petty (7). 

501. — Nettie Anna Petty (6), daughter of Sarah Kyle and Asburv Petty, born 
July l^th, about l v 78. another graduate of Muskingum College, chose teaching as 
her profession. She is at present engaged in teaching Greek and Latin at Car- 
negie, Pennsylvania. 

50-2.— Thomas A. Petty (6), born July 31st, 1SS1. After finishing the common 
school course, he attended Athens College for some time. Recently he nas been em- 
ployed in literary and newspaper work in Wheeling, West Yirginia. 

503. — Joseph Alexander Kyle (5), son of Jane MeXary Kyle, was born October 
29th. 1849. near Cadiz, Harrison County. Ohio. He followed the usual course of 
farmers' boys, attending school in winter and laboring on the farm in summer. 


(Make note of any Births, Deaths, etc., on Blank Pajre for future reference.) 


About 1S74 he married Rebecca B. Henderson, who was born in March, 1852, and 
who died April 9th, 1S92. Joseph A. Kyle was again married, this time to Alice 
Cline, born in March, 1S53. They lived in Sabina, Ohio, until 1S93, during which 
time he prepaied himself for the practice of an •• Electrical Physician. " While in 
Sabina, he was connected with the United Presbyterian Church. In 1896, on account 
of his health, he removed to Clinton, North Carolina, where he still resides in the 
practice of his chosen profession. 

To him have been born four children: Margaret I., Thomas II., Francis and 
Mary Ruth. Also a step-daughter. Janita Marie (line, helped to make up the 
household until her marriage to J. C. Dayhor, to whom was born one child, January 
22nd, 1906. 

When the Kyles located in Clinton they united with the Methodist Episcopal 
Church, South, where they continue their church connection until the present. Mr. 
Kyle "never misses an opportunity to vote the Prohibition ticket." 

504. — Margaret I. Kyle (6), born June 2nd, 1876. 

505.— Thomas H. Kyle (6), born June 16th. 1878. 

506\— Francis Kyle (6), died in infancy. 

507.— Mary Ruth Kyle (6), born December loth, 1S9G. 

508. — Anna McNaiy (4). daughter of Samuel Me Nary, born near Bloomfield, 
Jefferson County, Ohio, about 1813, married Andrtw Orr, who was born and reared 
in the same section of the country. After some years' residence in Jefferson County, 
they removed to Christian County, Illinois, where Mrs. Orr died soaie time in the 
'60s. Their church connection was in the United Presbyterian Church. 

To this union were born ten children. Robert, Samuel McXary, Hugh, Thomas, 
John, Andrew J., Mary J., Bell, Catherine and Esther. 

509. — Robert W. Orr (5), married Hattie Shomerway, and to them were born 
four children. He was superintendent of the public schools. 

510.- Orr (6). 

511.— Orr (6). 

512. Orr (6). 

513.— Orr (6). 

514. — Samuel McNary Orr (5), married, now dead, leaving one daughter: 
Minnie Angel. 

515. — Minnie Angel Orr (6). now of Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. 

516. — Mary J. Orr (5), married Mr. Turnham. Has one daughter: Madge. 

517. — Madge Turnham (6). 

518. — Thomas Orr (5) is unmarried and lives at Laplatte, Colorado, and is 
engaged in gold mining. 

519. — Bell Orr (5), married Mr. Kirk. Has three daughters: Hattie, Grace and 
Pearl, residing near Edenburg. Illinois. 

520. — Hattie Kirk (6), married a Mr. Boughman. 

521. — -Grace Kirk (6), married a Mr. Hill. 

522. — Pearl Kirk (6), married a Mr. Boughman. 

523. — John Orr (5), married Martha Jones, and resides at Pana, Illinois. 
Three daughters were born to them: Bessie, Callie and Ruth Jones. 

524. — Bessie Orr (6), married a Mr. Pierpoint. 

525. — Callie Orr (6), married a Mr. Atherton. 

525%.- — Ruth Jones Orr (6), single and at home. 

526. — Esther Orr. of whom I have no record. 


527. — Andrew Jackson Orr (5), married Annie Clark, Piqua, Ohio. They have 
three children, one daughter and two sons, living at Warren, Ohio: 

528. Onr (7). 

529. Orr (7). 

530. Orr (7). 

531. — Hugh Orr (5), died in the Civil War. 

532. — Catherine Orr (o), single, and at present living in Denver, Colorado. 

533. — Mary McNary (4), daughter of Samuel McNary, born near Bloomne'd. 
Jefferson County, Ohio, February 14th, 1812, and died in 1SS5. She was married 
about 183S to William Hawthorn Hervey, born 1811 and died 1S87. Both were 
buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery at Bloomfield, Ohio. They located on a farm 
at Unionport, Jefferson County, Ohio. 

To them were born three children: Samuel A., George W. and Mary Jane. 

534. — Samuel A. Hervey (5) was born about 1S39, and spent h:s early life on 
the farm. He went into the Union army at the beginning of the war in the first 
call for three months' soldiers, in the First Ohio Regiment; reiulisted as a three- 
year volunteer infantryman, was captured during the battle of Lookout Mountain 
in Tennessee, was taken South to Georgia, escaped from his captors, and traveled 
by night for several weeks until he got through the rebel lines. As soon as pos- 
sible thereafter he reported at Camp Chase at Columbus, Ohio, and returned to 
his regiment. He was recaptured at the battle of Strawberry Plains in East Ten- 
nessee with many others by General Longstreet's cavalry, and marched barefoot 
and bleeding over rough roads in the dead of winter to Libby Prison, where he 
was lost to the knowledge of his friends, except a rumor that he was removed 
in a starved and dying condition from the prison on a stretcher, with several 
others, to be taken to "Belle Isle." a rebel burying ground, the place of last resort 
for all persons near to death. His three months' service was in the Army of the 
Potomac, and the three years' service was in the Army of the Cumberland and 
Sherman 's Army in the Southwest. 

535_ — George W. Hervey (5), son of Mary and William H. Hervey, born at 
Unionport, Ohio, July 27th, 1S4G. He was married about 1S7S to Laura J. Camp- 
bell, born November 28th, 1859. 

To them were born six children: Earl Campbell, William II., George Edgar. 
Clara M., Ola Belle and David Stewart. All the children of this family are at 
home with their parents. 

The past 18 years of George W. Hervey 's life he has been in newspaper 
work. In 1SS8 he bought an agricultural monthly paper in Omaha. — the "House- 
hold Homestead and Cultivator. ' '—changed this to a semi-monthly and gave it the 
name "Western Stockman and Cultivator." This, in lsS9, he sold and accepted 
the editorial management of the "Weekly World H>rald." which p-sition he filled 
for 12 years, resigning in August, 1901, to accept the editorial management of 
the "Nebraska Farmer," — a farm journal that was started in 1858 by Ex-Gov- 
ernor Robert W. Furness, and quite popular throughout the West during the past 
30 years. In 1905 he resigned the editorship of this journal to accept the position 
of associate editor of the "Twentieth Century Fanner," a farm magazine and 
agricultural journal published in Omaha, a position which he still holds. 

In 1SS3 he emigrated from his native home at Unionport, Ohio, to a 920-aere 
farm and stock ranch near Creightoii. iu Knox County, Nebraska. On this he 
lived four years, when he sold it and moved to Omaha. This was during the boom 
days of that city, and he ai*o shared some of its misfortunes. In the meau 


time he secured other janeh interests iu Cherry County, Nebraska, which he oper- 
ated by proxy until 1903, when these were disposed of. In addition to his editorial 
work, which lias already been spoken of, he has been actively identified with the 
agricultural interests of the Stato adopted as his home. He has been a member of 
the State Board of Agriculture for ID years, a member of the Board of Man- 
agers of the State Fair for the past three years, and for the past 1G years has 
been a member of the Board of Managers of the Douglas County Agricultural Society 
and Secretary of the Association for 14 years. 

His religious connection is in the Presbyterian Church of Omaha, Nebraska. 

536. — William Hawthorn Hervey (6), born October 10th, 18*3, is in the Gov- 
ernment postal department of the Omaha office. 

537. — Sari Campbell Hervey (5). bom March 20th, 1SS0, is assistant manager 
of, the Hydraulic Press Brick Company, of Omaha. This is a large corporation, 
having factories at various principal cities in the United States. 

338. — George Edgar Hervey (6) is employed by the Omaha office of the West- 
ern Union Telegraph Company. 

539. — Clara M. Hervey (6), born December 5th, 1881, is employed as in- 
structor in Fine Art, Pen Sketching, Water Color, Oil Painting and Ceramics. 

540. — Ola Belle Hervey (6), bom February 8th, 18S8, is a student at Nebraska 
State University. 

541. — David Stewart Hervey (6), born July 25th, 1895, is attending the 
ward school in Omaha. 

542. — Mary Jane Hervey (5), daughter of Mary McNary and William H. Her 
vey, born iu 1851 at Unionport, Ohio, married Rnss Reed, who has Seen dead for 
several years. To this union were born two daughters: Estella and Mabel. 

543.— Estella Reed (6), after finishing her common school course, entered the 
State University at Wooster, Ohio, from which she graduated. Afterwards she 
taught for some years in the public schools of Unionport. She was married in 1901 to 
George Stahl. 

544. — Mabel Reed (6) is unmarried and at home with her mother in Union- 
port, Ohio. 

545.— Esther McNary, daughter of Judge Samuel McNary. died in early life. 

546. — Margaret B. McNary (4), daughter of Judge Samuel McNary, born near 
Bloomfield, Ohio, November 30th. 1820, died May 8th, 1899. Married Ebenezer Her- 
vey, born September 22nd, 1817, and died March 16th, 1900. They owned and 
lived on a farm near Unionport, Jefferson County, Ohio. Prior to 1858 were con- 
nected with the Seceder Church. After the union of the church''-, which occurred 
in 1858, they were identified with the United Presbyterian. 

To these parents were born three children: Elizabeth Jane, Susan and Thomas. 

547. — Thomas Hervey (5), sou of Margaret McNary and Ebenezer Hervey. 
was born September 26th, 1S43. Earl}- in the conflict of the Civil War he volun- 
teered for the defense of his country, and was killed, May 12th, ls(54, in battle 
near Spottsylvania Court House, Virginia, not quite 21 years of age. 

54S.— Elizabeth Jane Hervey (5) was born in 1810 on a farm near Bloomfield, 
Ohio, and attended the Seceder Church at Piney Fork until 1853, and since that 
time has been identified with tho United Presbyterian Church. She was married 
about 1861 to Robert Coleman, born September 12th, 1815, who died February 
22nd, 1904, near Clarksburg, Indiana County, Pennsylvania. 


To this union- were born three sons and one daughter: Thomas Hervev, 
William Ulysses Grant. Robert McNary and Mary Eugene. 

549. — Thomas Hervey Coleman (6), bom August 18th, 1S63. 

550.— William Ulysses Grant Coleman ((5), born November 12th, ISO.",, now dead. 

551. — Robert McNary Coleman (6), born July ISth, 1867, now .lead. 

552.— Mary Eugene Coleman (6), born June 4th, 1880, married Mr. Kunkleuian. 
To them were burn two sons, Robert Amos and William Hervev. They now live 
near Clarksburg, Indiana County, Pennsylvania, and attend the United Presby- 
terian Church. 

553. — Robert Amos Kunkleman (7), born July 10th, 1901. 

554. — William Hervey Kunklenian (7), born April Kith. 1903. 

555. — Susan Hervey (5). daughter of Margaret McNary and Ebenezer Hervev, 
born November 3rd, 1849, on a farm near Unionport, Ohio, married about 1372 to 
David L. Miller, who was born December 13th, 1839. They live on the old Hervev 

To -them were born two <ons and two daughters: Margaret Edna, Nora Anita. 
William Thomas and John Chester. 

556. — Margaret Edna Miller (6) was born December 2Sth, 1S7.T. Was united 
in marriage January 24th, 1^97. to Ross W. Owen. 

To them were born two children, Velma Grace and Leo Dorham Walker. 

557.— Velma Grace Owen (7), born October Sth, 1897. 

55S. — Leo Dorham Walker Owen (7), born April 20th, 1904. 

559. — Nora Anita Miller (6), born January 6th, 1S7S. 

5G0. — William Thomas Miller (6), born May ISth, 18^4. 

561. — John Chester Miller (6), born June 9th, 1S90. 

562.— Eliza McNary (4), daughter of Judge Samuel McXarv, died in early life. 

David McNarv Branch 


McNary Tree— David Branch 

r f 

3 Margaret McNary. 

10 Esther McNary. 

1 1 Mary McNary. 
24 McNary. 

35 William McNary. 

72 Surah McNary. 

71) Juno McNary. 

4 David Ramsey. 

5 Surah Ramsey, 
li Mary Ramsey. 

7 Millio Ramsey. 

8 Emily Ramsey. - 
!) Khodn Ramsey. 

1-2 Esther Mnrlin. 

13 Margaret Mnrtin. 

14 Sarah Martin. 

• la 


l(i Julm Martin. 

17 David Martin. 

18 William Mnrtin. - 

21 Isabella Martin. 

22 Isaac Martin. 

211 Klizu Juno Martin 

20 David McNary. 

85 Hubert MoNary 

89 Samuel McNnry. 

42 ,Tohn McNary-. 

43 Ebonczer McNary. 

44 William McNary. 

00 .Tamos McNary. 

70 Mary McNnry. 

71 Nnncy McNary. 

J8V4 Wm. II. Withenpoon. 

19 David Houston Martin. 

20 Samuel Albert Martin. 

127 Jane MeNury. 

28 Nnncy McNary. 

I 29 Sarah McNary. 

J 30 Maggie McNnry. 

31 Martha McNary. 

32 William McNary. 
I 33 Mnry McNary. ' 

I 34 Liz/.io McNary. 

no Daughter— McNary. 

37 Daughter— McNurv. 

I 38 Daughter— McNary. 

41 — 


45 Mary Ellen McNary 
48 Margaret. Jnno McNnry. 

49 Sarah Kli/.ahetU McNary. 

55 Samuel John .McNary. - 
Gl Emma AgnoB MjcNnry. 

02 Amanda Mnilira McNary. 

40 William Ilavinglnn. 
47 Anna llavlngtun. 

50 Willii Scott. 

51 Anna Scott. 

52 Predn Scott. 

53 Clyde Scott. 

54 Olalr Scott. 

5(1 Frank 11. Me Nary. 

{ 57 Win. A. McNary. 

00 Ella Wallaco McNnry. 

03 Lloyd M. Dnvlos. 

(14 Carl Vivian Having. 

I',5 John Thoninn Davien. 

00 Rnbt. Wm. Stottleniyer. 

117 (ilon D. Stottlnmyor. 

08 Wndu Ij. Stottleniyer. 

58 Ruth Wilson McNnry. 

59 Helen Tlielma MeNury 

By J. R. McNary, Corresponding Secretary McNary Association, Burgettstown, Pa.* 


"For the Lord thy God bringeth thee into a gooil land." 
1. — James McNary (1) (see at beginning of John Branch). 

2. — David McNary (,2). of Chanceford Township, York County, Pennsylvania, 
bought a farm in Hanover Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania in A. D. 
1783 for "75 pounds lawful money of Pennsylvania." The deed for this land is 
recorded in Washington County, Pennsylvania, although there is some doubt whether 
his residence was not over the State line, in Brooke County, West Virginia. Born 
in A. D. 1757, three years prior to his father — James MeXary, the original ancestor — 
locating upon the "MeXary" homestead in Chaneeford Township, York County. 
Pennsylvania, it is quite probable that David, the fourth and youngest son, was bora 
in America. In person, David was a large man and of a "sandy" complexion. His 
wife's maiden name was Esther Cowden — no doubt a sister, or near relative, of the 
ancestor of the Cowden family, who located upon a part of -the "George Washingtcn 
tract," in Mt. rieasant Township, Washington County, at an early day. David Me- 
Xary died A. D. 1 S 1 7 . His will is on record at Washington, Pennsylvania. His 
son William and John Cowden — no doubt a brother-iu-law — are named executors; and 
of his estate he bequeaths the one-eighth each to his wife, Esther, and to William, 
Margaret, wife of John Ramsey; Sarah, Mary, wife of Samuel Martin; Elizabeth, 
Esther and Jane, his seven children. Some doubt exists as to the place of burial of 
David, and of his venerable father, James — the "original ancestor." William Me- 
Xary, the only son of David, together with his immediate descendants, are interred 
in the old graveyard at or near Paris, Washington County, Pennsylvania; but the 
final resting place of the "pioneer" David anil of his aged father is not certainly 
or definitely located — the imperfect markings of all graves of that early date being 

*There being no descendant of David MeXary known to the' publication com- 
mittee to whom to apply for a compilation and history of the descendants of David, 
the youngest of the MeXary quartet, the writer reluctantly accepted the task, and 
herewith presents as full and complete a record of this branch, as now seems pos- 
sible, from the meager data available, after the lapse of a century from the days 
of the "pioneer" David: For the inaccuracies and imperfections. — either of omis- 
sion or commission, — in the performance of his labor, the writer begs of the read'-r 
his kind indulgence. J. R. M. 


now illegible. While it is possible that their remains are interred in the old Paris, 
or Harmon 's Creek, Cemetery, where many of the succeediag generations lie, yet 
it is quite probable that the remains of "Old James,' - of his pioneer sun David, and 
of David's wife— Esther Cowden— are at rest in the ancient cemetery, or burying 
place, of the old Seceder Congregation, known as "The Tent," in pioneer days- 
located some five miles south or southwest of Paris, Pennsylvania, but within the 
West Virginia border— which seems to have been the earliest burial place established 
in the Holliday's Cove region. David McNary was an elder in the old Dr. Anderson's 
Harmon's Creek congregation, under whose teachings hi* family were reared, and 
the principles, or doctrines of Calvanism instilled, which left its impress upon the 
succeeding generations and lent to the pioneer settlers of Western Pennsylvania a 
reputation for moral and religious probity second to no other region of our countrv. 

At the date of the location and settlement of David McXary upon the waters 
of Harmon's Creek in 17S3, the condition of all the region westward of the Monon- 
gahela Kiver was most serious; Indian raids, or incursions of the savage tribes 
from west of the Ohio River upon the unprotected settlers were frequent, and a con- 
tinuous menace to the pioneers of the northwestern portions of Washington County — 
being on the extreme boundary of the advance line of civilization! For some tune 
prior to this date, an "outpost," or "military station," had been maintained at 
Holliday's Cove, on Harmon's Creek, near the outlet to the Ohio, and garrisoned 
by a detachment of Colonial "militia," or "minute" men, whose duty it was to 
look after the safety of the early settlers. The earlier settlements were alwavs 
made under the protection and in the vicinity of these frontier "outposts;" hence 
it was that frequent settlements, including but a few families, in exposed localities, 
were made miles in advance, leaving' much of the wilderness to the rear, unclaimed 
and unoccupied. In A. D. 17S3 large tracts of Washington and Beaver Counties 
were yet unsettled, unsurveyed and unclaimed under the patent laws of the State; 
and all of the country to the west and north of the Ohio River, was yet an unbroken 
forest in possession of the native Indian tribes of the northwest. 

By what means of transportation, or by what route over the Allegheny Moun- 
tains, David McXary, accompanied by his aged father, reached the scene of his new 
abode upon the western borders of civilization, must now be a matter of conjecture! 
We know that at this time no "highways" had been cut through the dense and 
heavily timbered forest westward from the Monongahela to the Ohio: There existed 
the old "Indian" or "Mingo" trail, which traversed this region, from Fort Dit- 
quesne, at the "forks of the Ohio" (Pittsburg) to the "Mingo Bottoms" on the 
Ohio River, below Steubenville— passing nearby Holliday's Cove, on Harmon's 
Creek. If David McXary and his father crossed the Alleghenies by the military road 
opened by General Forbes in his march over the mountains to capture and destroy 
Fort Duquesn.-, in 1758, lie probably reached his new home from Pittsburg over the 
"Mingo" trail, via Robinson's Run and Cherry Valley, crossing Raccoon Creek and 
valley at the fair grounds, Burgettstown; thence, by Harmon's Creek, to the 
military "outpost" in the near vicinity of his chosen home, in the new settlement 


on the eastern banks of the Ohio. But, as his brothers — James, in 17S0, ant] 
Thomas, in 17S2 — hail preeeded David to the "promised land" beyond the moun- 
tains, and had already settled in the Chartiers region of Washington County — tLe 
"Shirtee" of pioneer days — it would seem that these brothers probably crossed the 
mountains via Raystown (Bedford) and. by the "Cumberland"' road, to "Redstone 
Old Fort'' (now Brownsville), on the Monongahela; whence, crossing this stream, 
they would be within one day's journey of their destination upon Chartier's Creek. 
At this early day the emigration over the mountains, from Eastern Pennsylvania, 
was by either the one or the other of these routes; and the latter, or southern 
route, seems to have been the popular one from the frontier "outposts" back to 
the older settlements in the East, from whence all needed supplies were obtained. 
Conceding, then, that the preceding brothers — James and Thomas — had come West 
over the southern or "Raystown" road to "Redstone Old Fort," or Brownsville, on 
the Monongahela — what more natural than that father and brother should have 
been "admonished" to "journey through the wilderness" by the same route? 
Once at "Redstone Old Fort." father and son would have the benefit of water 
transportation (by flat boat) down the Monongahela and the Ohio Rivers to locate 
under the protection of the garrison at Holliday's Cove — thus saving a troublesome 
and unsafe journey through the wilderness of the interior. 

While the history of the hardships and privations encountered and overcome 
by these brave and and intrepid ancestors, in reaching and establishing new homes 
in this "wilderness of promise" is now lost to succeeding generations, their de- 
scendants are fortunate in possessing the absolute knowledge that when James Mc- 
Nary and his youngest son. David, had, in 1783, established a home on the waters 
of Harmon's Creek, in Washington County, Pennsylvania, that all of the "McNary 
Family," viz., the veuerable James McNary, the "founder;" James, his second 
son, in 1780; Thomas, the third son, in 1782; and now David, the fourth son. 
in 1783 — with their families — were all permanently established west of the Alie- 
ghenies — save only the eldest son, John, alone of the McNary quartet yet remain- 
ing upon the homestead at Chanceford, Pennsylvania — where they reared large 
families, under all the trials and privations incident to a pioneer life; and subject 
to the additional menace of numerous Indian incursions from the hostile tribes beyond 
the Ohio, and of the upper lake regions; and that John McNary, the oldest sou, 
before his demise in 1802, also provided a home for his family in the "new country" 
adjacent to the homes of his brothers — James and Thomas — on the waters of 
"Shirtee;" whence his family, after his death, all removed. And the advent of 
the nineteenth century thus witnessed a "reunion" of the McNary ancestry in a 
region destined soon to become the scene of the greatest agricultural and industrial 
activity on the face of the globe! In a "goodly" region, of wh:ch it might well 
be said to them, as to God's chosen people of old, "For the Lord thy God bringeth 
thee into a good land; a lar.d of brooks of water, of fountains, and of depths that 
spring out of valleys and hills; a land of wheat and barley and vines; a land of 
oil, olive and honey; a land wherein thou shalt eat bread without scarceness, 
thou shalt not lack anything therein "—almost a literal description of Washington 


County, Pennsylvania, and thou not nearly all is told! 

Amid such scenes, "in trial an:l privations many, " were the pioneer ancestors 
of the "MeXary" Clan domiciled in this "goodly"' laud. Be it ever the aim and 
ambition of their descendants to emulate the virtues and veuerate the memory of 
their worthy ancestors, to the most remote generations! And especially is it a 
matter of congratulation to their descendants of the present day, that their ancestors 
had neither part nor parcel in the unenviable "Williamson Expedition" from this 
roginn, in A. D. 17S2, that encompassed the brutal massacre of the "Moravian" 
Indians at Graudenhutten, — thereby placing an indelible stain upon the fair fame, 
not only of this region, but of the Scotch-Irish race as well! And a still further 
source of satisfaction have this numerous clan, in the knowledge that their ancestors 
were at the post of duty in the Revolutionary conflict, fighting iu the cause of 
freedom, and not fleeing — as did not a few — behind the Alleghenies, to shun a 
patriot's duty to his country in its hour of need! 

The noble deeds our sires have done, 
The mighty conflicts they have won — 

In memory's hall, we store them all; 
And fain accord, with due delight. 
All rev'rence to the memory bright 

Of all who honored Freedom's call! 

3. — Margaret McNary (3), married John Ramsey, Hookstown, Beaver 
County, Pennsylvania. Had six children: David. Sarah, Mary. Milly. Emily and 

4. — David Ramsey (4). 

5. — Sarah Ramsey (4), married a Mr. Sterling. 

6. — Mary Ramsey (4), married a Mr. Sterling. 

7. — -Millie Ramsey (4). married a Mr. Miller. 

8. — Emily Ramsey (4), married a Mr. Witherspooti. 

8l<2. — William H. Witherspoon (5), resides at Beaver, Pennsylvania. 

9. — Rhoda Ramsey (4). 

10. — Esther McNary (3), married Williamson, of Jefferson County, 


11. — Mary McNary (3), married Samuel Martin, of Canonsburg, Pennsyl- 
vania (See Xo. 372 of John Branch), a second cousin, being a son of Margaret 
MeXary, daughter of John McNary, the oldest of the four MeXary brothers, and 
founder of the "John" branch of the family. Had ten children: Esther, Mar- 
garet, Sarah, James, John, David. William, Isabella, Isaac and Eliza Jane. 

12. — Esther Martin (4), married a Mr. ("'much of Mansfield, Ohio. 

13. — Margaret Martin (4), married Judge McCarrell, of Washington County, 

14. — Sarah Martin (4), married a Mr. Rowen, of Washington County, 

15. — James Martin (4), Mansfield. Ohio. 

16.— John Martin (4'). died at age of 9. 

17. — David Martin (4), died at age of 9. 


(Make note of any Births. Deaths, etc., on Blank Page for future reference.) 


18. — William Martin (4). married Mary A. Houston. Was president of the 
First National Bank of Cauonsburg, Pennsylvania, at the time of his death. Had 
two sons: David Houston and Samuel Albert. 

10. — David Houston Martin (5), attorney at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. 

20. — Samuel Albert Martin (5), Presbyterian minister. 

21. — Isabelle Martin (4). married a Mr. Taggart. of Beaver County, Pa. 

22. — Isaac Martin (4), Ir.d'anola, Iowa. 

23. — Eliza Jane Martin (4). 

24. — Elizabeth McNary (3), married William Wallace, Poland. Ohio. 

2.5. — William McNary (3), married Margaret Ramsey, sister to Rev. James 
Ramsey, D. D., resided in Brooke County, West Virginia. Was a member of the 
Seeeder congregation of Paris. Pennsylvania. Buried in the Paris, or Harmon's 
Creek, Cemetery. Had nine children: Nancy. David, Robert, Samuel. John, Ebeu- 
ezer, William. James and Mary. 

26. — David McNary (4), married Nancy Fulton, lived at Bloomfield, Ohio. 
Born 1800. died 1S65. Had eight children, Jane, Nancy, Sarah. Maggie, Martha, 
William, Mary and Lizzie. 

27. — Jane McNary (3), married James McBride, Murray, Indiana. 

2S. — Nancy McNary (3), born 1830. Married William Caldwell. Antrim, Ohio. 

29. — Sarah McNary (3), born 1S32. Married John R. Her Iman, Xenia. Ohio. 

30. — Maggie McNary (5), born and died in 1S34. 

31. — Martha McNary (5), born 1S33. Married William McCarey, Bloomfield. 

32. — William McNary (5), died in his 16th year. 

33. — Mary McNary (5), born 1^37. Married William Atkins, Ogden. Indiana. 

34. — Lizzie McNary (5), born 1S42. Married E. Newhouse, Knightstown', 

35. — Robert McNary (4), married and had three daughters. Coshocton. Ohio. 
Trace of descendants lost. 

£6. McNary (5), daughter of Robert McNary. 

37. McNary (5), daughter of Robert McNary. 

3S. McNary (5), daughter of Robert McNary. 

39. —Samuel McNary (4), married and had two daughters. Defiance. Ohio. 
Xo trace of descendants. 

40. McNary (5), daughter of Samuel McNary. 

41. McNary (5), daughter of Samuel McNary. 

42. — John McNary (4), went West. No family. 

43. — Ebenezer McNary (4), removed to Missouri at an early day. Has de- 
scendants in the "family" name in that State, and in other parts of the West, 
of whom no trace is available for this present publication. 

44. — William McNary <A), born in Hancock County, West Virginia. 1812. 
Married Letitia S. Watt, 1340. Died 1882. Had six children: Mary Kllen. Mar- 
garet Jane, S. Elizabeth, Samuel John, Emma Agnes and Amanda Madura. Reside 1 
at Paris, Pennsylvania, ami at Burgettstown, Pennsylvania. Member of the L'nitel 
Presbyterian denomination. 

45.— Mary Ellen McNary (5), married Thomas Bavington. to whom two 
children were born: William and Anna. 



40. — William Bavington (6), Burgettstowu, Pennsylvania. 

47. — Anna Bavington (6). married Robert McQuay. Wheeling, West Visgiuia. 

4S. — Margaret Jane McNary (5), died young. 

49. — Sarah Elizabeth McNary (5), married .T. L. Scott. They had five chil- 
dren: Willa. Anna, Freda. Clyde and Clair. 

.50. — Willa Scott (6), married Milton McClintock. 

51. — Anna Scott (6), deceased. 

.")!'. — Freda Scott (6), deceased. 

53. — Clyde Scott (r>), re-i,les at Sheraden, Pennsylvania. 

34. — Clair Scott (6), resides at Sheraden. Pennsylvania. 

55. — Samuel John McNary (■'<), married to Margarite Stephenson, of Den- 
nison, Ohio. Had three children: Frank B., William A. and Ella Wallace. 

WILLIAM McNARY, No. 44 David Branch. 

56. — Frank B. McNary (6). married Delia Shower ami lives at Kansas City. 

57. — William A. McNary (0), married Susan Wilson. Has two children: Rutb 
Wilson and Helen Thelnia. 

58. — Ruth Wilson McNary (7). 

59. — Helen Thelnia McNary (7). 

60. — Ella Wallace McNary (6), Dennison, Ohio. 

61. — Emma Agnes McNary (5), Burgettstown, Pennsylvania. 

62. — Amanda Madira McNary (5), married John Davies and had three chil- 
dren: Lloyd M., Carl Vivian and John Thomas, and was afterward married to 
D. D. Stottlemeyer, of Burgettstown, and they had three children: Robert William. 
Clen D. and Wade Lindley. 

63. — Lloyd M. Davies (6). 

04. — Carl Vivian Davies (6). 

(').").- — John Thomas Davies (6). 



66. — Robert William Stottlemeyer (6). 

67. — Glen D. Stottlemeyer (6). 

6S. — Wade L. Stottlemeyer (6). 

69. — James McNary (4). bora 1807, died 1S7S. Reside. 1 at Paris and at 
Burgettstown, Pennsylvania. Was an elder in the United Presbyterian congregation 
at Paris, Pennsylvania. Left no descendants. 

JAMES McWRY, \o. 69 David Branch. 

70. — Mary McNary (1), married Dr. William Shields, Mt. Joy, Illinois. Had 
large family, of whom we have no trace. 

71. — Nancy McNary (4i. married William Thompson, Findley, Ohio. 
72. — Sarah McNary (3). married James Stewart. Youngstown. Ohio. 
73. — Jane McNary (3), married ■ — MeBride, of Poland, Ohio. 


The writer regrets the extremely meager knowledge now obtainable and 
here presentel, of the names and location of the descendants of the daughters of 
David McNary; caused largely, no doubt, from the fact that David's home was 
farther removed from his kindred than any of his brothers' locations; and also 
from the early dispersion of his daughters to homes of their own, in locations 
remote from their kinsfolk of the "McNary" name. The descendants of his 
daughter Mary — Mrs. Samuel Martin ('See No. 11) — are also descended from the 
"John McNary" branch of the family, and are enumerated therein. 

For traie of David McNary 's other descendants we are compelled to look 
almost exclusively to the line of descent of his only son, William. No. 2o; and. of 
the descendants of this William's nine children, we are again confined chiefly to 



the line of his son William. No. 44 — grandson of David— to continue the branch to 
the present generation. 

Descendants of Ebenezer MeXary, Xo. 43, son of William, are known to 
reside in Missouri, and other parts of the West, trace of whom, we regret to say, is 
not now available fur this publication. There are, also, "McXarys" in the States 
of Indiana and Illinois who seem to trace their ancestry to Robert MeXary, Xo. 35, 
son of William, of whose descendants we have no knowledge — but who was last 
heard of in the Coshocton. Ohio, region. Of the descendants of the children of 
William MeXary, Xo. 2o. other than of his youngest son, William, Xo. 44 — herewith 
given — the writer has. unfortunately, no trace. If all who know themselves to he 
descendants of the "David'' branch of the MeXary family will make such fact 
known to the Secretary of the MeXary Association, a note of such relationship 
will be placed on file, from which a revised record of this branch may be compile 1 
for future publication. 


Virginia Family 



«3 t 

; i 


« ! 

3 S 

z 5 

' ' 






^ a 

■2 * ? 

.; - " 

o ^ n 

a '■ 


_3 ? _ 

" o ? 

ls § 



1 23 Moore Hopwood. 

24 Chorlea Hopwood. 
1 25 John Hopwood. 

2(1 William Hopwood. 

27 Brick Hopwood. 

28 Frank Hopwood. 


x "a 

- 3" 

o o 

=i 5 








Compiled by Mrs. Mary V. McNary, of Martinsville, 111., and Fred McNary, 

Fillmore, Ind. 

1. — William McNary (1), of Redstone (Old Fort), Va., with two brothers 
emigrated to America some time before the Revolutionary War and served as a 
soldier later in said war. He had two sons, Ebenezer and John. 

2. — Eoenezer McNary (2). son of William McNary, had two children, Ximroi 
and William. 

3. — Nimrod McNary (3) have in. record of. 

4. — William McNary (3) had seven children, Elizabeth, Sallie, Louisa, Lueinda, 
Thomas, Howard and Isaac. 

5. — Elizabeth McNary (4) married Mr. Washburn. 

6. — Sallie McNary (4). 

JOHN McNARY, No. 12 Virginia family 

7. — Louisa McNary (4) married Mr. Byram. 
8. — Lueinda McNary (4) married Mr. Auld. 
9. — Thoma-j McNary (4). 
10. — Howard McNary (4). 
11. — Isaac McNary (4). 

Some of tliis family live about Martinsville, 111., but do not know the n.nnes 
or addresses. 

12. — John McNary (2), bore in the Stat.- of Virginia in 17o7. In 1797, with 
the family of Samuel Tennis, he emigrated to Mason County, Ky. In I79S he 
married Sallie Ann Tennis. To thorn werr> born 11 children, Harriet, Arthur. Elcnor T., 


Eheuezer Susan, Elenor, Eliza J., bailie Ann, John, Samuel T. and William Henry. 
All of theso children were born near Maysville. Ky. In the year lS2b' he moved 
with his family to Putnam County, Iiul., locating on a farm near Greeneastle. 
While living there he served one term in the State legislature. In 1S39 he went 
to Illinois and purchased a farm, moving his family in the year following. In 
October, 1S44, his wife died. He remained on his farm until the marriage of his 
son, William, with whom he made his home until his death in May, 1S61. 

13. — Harriet McNary (3), born December 5, 1799, was married three times. 
Husbands all died violent deaths. 

Her first husband was Thomas .lames, to whom there was born three chil- 
dren, Stanfield, William and Arthur. Mr. James was shot by a man whom he 
had caught stealing. 

Her second husband was Lew Robinson, who had no children. He hud taken 
horses to New Orleans market, and on his return trip was murdered. 

Her third husband was Patrick Dougherty. To this union was born two 
children, Philandi r and Maria. Mr. Dougherty left home to buy some laud. His 
horse came back alone. He was never found. Was probably murdered for his 

14. — Stanfield James (4) married a Gifford. Had 2 children, John and Ella. 

14%.— John Gifford (o). 

14V4- — Ella Gifford (5) married James McD. Hays, mayor of Greeneastle, Ind. 
They have 4 children. Judie. Tunie. Frank and Harry. 

14%. — Judie Hays (15) married a Hays and lives in Worthington, Ind. 

14%. — Tunie Hays (6) married a Hays. Has 1 child, Buskirk. 

14%. — Buskirk Hays (7). 

14?4. — Frank Hays (6). 

14%. — Harry Hays (6). 

15. — William James (4). 

1G. — Arthur James (4). 

17. — Philander Dougherty (4), doctor of Junction, Kas.. now deceased. 

IS. — Maria Dougherty (4). 

19. — Arthur McNary (3), born November 5, ISOO. Married Maria <'r>nly. 
Ila 1 no children. He was buried in Cloverdale, End. 

20. — Eleanor T. McNary ('.'.). born August 3. 1S03. Died in ehildh 1. 

21. — Ebenezer McNary (3), born December 3, ! v o4. Married Mary Elizabeth 
Fry. They had nine children, Julia, John. Josephine, Jasper, Sallie Henrv. 
Ebenezer, Ilattie and Victoria. 

22.— Julia McNary (4) married Ferdinand Hopwood and lives in Kansas. Had 
six children, Moore, Charles, John, William, !'>ri.-k and Frank. 

23. — Moore Hopwood (5). 

24. — Charles Hopwood (5). 

2j. — John Hopwood (•"). 

26. — William Hopwood (5). 

27. — Brick Hcpwood (7>). • 


28. — Frank Hopwood (5). 

29. — John McNary (4) married Eliza Garner. Lives in Clark County, 111. 
Had four children, Alice. William. Henry and Hulda. 

30. — Alice McNary (5). 

31. — -William McNary (5). 

32. — Henry McNary (3). 

:;::. — Hulda McNary (5). 

34.— Josephine McNary (4), married John Moore. They had two children, 
Dennis aud a daughter. After the death of Mr. Moore she was married to George 
Schmidt. Is now dead. 

35. — Dennis Moore (5). 
36.— Moore (5). 

37. — Jasper McNary (4) married Alice . Had five children. Mina, 

Lizzie and throe others. 

38. — Mina McNary (•">). 

39. — Lizzie McNary (5). 

40. McNary (3). 

41. McNary (•",). 

42. McNary (5). 

43. — Sallie McNary (4) married Dr. W. H. Doke. Has one child, Weber, and 
lives at Martinsville. 111. 

44. — Walter Doke (5). 

45. — Henry McNary (4) married Ruhama Chancellor. Had three children, 
Malcolm, May and Belle. 

46. — Malcolm NcNary (3). 

47.— May McNary (5). 

48. — Belle McNary (5). 

49. — Ebenezer McNary i4) married Cornelia Cline. Had three children, Bert, 
Fied and Forest. Lives at Martinsville. 111. 

50. — Bert McNary (5). 

51. — Fred McNary (5). 

52. — Forest McNary (5). 

53. — Hattie McNary (4) married Oliver Ishler. Had three children, Shelby. 
Lola and Josehpine. Lives at St. Louis. Was later married to Mr. Babcox. 

54. — Shelby Ishler (3) joined the "Rough Riders" in the Spanish-American 
War and was badly wounded at San Juan. 

55. — Lola Ishler (5). 

56. — Josephine Ishler (5). 

57.- — Victoria McNary (4) married Dr. Fisher. Had two children, Robert 
and (Dry. Ion. Later married a Mr. Palmer. 

~)$. — Robert Fisher (5). 

59. — Coiydon Fisher (5). 


60. — .Susan Jane McNary (3), born October 25, 1806. Married William 
Crawford. Had 10 children. Louis, John, Eliza. Sallie, William, Nellie, Susan, 
Joshua, Moses, and one other. Mrs. Crawford died in 1S92, aged 84. 

61. — Louis Crawford (4) lives at Georgetown. O. 

6?. — John Crawford (4) lives at Ripley, O. 

63. — Eliza Crawford (4) married a Mr. Hicks. Lives at Georgetown, O. 

64. — Sallie Crawford (4) married a Mr. Goldsburg. Lives at Russelville, ( >. 

65. — William Crawford (4) lives at Ripley, O. 

66. — Nellie Crawford (4) married a Mr. Howard and lives at Ripley, O. 

67. — Susan Crawford (4) married a Mr. Hodkins. Lives at Ripley, O. 

68. — Joshua Crawford (4) had one child, George. Died August "20, 1907^ at 
Morgantown, Ind. 

69. — George Crawford (5) lives at Morgantown, Ind. 

70. — Moses Crawford (4). 

71.- Crawford (4). 

72. — Eleanor McNary (3). born March 20, 1808. Married Thomas Moore. 
Had eight children, Sallie Ann. William, John, James, America. Samuel, George 
and Walter. 

73. — Sallie Ann Moore (4). 

74. — William Moore (4) had five children. 

75.— Moore (5). 

76. Moore (5). 

77. Moore (5). 

78. Moore (5). 

79.— - Moore (5). 

SO.— John Moore (4). 

81. — James Moore (4). 

82. — America Moore (4). 

83. — Samuel Moore (4). 

84. — George Moore (4). 

85. — Walter Moore (4) was a Baptist minister. Had two sons, and they 
were both ministers. 

86. Moore (5), minister. 

87. Moore (5), minister. 

88. — Eliza J. McNary (3) born August 17, 1810. Married a Mr. Robinson. 
Had two children. William and Henry. She was killed in a runaway near 
Quincy, 111. 

S9. — William Robinson (4). 

90. — Henry Robinson (4). 

91. — Sallie Ann McNcry (3) born 1812. Married Henry Secrest. Had one 
child, Josephine. 

92. — Josephine Secrest (4) married Solire Turman. Had one child. Flora. 

93. — Flora Turman (5) married a Mr. Laughlin. 


( Make note of any Births. Deaths, etc.. on Blank Pa e e for future reference. ) 



94.— John W. McNary (3) born May 14. 1S14. Harried and moved to Put- 
nam County lad., in 18?6. Was married November S, 1838, to Sarah A. Applegate. 

JOHV W. Mc\\R>, No. 9* Virginia family 

of Mason County, Ky., but later of Greeneastle, Ind. Had six children, Charles, 

William, Louisa, Margaret, Peter and Hairy. He died in 1S92. 

CHARLES McN\R>, No. 95 Virginia Family 

95 —Charles McN-ry (4). horn 1840. Died 1880. Had two children, Ida and 
Dora. He was twice married, his first wife was a Howe and his socond wife was 

an Alspaugh. 



98. — Ida McNary 5) married a Mr. Terry. Had four children, Charles. 
William. Delia ami CTvde. 

99. — Charles Terry • 

100. — William Terry 6 . 

101. — Delia Terry (6). 

102. — Clyde Terry (6). 

103. — Dora McNary •">' married a Mr. Bishop. Had two children Edith and 
Claude. Now dead. 

104.— Edith Bishop 6 . 

10-3. — Claude Bishop ("3). 

106. — William McNary 1). born 1*42. Married .Harriet Gifford. Had two 
children, Clara and Wade. 

WILLUM McNxRt No. 106 Virginia Familv. 

107. — Clara McNary 5 marrit A a Mr. Ruark. Had three children. Chester. 
Fred and Goldie. Lives near Greencastle, Ind. 

108. — Chester Buark 6). 

109. — Fred Buark 

110. — Goldie Buark 

111. — Wade McNary (->) married a Walton. No children. Lives in Fillmore. 

112.— Louisa McNary '4). born October 4. 1*44. at Frankfort. Ind. Married 
.Tames Sinclair. Had four children, Marion. Flora. Kate and Margaret. 

113. — Marion Sinclair " | married Louie Smith. Had two children, iia!;.:. 
and Lelia. Live* at Fillmore. Ind. 

114. — Balph Sinclair (<"<). 

115. — Lelia Sinclair (6). 



116. Flora Sinclair (5) married a Mr. Clarence Leachman. Had four chil- 
dren, Harry, Helen, Herbert and Horace. Lives at Fillmore, Ind. 

117. — Harry Leachman (6"). 

US. — Helen Leachman (6). 

119. — Hebert Leachman (lib 

120. — Horace Leachman (6). 

121.— Kate Sinclair (5) married Fred Phillips. No children. Lived at Frank- 
fort, Ind. Was a lineman, and was killed by a live wire. 

122. — Margaret Sinclair (5) married Alva Bryant. Had one child, Bernice. 
She was afterwards married to a Mr. Bolt, of Cyclone, Ind. 

PETER McVARY, No. 129 Virginia family. 

123. — Bernice Bryant (6). 

124.— Margaret McNary (4) married William Knight. Had two children. 
Lula and Walter. Now deceased. 

125.— Lula Knight (o) married a Mr. Ruark, Fillmore, Ind. Had two chil- 
dren, Herschel and Hazel. 

126. — Herschel Ruark ("Hi. 

127. — Hazel Ruark (6). 

128. — Walter Knight (5). Now dead. 

129.— Peter McNary (4), born ISriO. Married Ella Houghland, to whom tno 
children were born, Forest and Fred. Later he was married again to Emma Gillespie. 
Lives at Fillmore, Ind. 



]30. — Forest McNary (5), boru 1876. Married Maude Hurst April 27. 1S9S. 
Had two children, Harold and Marion. Lives at Greencastle. Ind. 
131. — Harold McNary (6), born December 15, 1899. 
132.— Marion McNary (6), born June 3, 1905. 






. ■_. _ _ ■-- - 

FOREST McNARY AND SONS, HAROLD AND MARION. Nos. 130, 131 and 132 Virginia Family. 



133.— Fred McNary (5), born 1SS2. With Bell Telephone Co. He furnished 
a good deal of the history for this branch of the family. 

134.— Harry McNary (4). born 1S54. Died 1906. Single. 

133. — Samuel T. McNary (3), born November 2o, 1S17. Married Faulony 
F. Griffith, January 14. 1S39. Had six children, Amerial, William R., Sarah. Harriet 
Jane, John and Charles. 

136. — Amerial McNary (4). born February 24, 1S42. Married Simeon Staf- 
ford. Had two children and both died in infancy. 

137.— William E. McNary (4), burn March 10, 1S45. Married Letitia Ecord, 
to whom one child was born, Samuel U. After her death he was married to Lola 
Fillon, to whom seven children were born, Maude, Minnie, David William. 
Martha, Merl, Emma and Clara. 

13S.— Samuel U. McNary (5). 

139.— Maude McNary (5). 

FRED McS*RY, No. 133 Virginia Family. 

140. — Minnie McNary (.5). 

141. — David William McNary (5). 

142 — Martha McNary (o). 

143.— Merl McNary (5). 

144. — Emma McNary (5), burned to death. 

145. — Clara McNary (5). 

146. — Sarah McNary (4), born December 8, 1S47. Married Isaac Hani and 
again to Alex. Lindsay. 

147. — Harriet Jane McNary (4). 

14S. — John H. McNary (4) married Jane Snalline. Had nine children, 
Myrtle, Maude, May, Clyde. Fay, Fred. John, Russell and Clifford. 

149. — Myrtle McNary (a) married Winfield Miller. 


150.— Maude McNary (o). 

151. — May McNary (5). 

152.— Clyde McNary (5). 

153. — Fay McNary (5). 

154. — Fred McNary (5). 

155. — John McNary (•">). 

156. — Russell McNary (5). 

157.— Clifford McNary (5). 

158. — Charles McNary (4) was married twice. His first wife was Rose 
Stanficld and his second wife was Margaret ILwertou. He had three ch'ldren, 
Jessie, Letitia and Xora. 

159. — Jessie McNary (5). 

160. — Letitia McNary (5). 

161. — Nora McNary (5). 

162. — William Henry McNary (3). horn July 14, 1821. Was married Feb- 
ruary 20, 185S. to Lydia Milligan. To them was born three children, Byron, Her- 
schel and Clement V. His wife died September 24, 1S63. On November 22, 1S71, 
he was again married to Mary V. Steele, who attended the first reunion of the 
McXary family. To them were born two sons, Robert Payne and William Chessie. 

After a long and useful life, fifty years of which he spent in relieving the 
sufferings of his fellow-men, being a doctor, he passed away without a moment's 
warning, on the evening of May 28th, 1898. Mrs. McXary, who was instrumental 
in helping to furnish a part of this history, died shortly after she had furnished the 

163. — Byron McNary (4). born November 5, 1S5S, son of William H. and 
Lydia McXary. Was married to Sallie Randel, October 1, 1S?0. Sallie. wife of 
Byron McXary. died April 7. 1*99. They had one son. William H. McXary. Byron 
McXary was again married to Celestial Xewman, of Martinsville, Ills. 

164. — William H. McNary (5), born November 9. 1*S4. 

165.— Herschel V. McNary (4), born March 21, 1861. Son of W. H. McXary. 
Was married to Mollie J. Randel September 24. 1SS4. Had one child. Lydia V. 
Mollie. wife of Herschel V. McXary, died and he was again married to Clara 
Jaco. They had one child, Mary Helen. 

166.— Lydia V. McNary (5), born October 29, 1889 

167. — Mary Helen McNary (5), daughter of Herschel and Clara McXary, 
horn December 25, 1904. 

168. — Clement V. McNary (4), born December 16. 1S62, and died in infancy. 

169. — Robert Payne McNary (4), born May 17, 1S73. Son of William and 
Mary V. McXary. Was married to Carrie Week July 9, 1897. Had one son, Earl 
Warren. Live at Martinsville, 111. 

170.— Earl Warren McNary. (5), son of Ropert P. and Carrie McXary, was 
born June 5, 1S98. 

171. — William Chessie McNary (4), born September 23, 1S74. Died January 
1, 1877. 


Martin McNarv Family 

( Copied from Book published by Rev. \V. P. McNary 

The head of this family was born at Greenock, Scotland. His father, 
whose name, according to tradition, was David, went with a wealthy gentle- 
man to Dungarvon, Ireland, as a land steward, and there died. His widow 
returned to Greenock, with all the family except ]\Iartin, who remained with 
their employer. He afterwards went to sea as a cabin boy, was captured and 
held prisoner for a while by some hostile nation, and finally came to America. 
Here he served in the French war, and came to Haddam, Connecticut, 
bringing a bundle of clothes, a watch, and a dying message from a man 
whom he had nursed and buried, to his widow, Mrs. Mahitible Blake. This 
widow he married some time before the Revolution, and from that time 
until his death he lived in Haddam. He served in the Revolutionary war, 
and the name on his Sergeant's certificate was "Kenary." His son James 
always persisted in writing his name "Canary," but all his descendants now 
write it McNary. 

Martin had a brother. John, who v ; sited him at Haddam before the 
war, "but neither of them being clerkly the family correspondence was nut 
kept up." 

At the time of his marriage with Widow Blake, he had a son, MAR- 
TIN, "a young lad" ('probably by a former marriage"), who settled in Litch- 
field, Conn., and left a son George, whose descendants still live there. 
This George got his wife at Fishkill. New York. 

There was a Martin McNary, who came from Connecticut to Fishkill. 
N. Y., and died there in 1S12, who in all probability was the same person. 
We will so consider him. and give his genealogy in this connection. 

The Elder MARTIN was a Catholic, supposed to have become so 
under the influence of his Foster Father in Ireland. He was "truth- 
ful, the soul of honor, anxious to have his children early baptized and 
taught Christian doctrine." "His wife was of Puritan stock, a near rela- 
tive of the Missionary. David Brainard, but being early orphaned, was 
brought up in the Church of England." The children all followed^ the 
mother instead of the father in their religion. The whole family is said to 
be of a mechanical turn of mind. 

MARTIN, of Haddam, Conn., had ten children. 

MARTIN. Fishkill, New York, (formerly of Litchfield, Conn.,) married 

Kate Snider, was a soldier of the Revolution, a blacksmith by trade, 

and died in 1812. 


MAURICE. Middle Haddam, Conn., had three children. One Son, 
(died young, at New Orleans) ; Sarah, (married Capt. Hiram Pen- 
field) : Jennette. (married Erastus Smith). 

JOHN, had six children. Elias, Henry. (Battle Creek. Mich.,) Betsey, 
(m Harley Hood.) Fanny, (m Geo. Hood.) Clarissa, (m Norman 
Wilcox. Warrensville, C.) Hannah, (m John Smith. Haddam, Ct.) 

RICHARD. Durham. Connecticut, died unmarried. 

MARGARET. Haddam. Connecticut, married Asher Clark. 

MARY, Maromus, Connecticut, married Mr. Sears. 

SAMUEL, Stafford, Connecticut, family given below. 

MICHAEL. Haddam. Connecticut, died on old homestead. 

JAMES, (Canary) Perth. Fulton county, N. Y.. has three children. 
John, James and Harriet. ( married Thomas Newman. ) 

WILLIAM. Haddam, Connecticut, family given below. 

MARTIN. Fishkill. N. Y.. son. as we suppose, of MARTIN, had 8 

George, Litchfield. Connecticut, m Miss Spencer, of Fishkill, N. Y. 
Mathew. Anna, Jane. Elizabeth, John and Donnel, of whom we know 

Joseph, Fishkill. New York, was a soldier in the war of 1814. his widow 

still lives with her descendants at Delafield, Wis. He died in 1862. 

Joseph. Fishkill. New York, son of MARTIN, had twelve children. 

Mary Ann. Napanock, New York, married Nelson Mitchell. 

John, Hyde Park. New York, dead. 

Caroline, Pleasant Yalley. New York, died unmarried. 

Elizabeth, Hughsonville. New York, married Charles Yanarder. 

Catharine, Wappenger Falls. New York, married Caleb Foster. 

Joseph, Pleasant Yalley. New York. dead. 

Cornelius. Delafield. Wisconsin. 

Jane, died at Delafield. Wi-consin, aged thirty-nine; (2 feet 9 in. in height.) 

Ellen, Cold Spring. New York; deceased. 

Harvey, Albany, New York. 


Isaac, Coshocton, Ohio, has a family. 

Cornelius, Delafield. Wisconsin, son of Joseph, has ten children. 

John Cornelius, b. October jo. 185 1. Charles Harvey, b. 1853; died 1859. 

Emily Augusta, b. June 2~ . 1855. m Adolphus Wittstrelle, Akron. 

111. George F. S.. born October 1. 1857. Minnie L. August 27, 1859. 

Harvev, born November [3. 1891. Susan, born February 7. 1804. 

Ida. born March 17. 1866. Adda. Born August 1, 1869. Arel Dow, 

born Februarv i, 1871. 
SAMUEL, Stafford. Conn., son of MARTIN, had seven children. 
Samuel. Springfield. Mass.. had two sons — James }f. B.. fa druggist 

in New York City), and Samuel A'., la druggist in Hartford, Conn.) 
Martin, Clarendon. New York, died unmarried. 


Isaac, Stafford. Conn., left no children. 

John, Brooklyn. Xew York, (family given below.) 

A Daughter, Macomb county. Mich., married Calvin Smith; died 
recently, leaving four children- — David Monroe Smith, (Treasury De- 
partment, Washington. D. C ) and three others. 

Martha. Hampton, Rock Island county, Illinois, married Warrener 

Margaretta McN., Collinsville, Conn., married James Spencer. (To her 
indebted for the history of her grandfather and his family.) 

John, Brooklyn. Xew York, son of SAMUEL, had eight children. 

Sarah Jane, Brooklyn. , Xew York, married Mr. Crawford. 

John Gray, Brooklyn. Xew York, has no family. 

ll'ni. Henry, Brooklyn. Xew York, has no family. 

Charles Martin, died, leaving one son and two daughters. 

Andrezv Forbes, dead. 

Silas Clark, dead. 

Isaac Ruby, Erie, Pa., engineer in U. S. navy; married, and has one child. 

MICHAEL. Haddam. Conn., son of MARTIN, had seven children. 
Amos, Columbus. Ohio. dead. 
Martin. Columbus. Ohio, has one son — George. 
Albert C, married in Columbus. Ohio. 

John, Haddam. Conn., lives on the old homestead ; unmarried. 
Margaret, married Ira Hubbard. 
Jennette, Gilead. Conn., widow of David Mock. 

Addelia, Haddam, Conn., widow of Howell Burks ; lives on the old 

WILLIAM, Haddam. Connecticut, son of MARTIN, had four children. 

Hiram William. Collinsville. Connecticut, has one son, John Henry. 

Anna, married Moses Harris. 

Martina, widow of Samuel Harris. 

Hephzibah, Middletown, Connecticut, widow of Alfred Penfield. 

Kentucky Family 

( Copied from Book Published by Rev. \V. P. McN'ary 

The head of the Kentucky family of McXarys is supposed to have 
come from Scotland, some time previous to the Revolution, and to have 
settled either in Xew Jersey or Pennsylvania. 

His eldest son was born in 1755. but whether in this country or in 
Scotland is uncertain. From the date of the birth of his eldest son it 
would appear that he was about the right age to be a brother of JAMES, 
of York county. Pa., or MARTIN, of Haddam. Conn., and it is possible 
that he was the JOHN referred to previously. According to the tra- 
ditions of the family, he moved to North Carolina in his old age. He 
had five sons and two daughters. 

TOHN. Hopkins county. Ky.. b. 1755. married an Irish lady ua 
Hilary, went from North Carolina to Kentucky, it is suj 
not far from the year 18 12. died Dec. 9. 1830. and was buried i:i the 
family burying ground of his brother WILLIAM. He had l - 
sons. Samuel. Alexander and William, who went South and \vh se 
history is not known, and one daughter, who married Mr. L gan 
and died, leaving two children. 

WILLIAM. Muhlenburg county. Kentucky, born 1757. settled at Wal- 
nut Hill, seven miles from Lexington. Ky.. some time previ is 
1790. at which place all his children were born : married Ann Camp- 
bell, a Scotch lady. He and his wife were both ••earnest and de- 
voted members" of the Walnut Hill Presbyterian Church, ne 
the oldest churches in that country, the grounds of which adjoined 
their farm. In the year 18 12. he removed to a farm in Muhlenburg 
countv. near Eiwood. which was formerly called McNary Post 
Office. He died in the year 1813. and was buried on bis estate. 

ALEXANDER, personal history not known. 

TWO SONS, are supposed to have lost their lives in the Revolutionary 
war. one at the battle of Cow Pens, and the other on boar I i a 
Prison Ship, in Charleston Harbor. 

ELIZABETH, married John Niblack. of North Carolina, during the 
war. and was the Grandmother of Judge Wm. E. Niblack. t the 
Supreme Bench of Indiana. 

TAXE. born 1767. lived a single lady with her brothers John and Wil- 
liam, died Oct. 20. i8r3, and was buried in the family burying 
ground in Muhlenburg county Kentucky. 


WILLIAM. Muhlenburg county, Kentucky, had eight children. 

Hugh Washington, Muhlenburg county, Kentucky, born November 
26, 1790, removed with his father to Muhlenburg countv in 1S12. 
went to Saline Lick. 111., in 1815; went to Columbia. S. Carolina. 
in 1817; and returning in 1826, he settled on his father's place, the 
name of which he changed from McNary P. O. to Elwood ; mar- 
ried Sarah A. Scott, of Columbia. Dec. 26, 1822. He is said, by an 
old neighbor, to have been a "high-minded, kind-hearted, benevolent 
gentleman, of incorruptible integrity and unblemished honor." He 
died Oct. 7. 1872, and left five children: William, Samuel F., John 
A., Sarah and Martha. They all live in Muhlenberg county, and 
Samuel and Sarah are married. 

William Campbell. Muhlenburg county, Ky., lived after 1812 on a 
farm one mile from that of his brother Hugh. He was a suc- 
cessful politician, having served several terms in both houses of the 
Legislature, and was an influential and useful citizen. He died in 
1876, leaving four children — Robert, a physician in Missouri: William, 
a physician in Hopkins county. Ky. ; James, in California, and one 
Daughter, married Dr. Thomas H. Moore, of Madisonville, Ky. 

Thomas Logan, Princeton, Kv„ born July 1805 removed with his father 
to Muhlenburg county. Ky.. in 1812; attended Cumberland College. 
Ky., two years: studied medicine under Dr. Daniel Caldwell, of 
Russelville. Ky.. and attended lectures at Transylvania University. 
at Lexington, Ky. ; settled in the practice of medicine at Princeton 
in 1831, where he devoted the remainder of his life earnestly to his 
profession ; married Louisa Flourney in 1833. who still lives in the 
old homestead, and died May 20, 1874. 

Elizabeth, married Mr. Campbell, lived in Illinois, is dead. 

Sarah, married Mr. Campbell, lived in Illinois, is dead. 

Jane, married Col. James Bishop, is dead. 

Mary, married Col. Card, of Illinois, is dead. 

Nancy, married Mr. Dieter, is dead. 

Thomas Logan, M. D., Princeton, Ky., son of WILLIAM, had five 

Hugh Fleming. M. D.. Princeton, Ky. ; unmarried and living in the home- 
stead. (To him we are indebted for the history of this family.) 

Walter Scott, Princeton. Ky., unmarried, living in the homestead. 

Ann Elizabeth, Princeton, Ky., unmarried, living in the homestead. 

Mary Louisa, Princeton, Ky., married P. H. Darby, an attorney at law, 
and has three children. 

Lucy, Louisville. Ky., married John W. Darby, an attorney at law, and 
has four children. 


(Copied from Book Published by Rev. W. P. McNary.) 

It is generally believed by the McNarys of Kentucky, and the Mc- 
«'airys of Tennessee, that their families were originally one, and that 
ie i did not originally belong to the name of the latter family, and 
lerefore we give a brief sketch of it, as part of this history: 

JOHN McNAIRY, the eldest of six brothers, was born the 30th of 
March, 1762, in Lancaster county. State of Pennsylvania, and on 
the 20th day of December, 1787, was elected a Judge by the Gen- 
eral Assembly of North Carolina and held the first Superior Court 
that was held in Nashville, in the County of Davidson. He con- 
tinued in office until what is now called the State of Tennessee, by 
the Cession act. became the Territory South of the Ohio River. He 
was then appointed, by George Washington, then President, one 
of the Territorial Judges, and held that office until the Territory 
became the State of Tennessee, and was then appointed, by the 
General Assembly, one of the Judges of the Superior Coir. t of that 
State, and held that office until he was appointed, by the then 
President Washington, District Judge of the Courts of East and 
West Tennessee. Having been in office without intermission for 
forty-six years, he died on the 10th day of November, 1837, at his 
residence near Nashville, Tennessee." He had no children. 

OBERT, lived in North Carolina, but his descendants settled in Ala- 
bama and Mississippi. 

\MES, lived in North Carolina, but his descendants settled in Alabama 
and Mississippi. 

ATHANIEL, was a Lawyer in Nashville, Tennessee. He had eight 
children, all of whom are now dead except a widowed daughter, 
Mrs. Amanda J. Porter. 

NDREW, lived in Nashville, Tennessee, died without children. 

OYD, a Physician, lived in Nashville, Tennessee. He had four chil- 
dren one of whom is Dr. Walter McNairy, living in the Naval De- 
partment, Washington, D. C.